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Hello, i am never on this enough to ask for some guidance, but here's a shot.

I was wondering, is it possible to recover information on a "messed up" external hard drive?

More into depth, i have had this Seagate 1TB external hard drive and for some odd reason the 'master table' has failed. Me and my friend are trying to recover the data and we found some software that helped out a lot with reading the info on the 'EHD'.

So... without all the bullshit now, has anyone ever experienced this type of a problem before? Has anyone ever successfully recover their files from this terrible random event?
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>has anyone ever experienced this type of a problem before?
Of course, this shit sucks

>Has anyone ever successfully recover their files from this terrible random event?
It's not random, all drives fail eventually. Your biggest mistake was buying seagate as their hard drive crash rates are significantly higher. But no, I've never been able to recover files even off a WD dead drive because I've been unlucky enough to have the park head break down.
i see, i just bought a new 4tb western digital my passport. You think that will be better?
>pic related
Repairing the MFT is easy, just google around a bit

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I have been using the same phone since 2010 (the one in the image that is). I got an LG G5 ~3 months ago and am used to it. My friends suggested getting Snapchat (to keep in touch) but it seemed like a good way to spy on people and what they do everyday. Am I being delusional? I figured by now everything is spying on everyone and this new phone is probably no better
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>tons of value in billions of selfies
Think it through lad
It's not spying, more like attention whores making their personal life public so everybody can look at how cool they are.
No. FaceID is.

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to start Id like to apologize for being a autistic newfag but i need some help. I switched from windows to ubuntu. thing is i cant play my private server of everquest on it. I mean its possible i read in the forums how to but yes i am that autistic. I have wine tricks but but its also retarded so Im thinking of switching back to windows to play my game but I have an alienware mx11 no cd drive. so same as i would have to install EQ from ISO files id have to make a boot-able flash thats the issue its just fucked im aggravated i get the just of what i need to do but im so new to ubuntu and terminal idk how to even dl iso torrents and mount them..im not sure if i should work on going back to windows or trying mounting the iso installer which i cant even find after i install anywhere its just fucked help please
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heres the forum info..thing is as soon as i dl the patcher in to a specific file i created for it and use the file as the directory to dl nothing goes into the folder so im bad start. https://shardsofdalaya.com/forum/threads/2-5-on-linux.29983/
made some progress im now

Step 5a: Installing Everquest (from scratch)

In the Configuration Panel click the Miscellaneous tab
Select "Run a .exe file in this virtual drive"
Find your EQ_setup.exe and run it
Set up your SoD directory (I use C:/Program Files/Shards of Dalaya/EQ Client)
Skip the DirectX installer (click cancel)
The EQ patcher/installer should run at this point, put in your Daybreak Games info and get the game installed (if the installer isn't accessing the internet more likely than not you are missing the 32-bit libnss-mdns -- here is a list of the terminal commands to fix this for a variety of Linux distros) done all this cant get the game to install
patcher/installer doesn't work even though ive done my libnss commands

Macfags, I have a question for you. Why? Apart from them not being able to get viruses, why would you waste money on this overpriced nonsense? Is it because you want to fit in?
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Disposable income is nice brah. DESU, I wouldn't have paid for a mbp unless I had substantial income. Now I do and I have a MBP. Pretty nice it is.
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Because is the only way to get a UNIX-like OS suitable for any kind of use.
Solid *NIX based system for development with decent security and UI. All the benefits of having a good CLI with none of the drawbacks of having to run Linux.

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Is gentoo just a meme or is it actually good
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Gentoo is actually good if you are an advanced gnu/linux user.

Void is too fucking hipster for my taste.It's an alright distro but too hipster
It's actually good, the meme is that it's "difficult" to install for the inexperienced user.
It's good, it's the most flexible distro I know of. You need to be an experienced GNU/Linux user ti be able to use it though.

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Post your battle station, rate others.
Here's mine
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Here I come!
If I buy a ~40' 4K TV and use it as a monitor will I be cool? Of course it'll be 4:4:4 and probably 60 Hz but I don't really game anymore so I don't really care about anything higher

Would the difference between a 79% and an 93% sRGB covering monitor -on a laptop- be noticable on a laptop for doing photo editing work?

I'd be taking a 93% color accurate with a 1050 instead or 1050ti with the 79% color accurate display.
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for real photo editing work it would definitely be noticeable side by side. sRGB itself isn't even very good in the grand scheme so having less than 100% is pretty poor
I understand, but as of now I just upgraded my camera, bought lenses and other gear. A color correct rgb monitor would fuck me up, and it's out of the question for at least a couple of months.
You won't notice it when looking at your laptop but you'll notice it when the photos you edit look different when printed or viewed on high quality monitors

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This is the best editor I've ever used.

>Multi-selection system that makes refactoring stupid fast and tons of Vim plugins obsolete
>Altered grammar with new keybinds that is a smart improvement over Vim, shows what you'll edit before you do
>Tons of sensible built-in commands and behaviors that also obsolete the need for an *rc script, plugins
>Fuzzy search and tab-selection built in to all commands that need it, again obsoletes plugins
>Context help dialogs that you can ignore or turn off
>No script functions, only commands which integrate well with bash, can pipe data to and from the editor (awk, python, git, etc...)
>Works amazingly well with Tilix, i3, tmux as a result

Why haven't you taken the kakpill, /g/?
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does it have a working latex plugin with grammar correction ?
Latex probably already has highlighting support. If there's a CLI grammar checker for Linux, write a command to pipe selected text to it and replace it with the fixed text.

all the alt keybinds are shit.

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So that I may see if I can track an IP address?
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install gentoo
please god why do you want this
is this b8?

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Does anyone know what type of mtx speakers these are? I cant fathom what they are but they are old as fuck, got them from my uncle years ago, they area 8inches i know that much
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Do you even know who the CEO of apple is?
What does it matter? Just get a decent ~200W amp and you're good.
You can unscrew one and pull it out if you need to find out.

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I learned about Stallman, copyleft, and foss in one of my computer science classes last semester. desu I thought he was just a bit of an overblown meme, I didn't realize he was actually someone I would learn about in school. Or was my professor just an autistic nerd?
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Why do people pay for this
he is an extreme personality that does a good job at hammering home an important point

doesn't mean you should idolize him unironically. he is a meme.
Copyleft is not a meme but Stallman himself is just a meme.

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How would you equate a PC's components to the human body?

Would it go something along the lines of:

Power Supply = Heart
Wires/Cables = Arteries
Motherboard = Skeleton
CPU = Brain
Hard Drive = Brain
Case = Skin
GPU = Eyes
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motherboard should be nervous system
Power supply should be stomach or intestines
GPU would also be brain.
Eyes would be peripheral devices like a Webcam.

Motherboard should be CNS like anon said.

I got an Encrypted.epub and pdf of this book from the internet archive. How the hell do I get rid of this drm bullshit? It's a classic book (pic related). I got all the other books in this series (classic only). I tried the drm removal tools for calibre with no luck.
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Have they got a raging clue?
Seriously, though, I thought these were faggy children's books. Are they actually any good?


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>muh evangelion

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I recently heard someone talk about a "GNU operating system". Where do I download this? How does it compare to Windows or Linux?
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You're using a variant of the GNU operating system every day. It's called GNU/Loonix and Android.
hell if I know, noone uses it.
Isn't Hurd dead though

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