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The inferior companies have convinced you that because you need to customise the shit out of their OS just to get it working decently, that they are superior because of this.

Apple works right out of the box and is perfectly configured and designed by Apple from day one.

If you're a child or a pajeet then being able to customise your android is appealing because it's like a toy. But when you're an adult with work to do you want the superior product that works right out of the box.

That's where Apple shines.
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Its good for your everyday retard who don't need performance just that it works, the power user who can fiddle with the entire os and hardware will found linux or windows more appealing because of the hand holding, os and hardware limitations apple impose on their users.
Pajeet pls go

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is there such a thing as an audio card, internal or external, i can plug a secondary source into and mix the audio? so i dont need to constantly switch audio back and forth

software mixing is fine, don't necessarily need a physical button
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systemctl identify semend 
404 thirst not found

Too bad windows does not have drivers.

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Saturday morning shilling right here. All text is a WIP.

>Where the tech is at, where it's going in the near future, and the products involved

>Setup guides, resources, tips

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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The wait is killing me.
The only reason I don't buy one right now is because my pc can't handle it.
Makes me wonder how many they would sell if it wasn't for the retarded requirements
I'm still on the fence about buying one, I'm liking the AAA titles on the psvr and it's the comfiest which is major but the rift is better in most ways.

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>Firefox still hasn't fixed this
>Only one Linux distro has patched Firefox to fix it
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>Not fixed for ages
This is a prime example why C is dead
what are you talking about?

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>pentium G4560 is 4 times faster than Ryzen 7 1800X
>intel discontinues the CPU

bravo Intel
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lower time is better you retard
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it even says it on your pic

If I were to study CS could I benefit in anyway to get a IPad Pro?

I would like to use it as a electronic notebook, but I don't know how much a CS student could benefit from it. Well if you were to do a few sketches on it.
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Paper and only paper. Everything else will distract you from the lectures. No laptops, no smartphones no nothing
But it takes to much time to scan that shit when I want to use some note taking application.
I don't think so, anon. I mean you can watch lectures and read on it, but I have an iPhone and it's really restrictive with what you can do. It's limited in that you can't really go "under the hood".

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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>61615327
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Idris > Haskell > *
Just fuck my shit up, senpai
Learning Scala because $$$

Um.. this worth £75 boys?
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I think so. He is right about the RAM.
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Haha this guy is a retard. That CPU is dogshit.

>The RAM alone is worth near the asking price


Fuck this faggot.
£60 sounds more like it.

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I just got a notebook as a gift, its actually pretty crappy but I still want to use it.

It has a celeron N3350 1.1ghz processor with 2 cores,
2GB RAM (I had a spare 4gb so now it has 6gb)
And eMMC 32gb memory (I also have a spare SSD but for some reason the laptop doesnt have a connector for it).

It came with windows 10 but since Im low on disc space I want to put another OS on it.

I will be using it mostly for writing, maybe some simple graphic design, internet and mostly low end stuff. But I still want the best performance.

I was thinking the best option is to put Lubuntu on it.

Is there an OS that will give me a better performance?

Also I would appreciate if anyone knows tips, tools and programs that will give me the best performance.
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it's going to be a pain to use no matter what you are doing. anything on the internet these days needs 4GB + good CPU benchmarks
Yeah I know, sadly I dont have a spare processor atm, but I might change it after a while. Still cheaper than buying a whole new notebook. And I could really use a small one like this for writing, just dont want the OS to be slow

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Adults on /g/ with actual jobs

What GNU/Linux distro do you use ?
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Well, as working system we use Manjaro.
But for our pentests, we use a custom Kali Linux build
Manjaro GNOME. I am a Lecturer.

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How should I install Gentoo?

What DE do I use?

What packages should I install?

Why is Gentoo still stuck on GCC 5.4?
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If you don't already know each and every package you need, stay away from distros like Gentoo or Arch. They are for advanced users, and your experience will suffer if you don't know what a complete functional system comprises of. That being said, you can upgrade GCC yourself if you are so inclined.
>How should I install Gentoo?
>What DE do I use?
>What packages should I install?
>Why is Gentoo still stuck on GCC 5.4?
Try sabayon if you lazy
>Why is Gentoo still stuck on GCC 5.4?
mah stability, you can install 7.1 if you like, it's in there

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>4chan getting shittier
>start spending that time learning programming instead

Thank you Hiroshima!
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>4chan getting shittier
>plan to spend more time programming instead
>still stuck here
Thanks Hirohito.
>4Chan was shitty
>Now it's dead

Thanks, anons.
>4chan getting shittier
>move to lain and master
>still spends a lot of time learning various things

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Gearbest Deals Pastebin for 29/07

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon never makes the news :( >>61607306
• Anon bought a Xiaomi 4x (sd435) for his mom, claims it overheats >>61607521 >>61607794 puts on tinfoil hat >>61607947
• Anon gets a bunch of things, a drawing glove, pen stand, pop filter >>61609445 chinky comply tips, a noodle bowl that won't kill him, 4x 18650 batteries and a turntable display stand >>61608292
• Here's a tip for those few people that bought a PS Vita >>61609836
• New comfy vlog about his Aliexpress Wishlist features neat gadgetry >>61610890
• Anon gets bluetooth cable for his KZ ZST >>61610936
• Anon bought a Redmi Note 4 from Eternal Team on AliExpress (possible refurb sold as new?) >>61613651 >>61613666
• New update on the infographic's headphone section >>61616516
• Anon gets a cheap budget ZTE phone >>61618249
• Anon receives his new arc lighter >>61618998
• This week anon got a bunch of stuff, including some pc killing usb hubs >>61622314 >>61622504

Previous thread >>61607088
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First for Christmas in July
Does any chinkshop have the Monoprice 8323?
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Daily reminder to huff your Chinese packages for that glorious smell of communism.

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when will hdds finally start to drop in price? theyre going up wtf?
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you can only so much lower the price until you hid a price at which the profit is at nearly nonexistent
hardware and production costs are a thing
this is why ssds will ultimately end up cheaper per tb
da faq are you talking about? we are currently in the middle of a huge price war on HDDs
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>he fell for the western doggystyle meme

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>saying "welcome" before knowing if the password is correct
Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?
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I don't know.
I don't use/enjoy windows 10, or windows in general, but I always liked this feature desu, it's oddly nice.
Same people who thought skipping internal testing was a brilliant idea.

The same people who brainstormed fixing problems with diagnostic services with even more of that shit.

The same people who insist on changing the driver subsystem or whatever you call it too fucking often.

The same fucktards that can't decide what they want the UI to look like.

I need another beer.

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