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Give me one good reason why I should use Firefox Meme Edition
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are you a developer?
I have been known to dabble
To please autistic fat fedora-tipping neckbearded NEETs who dwell on /g/.

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sup /g/

what are some good bluetooth things? Speakers, headsets, whatever. What's good?
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Microsoft is still hiring?
Picked up the AUSDOM M05 headset yesterday and it's awesome.

I have an idea for an app that'll help people establish connections, and will eventually develop into something far more grand in phases, similar to Google starting with a search bar, then expanded into something far more ambitious.

First phase (app launch & initial success):
The app would solely begin by allowing like-minded users connecting with each other in real time, based on various categories of interest, by sending invite-notifications to each other. Examples to connect could range from local sports, finding a church buddy, college kids seeking a study buddy, musicians connecting, singles looking to date, to general hangouts. Facebook is brilliant at staying in touch with established contacts, this will be brilliant in establishing those contacts.

Second phase (greater success):

We'll then begin rolling out more ambitious tools and features that will turn the app into a community assistance tool, that will help users engage and stay connected with local communities,, rather than just individual people. A local service & user driven economy, local community challenges, uploaded user content, broadcasted local events, local activity feed, and creating groups will be amongst the more ambitious features.

Third Phase (Considerable success):

The ultimate goal is for the app to serve as an entirely customizable life assistant tool, where users will be given the tools to entirely modify the app to have a specialized focus on seemingly any need to maximize its user base - from individual athletes, musicians, gamers etc to services, groups, organizations etc. Personalized modification can be achieved by picking a range of pre-set mods created by us, to customizing the app be oneself, to searching and downloading them from the app's own in-house mod center.
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Connecting strangers together based off mutual interests, connecting you to your community, and a single app that can be customized to suit any particular need is a trifecta of ideas that have never successfully been implemented yet. If we succeed in each stage, there will be no reason why this won't be an incredibly popular app that'd be a cultural force on the likes of Snapchat and Instagam.

Facebook, and other apps and sites have similar features, though Instagram proves success can come from a company existing with Facebook rather than compete, and focuses and excels at its existing ideas in at way that hasn't been tried before.

If you're interested, shoot me an email at [email protected]
This is like WeChat for white people
Wow holy shit. OP here, thanks for the heads up on that. Will look into that app for influences. Fascinating shit, glad I posted this lol

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So I just switched from IOS to Android and I don't know how to sync the phone with the computer. Itunes was pretty easy to organize my medias and sync them directly to the Iphone but what do you use with Android?
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BlackPlayer desu
Drag and drop
Fucking look it up idiot

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Is there a site that sells laptops/netbooks and ships to Europe? I'm looking for an m102z after my Latitude 2120 shat the bed and I can't find anything on eBay
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>Is there a site that sells laptops/netbooks and ships to Europe?
I think there are a few...

what country exactly?
>I'm looking for an m102z
I google this and found that this laptop model is from 2011, now discontinued

why are you searching old mainstream laptops? get another latitude

Performance, battery life, screen quality, keyboard feel and touchpad were all equally shit. The m102z is powerful enough for what I want to do with it, plus it looks great

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which programming language is this?
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ur mom
python. that level of nesting is bad form though

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>why are you reading that old book, anon? XD

Programmers are cancer. If you don't have respect for the knowledge that your field rests on, then go do something else. I'm tired of fucking normals who only care about money invading computer science.
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Literally no one cares about what book you're reading, faggot
money is lifeblood of the living
Please. Most of the ideas present in that book are pretty much mainstream now. Features of Scheme are now present in literally every single bread and butter dynamic language. Lisp was innovative compared to the gigantic standardized languages of the time like ALGOL, now it's pretty much been obsoleted by Python.

The rest of the book is math, a Scheme tutorial and a Scheme implementation in Scheme, which is about as stupid as it sounds. Nobody runs a fucking interpreter on top of an interpreted programming language. Try writing in C instead; due to some contrived, unexplainable coincidence, pretty much all virtual machines are written in C or something similar. I wonder why.

>Been using a pirated gold version
>think to myself
>"I should support this developer"
>give the cunt 4€
>I get the latest version but gold
>Everything runs fine and dandy
>but no sound
i started to notice more shit that doesnt give me sound like discord now, all this after windows managed to assrape me with a windows 10 update... So have you been assraped by your computer today anon?
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ITT: Tech Assrape
>using the actual interface
>not just using the command prompt for all your computer needs
Kinda sounds like your a brainlet who needs flashy colors and programs to use a computer. Normies like you need to go back to your containment website (facebook)
windows 10 was invented by pajeets to troll people because they are envious.

Boot PC, Hear this, Wat do?
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install gentoo
wtf i havent used archaic storage mediums for like 5 years
Wonder how a HDD got into my laptop

help me /g/
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>inb4 swap is useful
Swap is necessary when compiling on low-mid tier SBC's.
>current year
>didn't fall for the 16 GiB RAM meme

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I was just messing around with my BIOS settings, and I found this under graphical settings. Can someone tell me what it is?
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Ahem* I meant "graphics configuration" not "graphical settings"
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Can GPUs really save the planet?
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Only if they can calculate a cure for liberalism.

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>/g/ wiki is down
Why live?

Pic unrelated, I just fucking love Kinder eggs.
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an forbidden pleasure, perhaps?
>he actually reads the stickies

installgentoo wiki isn't a sticky meme, it's an actual wiki with actual content.

I'm looking into getting a new secondary screen.

Figured I'd give quantum dot a try, pic related.
It's around the same price range I was looking at.

So far I have only been using IPS screens, but it lacks in the black levels.

Anyone that is using this technology?
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It's shit right?
>falling for retarded buzzword memes
Quantum Dot is absolute trash. Wait for QLED

Im currently in process of memtesting and it's taking ages. On my image, does that means my second RAM stick is fucked? Im using 2x 4 GB
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Better image
got remove one stick and repeat if you want to know which DIMM is fukt.
>lowest error few megabytes
>highest error 8GiB
looks more like both are fucked if you have 2x4GiB. But do definitley this >>62333414 just to be sure

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