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Why does /g/ hate KDE?
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I like it, works well on openSUSE Tumbleweed

Why most people don't like it:
-lots and lots of features, not everyone wants
-buggy on everything not openSUSE
-high memory use (or used to be high)
I loved KDE3.2, but when they forced 4 on us, it was premature and buggy as fuck.

GNOME didn't learn from KDE's history, and repeated the mistake with GNOME3.
It bloated.
It's written in C++ (therefore bloated).
It's slow (because it's bloated).

I'm not really a huge fan of GNOME either. That shit is also bloated, but less so, because they avoid C++.

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Why can't malware be more aligned to destroy a user's PC like it was in the 90's rather than an attempt to make money from the end user? I honestly want to see another CIH outbreak instead of "Oops, your files are encrypted and you have to pay x amount in Bitcoin to get them decrypted".
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There is malware that was doing this to iot devices
Money is all that matters, goy. The pleasure of hurting people you've never met is nothing compared to putting your erect penis inside a cute girl whilst she cries softly and begs you to stop, or that of being able to afford healthcare.
Yeah, but malware like that are very few and far between nowadays. Now every pajeet online can just shit out a new variant of Wannacry.

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What does /g/ name their drives?
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>Intel's little cores are growing up; Goldmont Plus (core name #GeminiLake) appear to feature a 4-way decode - 2x width of Silvermont


>For reference, Goldmont (core name Apollo Lake) has a 3-way decode. This uarch is undergoing radical changes. Within same power envelope.


>Intel's kernel patch with an updated topdown total slot count of "4", from "3" in Goldmont.

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That's my sign. I better buy this
The question is: Can it burn down an entre city?
That's nice and all but Intel has never given a shit about Atom and I doubt it will now when their big core is being threathened

What are your thoughts on Elementary OS /g/?
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why not use the real thing?
Which is...?

I like it.

Elementary uses Pantheon desktop which is OK looking desktop.

I feel like KDE Plasma and Elementary Pantheon are the only desktops that are trying to bring Linus desktop into 21st century and trying to make the Linux desktop experience to attract normie masses.

And I think this is a good thing as it's going to bring more users and developers to FOSS desktop.

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Need to test my dedicated mpv box,
What are some good /g/ animus?

Soemthing with technology, dystopias, conspiracies, you know...

I wont get an answer from the /a/ssholes...

I have so far:

>Ghost in the Shell
>Ergo Proxy
>Serial Experiments Lain
>Cowboy Bebop
>Elfen Lied
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>$sudo su
>dennou coil
>Scapped Princess (low key high tech)
>Big O
>Eden of the East
>Last Exile
>paranoia agent.
thanks, I will check them out

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Is this true?
Are gaymen chairs terrible for your back?
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Sitting up straight is bad for your back.
if your back muscles are that weak, yeah
>bucket seat for siting on a desk
because those anti roll supports are essential to pro gayman experience.

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If i make a hash of CP on one hard drive, Then move that hash to a new hard drive, Does that new hard drive become illegal to own?
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I don't know laws to 100%, but hash is not original data, and you can't transform or recover the data. So, technically, it's not CP.
nt FBI
But you can reverse search the hash until you find the original file, therefore it can be recovered
although that would probably take longer than the universe will exist

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What do you have against buying used hardware, anon?
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>hard drive

all pre-owned or refurbished AMA
you don't know how well it was treated or where it was stored
a device may look pristine, but it may have been subjected to high/low temps -- bad for battery longevity
still probably worth if sold at a steep discount desu
Can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

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Whats a web browser that doesn't eat 4gbs of ram?
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Enjoy your botnet.

Why are hard drive prices suddenly plummeting? There have been some crazy deals lately after a long period of stagnation.
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its because of bitcoins increase in difficulty and the miners getting wrecked.
this affects the storage industry how??
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Gotta store all them blockchains man.

Probably because high capacity SSD's are becoming affordable, and low capacity SSD's are now cheap.
The only way to make HDD's attractive today is to make them cheap.
I recently bought a 2TB 3.5" internal because I needed more storage, but fuck getting them for anything else.

I'm right on the edge of getting an NVMe drive for my OS, and putting my current SATA3 M.2 SSD into an external USB-C enclosure. External SSD storage is the shit.

I want the mega ads everywhere you go and walk. The dyspotian government survelliance, with military droids. The synth drugs. The cyborg hackers and the cool hot chicks with bionic eyes and mohawks. Cybernetic research looks to have stalled.
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>I want the mega ads everywhere you go
Already there in the subway, the cashier machines, every screen available and so on. Just not on the side of buildings yet.
>The dyspotian government survelliance, with military droids
also pic related
>The synth drugs
designer drugs and nootropics exist
if you wanna buy some amphetamines or chinese herb potion you just have to go out there
plenty of psychotropics and stimulants that will make your dull reality colorful or will make you productive ans an asian kid
>The cyborg
like every wearable, wetware is developped by trendy high tech firms not by measly hackers because that's where the money is, so enjoy your botnet arms
so common we have freeboters now
>and the cool hot chicks with bionic eyes and mohawks
Cyberpunk is underground. Mainstream is always the same.
If you want your deculture move to hong kong, go to raves, start making your own gear for techwear/lunarcure (you won't regret it, there's a ton of faggots looking to buy your shit even if it's mediocre) and live the life.

Cyberpunk is here: all the bad aspects, a handful of the good stuff and none of the fashion.
If I hear /fa/ sleasycrore is making a comeback, I blame all that vapowave crap.
We mostly have it, only it looks a bit more like mirrors edge than a run down sprawl.

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Name one thing that Windows 10 can do better than MacOS. I'll wait.

Hardmode: no bringing alternative OS's with less than 1 percent marketshare and zero support or professional software into the conversation, kthx
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hogging all the internet bandwidth
Run a wide range of software natively.

Well boys, I think she's cooked.
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Oh that's just windows feature. Nothing to worry about, it happens just a couple of times during the day. You should use SSD though.
I guess my hard drive is just failing. I've Dbaned a couple times to scramble the drive, but for some reason it just sits at 100% all day long. I can't even load a CS GO map because it keeps dumping so often.
As I said, it might be just windows feature. You should run some hdd health sw on it to be sure though, but most likely it's because windows.

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I must be missing something, most videos on YouTube no longer earn money.
so why do they remain there indefinitely, long after anyone cares?

Apparently it's quite costly for YouTube to host these videos indefinitely, on top of the 400 hours of new content uploaded a minute

Philip Defranco is a great example of a YouTuber who's content has a short lifespan.

however it's undeniable that after a few months, his videos become irrelevant. (That's the nature of news)
so couldn't YouTube remove content that people don't give a shit about anymore?

or why isn't there an app that hosts topical / news-based content for as long as they're relevant,
then removes them once the cost of storing them > revenue generated from them
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This is bait

most yt vids only make money in the first few months
so why don't they delete that old shit to save money?

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