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This thread is for the discussion of NyaaPantsu (pantsu.cat), a free (FOSS) torrent indexer, and other nyaa alternatives.
The aim of this project is to write a fully featured nyaa.se replacement in golang that anyone will be able to deploy locally or remotely.



>Why is Pantsu down/error 502?
Most likely because the team is deploying changes. Wait for a bit and refresh the page. It should be mostly stable now.

Latest news
>Stat scraper is probably up again
>PantsuDev is back from vacation
>Kilo is still a fag

General updates on the site
>Torznab api
>RSS feeds fixed
>Performance issues fixed
>Python uploading script
>Torrent file generation
>More frontend fixes
>Editing and deleting torrents
>Public mod log
>Filesize searching
>Audio captcha
>Language flags like anidex
>Mobile app
>Customizable mascots by URL
>DB clean up
>Text board
>Refactor done

As for the coming weeks
>Improve scrapers to scrape more sites
>Move db dumps to just nginx to prevent any issues/corruption
>Anidb integration
>Add in the nyaa.si and anidex scrapers into the main program

Dev live server:

Database dumps:

Local Client:
>An anon made a local client in case the online sources are down: instructions and download at
qBittorrent plugin for Pantsu.

Development roadmap:

NyaaPantsu Status:
>Copyrighters wall of shame

Development and discussion channel:
>#nyaapantsu / #nyaapantsu-dev on Rizon
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I tried nyaa.si and it's awful, none of the torrents I want are on there.
Friendly reminder PantsuDev did nothing wrong.
ahhh where is the update? I've heard in the weekend?

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Reminder that nothing you say here is safe.

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joke's on you, i post behind 7 proxies
Joke's on you my ISP wipes IP logs after 24 hours
So, we feed them bullshit for the lulz?

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>pc screen broke
what brand can I buy and make the best deal? I want a screen that can last 10+ years
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I have no limit to my budget, but still the cheapest one that can last, the best deal

Pick one. Also, do you not think you will have a job in the next 10 years? You must be at least 18 to post.
man I don't want to buy stuff that won't last waste money and ressources in a world of limited ones
if I got choice between two screens, one for $500 the other one for 1k, I'll choose the cheapest, in that way, not some cheapass old second-handed garbage, you feel me?

Is there a better tablet than the iPad right now ?

How come android doesn’t have finger gestures like iOS ?

How come android doesn’t have a god tier dock like iOS 11?

I really wanted to get a galaxy tab tablet but this tablet is amazing.

so my question is , is the iPad the best tablet right now ? How does it compare to the pixel tablet ?
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>a purely subjective matter of two totally different operating systems on two different devices

Just fuck off and neck yourself. Nobody else respond to this. I'm tired of all these mouth-breathing level posts on here like "durrr wat best laptop no parameters just wat da best hurrr".
You ok man ?
Check'd and rekt.

But I'll offer OP the thinkpad tablets because you can put it on a dock and do *real work* with it. Not just geometry dash and vacation ph-..mouthbreathing fanboys don't have vacation photos..

Saged for justice.

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Are ultrawide monitors a meme? Should i get one?
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fug it buy it

> Is increased productivity a meme?
> Is watching 1.35:1 movies in full frame a meme?
> Is gaming at 21:9 and having increased immersion a meme?

Buy one, they're great.
Good luck getting pwned by dudes using 4:3.

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Does anyone know what to do with this? (CVE-2017-8620)
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You need access to the computer, but essentially it allows you to execute code via the windows search function without needing elevated privileges. (itcan in fact be used to create new profiles, including admin accounts)
Yes, plenty of people know what to do with that.

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I found a way to completely disable and REMOVE Intel ME.

Btw, it is REALLY bad, /g/uys. It's not something you want running.
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Did something no one can do
Do explain......
... go on...

Not sure if this is the right board but I bought the Le Max 2 based on /spg/'s recommendation from Aliexpress almost 2 months ago and had it shipped to a Canada Post FlexDelivery address and I haven't heard a thing since.

The tracking information hasn't been updated since it left China and Canada Post says they can't track inbound international packages (what the fuck?). Seller's giving the cold shoulder too.

Am I fucked? I know I can apply for a refund but I want to graduate from this shitty galaxy I've been using since forever.
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you've been chink'd

open an aliexpress complaint for a full refund before it's too late!
if only we had a general full of chink shit autismos
>not paying $20 to get it by DHL International 3 Business Day
>doing this with an order that costs over $100

u dun goofd, op

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These temps inside my fractal R5 with its pannel open. I've got 2 120mm Be Quiet! Slient wings 2 and a single 140mm, using a Dark Rock 3.
They seems to be doing a shitty job even though I throught they was good, what fans should I replace them with?
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>Comic Sans
>On the Aero theme
This is what you get for using housefire components.
An industrial fan or two should get everything below 50 degree Celsius

The inferior companies with their shit phones and OS's have fooled you into thinking that you are smarter than anyone for having to customize the shit out of them, play with registry settings, pimp the security and many other disgusting and time wasting things when in fact an Operating System should work perfectly right from the start.

When you're a child, then yes, you might want to dabble into these shit OS's like Windows and Android, just to exercise your curiosity and use Pajeet ROMS, but if you are a grown ass human being, then you want a reliable, mature OS that gets shit done without your constant intervention, one that allows you to be efficient and start working ASAP!

This is where Apple shines.
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>yfw all the highest level people at all major tech companies have Apple computers at home

Ever seen a Microsoft announcement for a Durrface product? You just know that they go home to Macs. They're not dumb enough to use Windows or the product they're actually trying to sell.
>in fact an Operating System should work perfectly right from the start
android just werks and it's x10 times better than fucking ios

have some (you)
Found the dude who's never used iOS

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Rate my wife, /g/
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Absolute trash

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Hello /g/

I'm starting a homelab in my basement and I just recently bought a fullsize 42U rack to house the equipment, an HP 10000 Series G1. I got it for next to nothing on Craigslist and it's in pristine shape and included an RKM, a 16-port ethernet KVM, and most importantly two HP EO4501 240V PDUs. I think I made out pretty well.

I am trying to work out power distribution. I want to put both PDUs behind uninterruptible power supplies. Each PDU connects with a NEMA L6-30P locking connector and is rated for 24A. I need to find a single UPS with either 2x L6-30R receptacles or two UPS units each with just 1 L6-30R. The difficult thing about this configuration is that since I'm in a residential building, I have 240V single phase as opposed to the more nominal 208V used in datacenters and on most UPS units.

The closest thing I have found is the Tripp-Lite SU6000RT4UHV, which I believe works with 240V input and output and provides 2x L6-30R receptacles. However there are some bad reviews of this unit criticizing the way it works during a power failure, so I would rather avoid it if possible.

So long story short, any recommendations for rack mountable UPS units for use with 240V North American residential mains power and L6-30 connectors to HP PDUs, or anyone with experience powering server racks at home who can give me any tips? Thanks.
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A APC SmartUPS 3000-X will work. I have one and it can be ran off of 208V or 240V
Also there is no reason to keep your PDUs, they arent network switchable. I have a pair of 2U APC switched PDUs, one for 120V the other for 208V. They were about $100 each on ebay.

That doesn't provide an L6-30R receptacle though.


I don't really care that they aren't network switchable, that doesn't particularly matter for the applications I intend to use this for. I could always add a network switched PDU further down the road. For the moment I'm leaving these in as they're already completely wired in and provide 64x C13 plugs on 8 powerstrips, and the whole assembly is side mounted and takes up 0U in the rack.

When will the curved screen gimmick finally end?
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I can see genuine uses for it, but the way Samsung uses it is completely retarded.
what genuine uses are there may I ask
If the screen curves to the backplate, how does it not freak out when you hold it? It seems like you'd have to hold your hand flat and entirely support the phone with your pinky, so as to not be pressing the sides of the screen. Also how would a case that actually protects the phone work? Curved screens seem to be asking for problems.

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After desperately trying to find a working pirate stream of the fight last night, I learned about Acestream, and I was very surprised that a working P2P live stream service already exists.
But last night the service seemed to really struggle with the extremely high volumes, despite the fact that it should only get better with more peers.
After doing some research it seems that this software is perhaps not in the best hands, and I think this is terribly disappointing. I think all efforts should be put into creating a better, FOSS torrent/live stream protocol that is easily compatible with many video players (including mpv)
How do we go about this /g/?
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Is there any official documentation out there on P2P streaming?
It was great watching the stream in 3 second intervals

Ace Stream uses bittorrent and VLC I believe.

Freetards should be able to duplicate this.

PassthePopcorn kinda worked the same.

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I have no idea if this is a good deal or not what should I offer for this thanks.
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Not really, i mean you can buy new one with a gtx 1050 for ~650 dollars
no that key board is garbage and the mouse.
So should I offer like 450 for it or just keep looking thanks...

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