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>his laptop is more than 3 years old
>His desktop is more than 2 years old
>His phone is more than a year old
Explain yourselves, poorfags
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For female it should be new phone every 6 months new laptop every year and no desktop
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>people younger than my computer are posting on 4chan

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Would you willingly replace undamaged and healthy parts of your body with robotic substitutes if the benefits seemed worth it?
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yes, but not my penis
I dunno man, if it had variable length, girth, ribbing, a mild vibrating function and extra storage for semen I might consider it.
>Extra storage for semen I might consider it.
H-how would that even work?

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So Is Ace Player literally just VLC+? Is there even a reason to use VLC when this exists?
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What does it have that regular VLC doesnt?
It clearly hasnt made the UI any better
The only real thing that could make it better than VLC would be fixing the horrible scrubbing issue with broken video
>it there a reason to use anything else when mpv exists
can MPV play acestreams? (for sportsfags)

Work 4-5hrs a day
Finish work, emails and nothing to do for the week....

What should I do with my life?
Study for certs?
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wrong board friend

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I';m losing it

Help me
Don t you have a hobby or something?? Wtf i would love to earn 95k ..

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>ctrl f no *fetch thread
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1s this the new desktop thread?

This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required viewing for newbies:

>Strap Guide: http://pastebin.com/SwRysprE

Previous thread:
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That vintage watch could have TIMEX written in it, nobody would notice.
Gonna be doing the final regulation on this old shitter.

Setting the balance in beat is a nightmare, since these don't make the ticks at the same time as Swiss lever escapements, which confuses the timegrapher.
Is Seiko SSC293 good? Is $180 a legit price? (Amazon) It costs almost twice as much where I live.

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Script with AdNauseum to auto-click Google's AdWords:
Modified script, opens only a single window with 1 minute cooldown, also reads keywords from cpc greater than $200:


Google Issuing Refunds to Advertisers Over Fake Traffic, Some Advertisers Question Level of Refunds

Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords

Top 25 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords

CPC keywords >$200 (652 terms)

CPC keywords >$100 (5,505 terms)

/g/uide to removing Google from your life: >>62122206
Ad Vault thread, share your results: >>62135130
YouTube /g/eneral: >>62116374
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Whoops, linked to the wrong script posted by icefrog. Here is the correct version:

1 minute cd does work either, captcha still required after few times
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I haven't seen this problem and I've been running icefrog's script overnight, can you try changing your IP address?

Also somebody in /tech/ is working on a script to hit the top 100 alexa websites and let AdNauseum run on those.

>/g/ defend the ban
>/g/ think adblocking is evil
>/g/ think ads are good

What the fuck happened?
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I don't want an ad blocker that wastes bandwidth loading ads
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>Zer aviv
Don't come to a hasty conclusion and don't generalize. /g/ is not 1 person and the vocal minority of any community does not make them representatives or ambassadors.

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62129509
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#include <assassin.h>
>Pinky never hits ctrl

Shit waifu, honestly.

Ad Vault Thread.

>What is Ad Nasuesm
Fork of uBlock with a feature that clicks ads over a certain period of time.

>Why would I click on ads?
It's a tactic called "click-fraud" it floods Google's tracking algorithm with false information.
More to the point, it means that advertisers pay for false clicks, which prompts them asking for refunds which Google must honor out-of-pocket. It also erodes trust in AdSense if advertisers believe Google isn't giving full refunds.

>Is this really hurting Google? Can't they just detect it and block it?
It appears to be working, they blocked the add-on on Chrome and they're are freaking out about it here: http://archive.fo/ZsqYo

The add-on "staggers" clicks over a length of time. This makes it difficult for Google to ever filter false clicks.

>But if they see your IP Clicks thousands more ads on average, that's suspicious
Not quite. The average click-rate per IP is high because of public and institutional IP addresses on campuses, cell-towers, bus stations, etc. Even if they filter IPs with 'too many' clicks, they inevitably end up cutting off a huge percentage of legitimate AdSense marketshare. You can switch IPs if you wish.

You can also reduce the percentage of ads clicked in settings.

>Is this an elaborate scheme by Google to track my IP via AdSense clicks?
I don't think so. AdSense is a big money-maker for Google and I don't see them undermining it on purpose. If they wished to track you they would do so using Google Analytics.
If you blocked Google Analytics (uBlock and Ad Nasuesm block Google Analytics), their next option would be to use Youtube and Google Maps embeds on pages. Every time a Youtube or Maps box is visible on a page, Google has already snagged your IP and the domain you're on. That's why I don't think Google is trying to kill AdSense just to track users.

If you wish to become invisible to Google, use uBlock and NoScript.

>Where do I get Ad Nasuesm?
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rip google adsense
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I ran icefrog's script over at >>62135270 overnight and here are my results
I appreciate what ou are doing but I feel like showing the whole advault to everyone would be a privacy risk

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I'm having trouble understanding why someone would use Linux.
So you install Windows and everything just works. I hear this argument here all the time saying "windows users are retarded" because they have everything done for them already. But isn't that a point to actually use it? You aren't a computer, so let a computer do it for you. Isn't that much smarter?
Whereas you download even the easiest distro which is Ubuntu, and you need to do all these sudo commands or apt just to a) get something to work b) install software.

Boot times are incredibly slow. I've went from roughly a minute to 3 second migrating from Debian to Windows 8.1

Looks are entirely subjective, but I think this can pass as something that looks clean and organized.

There are also some handy features such as streaming from your PC to a smart TV which is incredibly useful.

It literally just works.
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The believe that a corporation dictates how your computer behaves

The believe that you control your computer

Such a dificult option

>the believe

I don't think it should matter whether a corporation dictates how your computer behaves. It all does the same thing in the end.

What VPN are you using and why
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bill poopwater.gif
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None because why would I?
le big gubment

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>Firefox OS failed
>now we're stuck with the Google botnet in our pockets forever

Worst timeline
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>Firefox is a literal censorship browser now
Rust lang and wasm will fail too.

I want to kill every single firefox dev in cold blood at the removal of the "Feature" that let me play youtube videos with the screen off on the youtube mobile website, This let the phone play entire playlists without turning the screen on.

Is there anyway to download a legacy version of firefox for android that still had this "Feature" god I wish I never updated it..

You /g/uys use a tablet as a shitposting device ? Why not ? Light, has a great battery life...

Also post your device
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how do you type out long posts on that?
Smart autocompletion.
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Like this

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>haha u fkn poorfag, it doesn't matter if macbooks are overpriced and non-serviceable because ur paying for a superior operating system

So, why not get a more affordable laptop and put MacOS on it?
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because I'd have to change wifi cards and flash bios with a whitelist

just use Windows(R)(TM)
>just use Linux

its too much of a hassle.

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