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> Pale Moon by Moochild Productions
> Proprietary Moon by Manchild Productions
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>Furfag Productions
Can't make this shit up
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What's the T420 of 2017?
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a 2011 sandy bridge T420
x1gen5. Yet its expansive but itll be nice to grab one of these for $300 in a few year

Shit with soldered unupgradable processors belongs in the trash.

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>fingerprint scanner right next to the camera lens, making it practically unusable
>facial recognition authenticator fooled by a simple fucking photograph
tell me more about how the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 are the "GOAT" Android devices
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the stylus.
Is that you LG? You know I won't buy your shit after that bootloop issue
Dumb frog poster

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WAP appreciation thread.

'member WAP?

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WAP was the internet how it should've always been.

>clear, easy to read text
>simplified menus
>maybe one or two pics on a page

Best design
Exactly. No tracking scripts and other JavaScript bullshit. Non-intrusive advertising.

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>go to Huffington Post article to test Adnauseam
>0 ads blocked
>no ads on site

>go to same site in Firefox with uBlock Origin
>66 ads blocked

How is this program supposed to work? That's probably like $100 in clicks on a single page I could have done.

Here's the site I tested it on: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/baby-named-eclipse-after-solar-eclipse_us_599bdbf1e4b0771ecb06c8a9
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What is the point of adnauseam? Ublock works fine.
It clicks all the ads it blocks, reducing confidence in advertising companies to drive users to sites. It's the same as Ublock Origin (it's a fork), it's exactly the same effectiveness and speed.
So it loads everything and gives the ad network detailed information about what sites you visit?.

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>dont buy buttcoin
>install gentoo
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>use firefox nightly
>buy a thinkpad
>traps are gay
>botnets are real
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>communism is bad

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>can't use 144hz with a dual monitor setup on my monitor that supports it

I fell for another meme, lovely. $500 down the motherfucking ass sewer
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I have 1x 144hz and 2x60hz, I got mine to work with both or one 60hz.
what ports?
I have 2 gpus but run them all through one. I use display port for 144hz. the others 1xhdmi and then I use the dvi socket.

I'm currently a 4th year senior in college, and a friend of mine wants me to come in and look at her business's network .
I know a lot of the basics . And she wants me to rewire her network and possibly put in a firewall. Shes going to pay for it all?

Any recommendations before I head into her office and check shit out?
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Why are you asking if she's going to pay for it?
don't fuck up
typo lol

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I'm arguing with my coworker on the fact that USB 3.0 is also faster for keyboard and mouse. He also thinks C is a better language than C++... can you believe this guy?

This guy is so fucking stupid, help me here /g/ I need some evidence to back up my facts.
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C IS better than C++

BY THE WAY. I have tested it myself, when I type on my keyboard using USB 2.0 it's much slower, you can see it on the screen.
If you need 5Gbps over 480Mbps to send keyboard and mouse polling... what the fuck?

C is better.

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Canary + Chromium are best browsers
prove me wrong; protip, you cant
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It's a ramhog.
I use whatever *fox I can get and put h264ify in it.

Toasters of /g/, unite!
Unused ram = wasted ram
RAM used for web browser < RAM used for disk and db caching.

RAM used for frivolous purposes is also wasted RAM.
Perhaps you run windows but in the linux world empty RAM is vacuumed up into disk cache.

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Did I miss out or am I missing out on something by not using eMule? Used DC++ back in the day.

Share experiences and histories about this software
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both were pretty shit but in my opinion dc++ was better
cp and malware
>let me download this movie
>invalid extension .AVI file is MP3 audio

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What's the easiest way to create a "custom" debian/ubuntu "distro" with included installer etc?
I need a set of standard applications, themes and settings built into the installer for use on about 200 computers. I don't need any custom repository or anything.
Is there any way to easily do this?
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>Install Debian once with everything
>Clone the disk 200 times
>Install Gentoo
>underage doesn't know about imaging
I'm not responsible for installing, i'll leave that to a retard. It needs to be a simple install progress.

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What's your opinion on use of photogrammetry in VR? Will this be the future? Should I start shilling for Farm on /biz/? How else can we achieve real wolrd grephics in virtual environments?

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It's an easy way for talentless, uncreative art directors to replace actual artists in production
Don't you want 3D scanned waifus?

Is it actually cheaper than having an artist? Real people and real locations being cheaper than artist creations just shows that there is room for improvement in the tooling they use.

mcm amd costs is 59% that of a monolithic design...

intel cant compete no matter how low they price their cpus lol
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Who covered the EPYC hotchips presentation? Seeing nothing on anand
No one did.
No one also covered RTG presentation and NVIDIA one.

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Hello. After 5 years with my amazing LG G2 I think its time for an upgrade. LG G2 never once failed on me and I physically abused this phone so much, I am surprised it still works. 1 year ago though, I dropped a huge hammer on its top left corner and it cracked diagonally to bottom left. So for 1 year I am using a phone wih partly functioning display. The phone speed is the same like its new. It doesnt lag at all and battery is still great. Lasts me a day with intensive use. The main reason I want to upgrade is that the phone gets incredibly hot now. I dropped my phone in a little pond 2 weeks ago and while it still functions the same, after about 1 hour of use its gets incredibly hot. Unbearably hot. So is the G6 a good phone? I heard that G3 and G5 had some issues. Are there any better picks than G6?
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head out to a network store (doesnt matter which) and try them out in person, you might find the G6 has some issues/quirks which might put you off

ive always heard good stuff about the G4 so that might be worth considering
got a g6 for 380 bucks
felt good upgrading from a galaxy s3
>Buying LG
Enjoy your brick after a month

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