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I've got a mid 2010, 15" core i5 macbook pro, is there a use for this thing, other than a fucking media server or whatever, or is this kind of thing just best sold to someone who wants a 7 year old laptop with a fucked battery for the price of a more functional, more recent laptop?

TL;DR what worthwhile thing do i do with an old macbook?
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take it to the gaybar where it belongs, macfag.
sell it. you will still get decent shekels for it.
/fa/ is over here ---->
and /lgbt/ is over there ---->

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Sup /g/,

I have an old Windows machine I need to automate something on, bash and powershell aren't available to me, and I'm not sure how to do what I'm trying to do with only batch scripting available.

essentially, I'd like to have somewhere, in the batch file, in a text file, wherever

arg1 arg2 arg3 etc.

and have the batch file repeatedly execute...

command $arg staticarg anotherstaticarg

...until there are no arguments left.

Yeah, I know I can just do

command $arg1 staticarg anotherstaticarg
command $arg2 staticarg anotherstaticarg
command $arg3 staticarg anotherstaticarg

...but the list of variable arguements is likeky going to change often, so I don't want to do that.

Any ideas /g/?

Should I just install Cygwin and do this in bash?
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why would you waste your time with batch when you already know you can do it in bash?

batch was not meant for this sort of thing.

Why are you not using superior qutebrowser yet anon?
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but i am
Because I use Pale Moon and it satisfies my needs.
The fuck is this autistic shit? Fuck off, retard

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How long til this trend starts to become a thing here in 4chan?
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4chan is too mainstream for edgy shit like that.

This is why we don't download garbage, kids.
You don't have to download anything
The victims in the Kaspersky article downloaded RATs. A JavaScript DNS attack is not the same. It even goes after a different device, the router.

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welcome to 1984.png
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Welcome to the year 1984
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Guaranteed alt left replies
The 'daily stormer' is just something that the alt-right made up. It never actually existed, they're just pretending it did.
The 'alt right' is just something that the media made up. It never actually existed, they're just pretending it did.

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Are there any linux enthusiasts discord servers?
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>Linux enthusiast
>Actually hasn't got a question but shills for a freedom denying service.

Stop forcing discord. it's not gonna happen.

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I want to seriously spend the rest of my life trying to create an good-enough Kurisu Ai to talk to.

I want to start by writing a simple ANN.

How do I write an ANN that can, say, add numbers?
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>want to make an autistic ai
that's probably actually feasible
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>she will NEVER EVER be real

Which filesystem belongs to god tier?
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Windows explorer
HFS+ ;)

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>Firefox 57

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What's wrong anon, you don't like advertisements?


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At work today we had a feminist group come in to talk about 'sexual harassment in the workplace' and of course they went off the rail and started talking about patriachy and BS like that.

Then men were asked to leave the room so they can have a secret meeting only with empowered strong and independent women.

I thought about asking if that's sexist, but I didn't dare due to the recent google memo event.

How many of you have had similar experience?

ps. our entire technical team is male except one grill. So we just stood outside looking autistic and not saying anything.
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I don't understand how things works in the west. Do the companies get a tax break or something if they hire more women or minorities? Is there a law that states "The company must have x number of women or they will be fined" ?

This is literally indoctrination and everytime I hear about it it's always leftists that are doing it.
Never had it happen and I live in Sweden. My workplace is like 90% white and 30% female.

I’m looking to buy an e-reader, and I’m not sure if I’m being meme’d with 3G and other shit

What does a good e-reader need?
I got a bit turned off of kindle because no Epub support, but the competition seems a bit shitty
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I've been using a kindle paperwhite for a few years now and I don't have any problems.
Just get calibre to manage your local ebooks and it will automatically convert everything to the format your device needs before transferring it.
What is the purpose of an e-reader? So many tablets have the functionality and more, great battery life and comfortable in the hands, access to different libraries as well as a variety of reader apps for different purposes or mediums.
>So many tablets have the functionality and more
The important feature is the e-ink display that is really easy on the eye.

>great battery life
Most e-readers can go weeks without recharging. I don't know of any tablets that can do that.

>comfortable in the hands
E-readers are usually very light compared to tablets, which is a plus for many.

Does win 10 have a function to make a folder password locked? I don't care if it's the shittiest encryption ever , I just want to keep family members and friends out. The contents aren't illegal ..it's lolicon I know people aren't understanding sooo I gotta do what I gotta do I guess...
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High or low lol?

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For mangas and ROMs, yes I do.

Save space and identifies data correction. 7z and zip files are stored with their hash. When you unzip, 7zip performs a hash check to see if the data came out as expected.

Shit is great.
All my music is v0 or 320, so yeah.
I store my shit on a ZFS array. I have compression turned on, but for the vast majority of the data it doesn't do much. (it's media, it's already compressed) But it's free so might as well have it.

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How can I get started on developing an app for android phones?

I have a cool idea I want to make come true. Can I make it in Ruby? I really like that language the most!
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Java is the best language for Android apps.

Why? Why can't I use ruby? Or solidity? Or Assembly? Just curious what makes X language the best for apps.
Better question. How can I make a PIC MCU do, like anything? I am way more comfortable with analog circuitry and even just discrete digital logic than I am with things like microcontrollers.

I got a chipkit DP32 with a PIC32MX250128B and it uses an Arduino style interface but I'm trying to address registers directly and shit and I can't do it because I don't know, I guess I need the fucking pickit debugger and MPLAB and I hate everything. Fucking mountain of work just to read the ADC and output it's value to some 7-seg displays. I eventually want to interface this with stuff like my phone to pull digital audio off to go to external circuitry but I can't even imagine the fucking complexity involved in making that work. Fucking need I2S and need to figure out how any audio file type in encoded the need to write code for each audio file type I want to decode. Fucking hell. Why do people do this again?

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/g/ any ideas to make it better

>$2000 max
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OP here also any accessory ideas
>buying Jewtel quad core in 2017
>Windows 8

Post a link you nigger

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