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For the life of me i can't remember the name of a very popular collection of programs for windows.
I thought it started with a d or b but it is one of the go-to's for regular maintenance.
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Nuget, right?

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Thoughts on the Tab 7 inch tablet?

They're cheap but are they reliable? I'd rather get a Nexus 7 if I could … or Nvidia.
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It's okay
anything better for the price?
They're laggy as fuck.

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Hey /g/, does anyone have a list useful .onion sites? Remember there was a couple floating around in a few threads a while back. Cheers.
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Nice try fbi
Darn. Almost got away with it. :^)

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Is this the power of sopa de macaco?
>March 2017
Yay another shitty bait thread polluting the front page we don't have a billion of these yet.

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I got memed and installed nightly, now I open Waterfox and half the addons aren't working...
How the fuck can I go back to the previous Firefox?
I want my Waterfox intact again.
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OP here....its "I GOT memed"...
How can I use the nightly icon on my waterfox? I really like the colors.
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>download this http://i.imgur.com/tYw1wjR.png
>go here http://convertico.com/
>Make that png into a .ico file
>save it somewhere
>create a waterfox shortcut
>right click, properties
>change icon
>select the ico u just made
>install gentoo
>kys faggot

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Alright /g/, I want to learn web development so I can Jew out cash from smaller companies, YouTubers, soundcloud artists, etc.

I have no prior programming knowledge. What language should I pick up? I'm willing to learn, so if you also have any pdfs to go along with it I'll be down.

Lets just say its possible my current career trajectory may not work out, and if it doesn't I want to utilize what time I have to learn a useful skill.
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Learn WordPress if you want the cheap route. If you want to really learn....pick up an angular 4/2 course from udemy by Mosh. He's pretty damn good. They have a 10$ sale going on right now. (I have no stake in udemy)
If you're serious, the core you need to know is HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Then there are numerous server-side languages like PHP, Python, etc. Everything else is an augmentation of that.

MDN is a good resource. Consider going through https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/Getting_started_with_the_web to get introduced to the bare basics. That will also introduce you to how the internet and the web actually work, which is crucial.

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>be technological brainlet
>fall for the Linux meme
Fuck you, faggots. I'm currently downloading the ISO for "boot-repair" because my 800 gb partition with windows was dictated by the Ubuntu boot loader, Ubuntu being on a 15 gb partition, which I deleted.
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Is this the "wow $x sucks" post where we're supposed to reply with "no $x rocks you're just a fucktard here's how to do it"? Because I'm not doing that. Fuck you.
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Install BSD you fag
i lost the count in how many time we had this thread

>be technological brainlet
>fall for the Linux meme
read yourself

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I'm unsure of what to do, I need some advice /g/.
I found an exploit in the android media player, that is literally a bullet train to kernel town. Do I contact android with it, or is that stupid?
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post it here
When in doubt, remember to always consult the Je- I mean, Ferengi rules of acquisition.
>#13: anything worth doing is worth doing for money
You have your answer anon
Don't they have a bug bounty? If not ask somebody on XDA lol.

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Can we share some mobile workstation love?
Rate mine
Ipad mini + keyboard case
1080p 60hz portable monotor
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it's shit
>5 year old glorified netbook with shit intel graphics and a fucking USB monitor
>"mobile workstation"
this was meant to be a bait/shitposting thread from the start right?
How wide is the x230 keyboard? I can't find an answer on Google

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reminder that linux is useless for photo printing
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>reminder that linux is useless for anything
>using a server operating system for artistic endeavours
Linux is great for VPS and basic desktop/laptop use like web browsing/music&video. For for everything else is either windows or mac

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>Be Radeon-kun
>Oh boy Threadripper-chan is really thicc hnnnnnng
>She finally agrees to meet at her place
>Get all the liquid cooler my heatsink can hold
>Oh boy I'm no longer a /v/irgin
>Arrive at Threadripper-chan's house
>Door is open
>I can hear some moans
>She's just anxious for me
>Find Geforce-sama fucking her
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>Threadripper-chan reaches climax
>All in front of me, Radeon-kun
>amd literally cucked

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I have my desktop computer and a space heater plugged in to the same circuit breaker. When I have my headphones on (which are plugged in to a sound card in my desktop) and I'm not listening to anything, if I turn off the space heater i hear a slight popping sound from my headphones. Why is this?
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Same thing happens for me when my fridge stops cooling.
bad ground. My ps4 does the same thing since it's plastic, but my tower doesn't because it's grounded.
Maybe it is because when said devices stop drawing power there is an extra surge which causes the motherboard to flow with more power and creates the pop sound

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The Faceapp ethnicity filters are coming back, r-r-right /g/?
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it probably was an advertisement technique. who the fuck would make a server side filter feature on an app
>Japanese dev
>muu sexist
>make her full blown nude

>burger dev
>muu razist
>they back off and hide in a corner

can we agree that japan has the bast devs?
what japanese dev are you talking about? sounds based af

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>The shipping costs more than the product
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Are you pajeet like me?
>shipping costs

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Finally, KDE and Qupzilla are integrating. Will this be the end of Konqueror?
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Konqueror is shit anyways

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