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Well /g/, how many of you live in shitty rural areas where some no name internet provider gives you abhorrent service in exchange for a fortune. With Windstream, I get at most 3mb/s download (average is about 0.5mb/s), where as people I know that live less than a mile away are getting 20mb/s, but apparently I'm paying more than them.
I just wanna know if there's anything I can possibly do to get less shitty internet.
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>live less than a mile

Umm ever heard yagi antenna?
suck their dick
Let me guess, Britbongistan BT?

I'm thinking about buying a windows license. Second handed, of course. Which version is best?

I am still a Linux fag and all that sheeit. I am planning on reserving 1/3 of my HDD for windows.

I also heard there's an issue with the OS subtly erasing Linux partitions. What can I do to avoid that?

I also know win10 is more botnet so I was thinking about windows 7.

What say you?

Pic unrelated
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10 LTSB N 2016, it's still botnet but only about as much as 7 once you tweak the settings. As long as you aren't using it as your main OS it should be fine anyway.

>I also heard there's an issue with the OS subtly erasing Linux partitions. What can I do to avoid that?
I haven't heard of it doing that, it just can't read the partitions. Windows setup might not play nice with it, so I'd probably install Windows first.

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Whats /g/ current theme song for c++ prgramming?

No vocals!
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Is there a theme song for Anal Rape?

> no vocals
Fuck i just noticed i typed 'theme song'
Now this thread will completely derail.

Either Ryoji Ikeda or no music at all, otherwise you're distracted
Also, I just finished K&R and I want to learn C++, what book should I read?

What will happen when the most used linux distro on desktop gets gnomeshell? Users will go crazy over its lagging animations (even on a decent pc where unity or kde wouldnt lag). Also in CSGO gnomeshell gives you significantly less FPS than any other DE (im not a gaymer but still CSGO is pretty popular and demanding 3D applications should run like a dream on a de facto DE). Will Canonical finally fix Gnomes horrible performance???
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>Will Canonical finally fix Gnomes horrible performance?

if anything, moving from Unity to Gnome 3 is known to be a mistake anyway
Switch to Xubuntu.
Xfce is light on resources and rice-friendly.
Lubuntu is even less bloated than xubuntu

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I've been using a Lenovo ThinkCentre for a while, and I am considering getting a ThinkPad as well.

Which ThinkPad would /g/ recommend that I buy? Where is the best place to get them new? Ebay?
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T420 or x220 are the go to models.
amazon sells refurbs as well
Does Lenovo still carry old models on their web site?

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>device spec
>HD display

Why is this still a fucking thing.
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>GeForce whatever series xGB ram

>Intel 4-core cpu

so I'm going to open a pc shop ( a budget of 42$k , about that)
but the beta fag I am I don't know much about vr

I need a good vr headset ( not that HTC overpriced shit) , i'm trying to make something new that didn't happen (yet) in my region , and something new
by building a cheap ass pcs that can run VR games ,movies anything that have a fucking VR in it .

because the idea it self didn't happen in my region , I don't know anyone who did it or how to do it so I don't know shit about it.

the pcs are going to be like a line party , if you saw them in Turkey you'd know then.

Q1: can I run multiple VR headset on one pc ?
Q2: what are the lowest specs to run that vr hentai game ?
Q3: what EXACTLY the VR headset that i can get my hands on for low price ?
Q4: sheleks are sheleks , dose a shitty monitor matter ?

>pic related
>i need that kid's money
> why my parents aren't rich
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VR is a shitty meme, don't waste your money
I wanna kill my self
so the budget is not 42$K
it's 12$K
sorry about that im a faggot
i saw the program being in action when I was in London , I saw like 18 people in one shop for that sweat sweat VR games ,

I did my homework good
I studied the matter , and I saw that i would make a profit (like hell i would even delete the whole VR idea and proceed with the lineparty idea like normal faggot would do

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A thread seriously had to die for this?

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What are some good resources to learn about aspects of telecommunications not traditionally considered part of IT? Such as telephony, radio, satellite networks. A book would be nice - ideally something like "Electronic Communication Before the Internet"
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http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~prs/nets-ece/ telecommunications

Just search university courses, see what books they use, read them.
Any book on FFT/Signals and Systems, it will be heavily applied math based

Go on amazon and search for "Signals and Systems" many books to choose from, then use libgen.io to get a free copy as these are typically $200+ books
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A lot of this is learned in Electrical Engineering majors. Telecom majors in college dont really exsist any more. Good luck keeping this separate from IT resources. Alot of these all now are used for IP.

ITT we draw how the air should flow in a typical desktop PC
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up and out
That's literally all there is to it
Air don't actually flow the way your simple mind imagine it to be.

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>buy laptop
>try to remove asus shit
>laptop literally stops working/looks liek shit if pic related gets removed

Shouldn't the mousepad driver be installed in W10 without having this asus shit, what the fuck is this?
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install gentoo
>Asus laptop

return if while you still can
Install gentoo

Do you think that OL 2020 will be the year that Japan shows the return of their supremacy in the tech world, such as with their development with AI?
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No. Literal jungle monkeys can host Olympics.
But this is literally their best chance to show the world what their country has evolved to with millions of people watching worldwide.
>what their country has evolved to
their country has evolved to being a bunch of demented old people, kissless virgins and retarded womanchildren

What does /g/ use to send emails from VPS? Am I a fool for believing that my emails won't be marked as spam if I send them from my own server? Postfix at the moment. Considering google suite.
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I was in the same boat. Just said fuck it, and now I'm using an external email provider.

Zoho mail is great for that. IIRC you can get about 25 free email addresses on your own domain with them. I also use them for my normal mail address, never had an email not delivered somewhere.
Looks great man, any number of domains?
Samefag here. Meaning, are they gonna gouge me for every new stupid project I want to start?

What is the most optimal method to convert and transfer the entire series of LoGH into my iPad
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Some applications use their own way of transferring data. Infuse is a good example of this.
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how about get some taste and watch some real anime instead
> real anime
This? This piece of shit harem tsundere Silver Link shit? How about you STFU. How dare you to compare LoGH with this newfag moe bullshit. Fag.

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What's the usefulness of Haskell when I can use "good enough functional programming" found in languages like Java 8 and C++?
Things like map, filter, lambdas, etc.
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There is no use. It's academic wankery at its finest.
That's not a camel.
Type-driven development.

Semantic separation of pure and impure functions.

Automatic currying.

Proper union types.

No pajeet-driven POO architecture. Even bad programmers are basically forced into doing it the right way.

You have to learn it to "get it". Start off with something simpler than Haskell though, such as Elm or F#.

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