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r8 h8 and masturb8 over ur setups
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where do you find such wallpapers
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I feel sad to say so, but there is no tablet as good as an ipad pro.
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ever heard about samsung tablets?
ever heard about their OS?
Do you even know who the CEO of apple is?

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Why did people stop using screensavers?
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Because monitors stopped having permanent burn in from still images for sensible amounts of time.
Because screens don't burn in anymore.
This belongs in /sqt/
Please stop making retarded threads like this.
would this work on oled screens?

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Given that these languages are safe, don't use pointer arithmetic, compile to binary and sell themselves as the succesors of C. If the industry starts using them, are we going to see the last buffer overflows in Human History?
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wut ?don't use pointer arithmetic, compile to binary
>the only security-sensitive bugs are memory management issues
lol pajeet
Go is shit kek

Are you ready for FF 57? I like containers
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For those of you who don't know what containers are
Is it able to contain your autism?
Sure, I already have a 4chins container.

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Hello /g/, I was recently looking through my junk email box and found a number of emails from people that I've never met before telling me to stop sending my personal photos to them.

I know for a fact that I haven't been sending personal photos to anyone over email but is it possible that someone is doing it for me some how?

Any help is appreciated and this can be a general scam thread for anyone else with these problems.
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Also I've just noticed that in the "to" field it doesn't have my email there. It's as if they sent it to someone else and I've received it. But there's multiple people accounts sending them to me.
Send him a real photo of your micro benis

check haveibeenpwned.com to see if your email is being sold

Block and report

Don't sign up to random websites and treat your email address like a second password
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what does this mean?

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Someone told me that this indochinese cable crimping forum could advise me. Pic related, is this enough to stop an attorney general with something to prove?
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We know about the children Podesta
>Pic related, is this enough to stop an attorney general with something to prove?
where are the proxies in your pic?

How long before we get affordable (~$400) 20 TFLOP FP32 GPUs capable of running modern games at 120 FPS in 4K resolution?
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4 Years on the AMD side, 2-3 for Nvidia I think.
nah if MCM works out and TSMC continues to shit the bed process wise, AMD will hit it first.
Can't AMD just infinity fabric 4 vega 56 GPUs on the same die and lower their clock speed to 800MHz for efficiency?

Movie effects aside, could these commands ever really work? if ACCESS is the program then rest must be parameters or flags. i dont think you could have all those spaces in there
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yeah, spaces wreck computers. I mean it's not like programs parse code into individual tokens then determines their meaning from grammar or anything
It's a UNIX system, I know this...
go watch Kitboga on twitch and you'll see scam-fixers can't even make it work

So there's me, a reddit fag who casually browses /g/, and I've become a little paranoid about my security. I decided to start be more careful with my devices and the first step is my smartphone.

I own a Oneplus 3 currently and I'm open to install a new ROM or even buy a dumbphone. I just want the option which is more secure. So give me your best
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lineage os with gapps
more secure?

dumbphone ofc
it lacks the spying capablities

want to stay with android?
lineage, use as few gapps as possible (third party replcacements are fine, osmand instead of gmail, fdroid instead of playstore, firefox instead of chrome etc)
MicroG as a replacement for gapps
Nextcloud for...well, cloud
Newpipe for youtube
Casper for snapchat
use vpn

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What if an advertiser agreed with a website to point the DNS of the website to a server which the advertiser controls, who then serves a page which uses javascript to load the actual website off a subdomain and in the process injecting advertising which is coming directly from the server the advertiser controls, i.e. the original domain of the website

Can current adblocking methods block this?

What if an advertiser proxies the entire website?
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>load the actual website off a subdomain

So just visit the "actual website" and not the domain that injects the ads?
This would probably break all hosts-file based or DNS based adblockers.
It wouldn't work on browser extensions though, which targets the javascript elements and stops them directly.
What's the best anti-anti-adblock?

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is it possible to hack a videograbber so it can record videos at a higher quality?
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Yeah sure man just overclock your USB and double the data rate.

ez as fuck
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don't know how that will work, as it already has settings and won't allow me to change the quality

its only 240p and 480p, the 480p one has terrible quality

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What happened to GPUs being a meme and ASIC's ruling cryptocurrency?

Why did these cunts have to ruin affordable PC gaming?
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You can buy a GTX 1080 for less than $500 right now. I think that is hardly "ruined".
Anti-asic algos, eth, and aes based algos.
The coins people are mining nowadays don't support ASICs

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ios 10.3.2 jailbreak where
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I guess giving birth standing upright and allowing the baby to drop on its head is dangerous after all.
>buy phone with locked down OS because who needs (insert something stock Android can do)
is this pic even real

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>year 2017, year of the data caps
>still no unlimited bandwidth
>still no unlimited or free energy
>FTP still exists
Build me a fucking time machine, you fuckers, so I can go to the future.
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g8 rich fag
Or you can just stop living in a third world country. Even PHONES have plans with unlimited data.
FTP is here to stay little boy. Stay poor and ignorant.

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