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I need a bit of help with buying an external GPU enclosure. I'm all new to this.
I own a 13" MacBook Pro (Early 2013), the specs are dual core i7 3.0GHz, 8GB DDR3, and no discrete GPU (so Intel HD 4000), it also has two thunderbolt ports, up to 10 gbps. I'm running Windows 10 with bootcamp.
I'm trying to use my GTX 680 with it but I have no idea which enclosure would work with my setup. I'm not trying to get 100% efficiency, I just want to be able to play a few games on it. Thanks for reading, and don't judge me for using a Mac, it's my brother's and I don't have money to buy a proper laptop.
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Sell it and use the money build a PC.
Well considering the eGPU costs like $500, doesn't make much sense to do this
I just googled this. Looks like an expensive meme.

What is that DAC/Headphone amp that has a weird german or russian name or something? Looking for it. I'm looking for a very portable small DAC/Headphone Amp for under $80
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b a m p
You're probably talking about Sennheiser (or Harman-Kardon possibly).

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What is this machine I found?

Let's talk about Soviet design. Do you like it? It looks "brutalist" as the latest buzzword is. Would flat design have succeeded in the Soviet world?
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yandex says it's a "electrophoresis apparatus"
WIkipedia : electrophoresis is ultimately caused by the presence of a charged interface between the particle surface and the surrounding fluid. It is the basis for a number of analytical techniques used in chemistry for separating molecules by size, charge, or binding affinity.
>"looks brutalist"

fucking normies butcher everything.
>"electrophoresis apparatus
should I plug it in and cure my spine?

>fucking normies

fuck you nigger, not my fault SV pythonistas started to use the term.

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I'm starting my computer science course tomorrow. Anyone have tips on making it through? I was a pretty shitty student in highschool but cs interests me a lot.
I came to know some people who're starting cs as well but they're all csgo fagits who've never used linux and don't care about being part of the botnet.
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be prepared for a lot of maths
You will get good at programming if you program. But don't burn out.

Learn math

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>tfw my grades and productivity have improved notably since switching from a laptop to a MacBook Pro
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im happy for you man, keep improving
No coincidence. It's the Working Man's computer.

>he doesn't have his own costum discord spammer
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>using discord instead of irc
>trying desperately to recapture a time you never lived in by using outdated protocols only kept alive by baby duck syndrome and hipsters

>4chan pass expires
>get this as a fucking captcha
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that's what you get for posting in bst faggot
that's what you get for posting from phone
Maybe renew your pass retard

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Hi /g/,
A few years ago I wrote VSTs, mainly eqs with fancy little options and nobody really noticed the shit for years on github.
I also wrote a trading bot and a soundcloud taste analysis tool, as well as a lot of useless stuff.
Last Friday I received an email from a HR responsible at a local company who makes VSTs, the email said:
>Hi Anon,
>I'm Stacy Stacy, responsible for technical recruiting at XXX. We build professional audio software used on hit records made by world-renowned mixing engineers.
>I was taking a look at your GitHub and was impressed with your experience in C++, we feel like you could be a perfect fit with our team & product. If you think this sounds interesting we'd love to find a few minutes to chat soon—is there a good time for a quick skype call in the next couple days?
>Stacy Stacy
>XXX - www.xxx.com
To which I replied by the end of day by inviting them to call me on Monday.
This is kind of my dream job and would allow me to get my hands on some badass projects.
But here's the problem, I have no fuckin degree, I am a poor student who left his uni behind to work in restaurants, and who nows live off unemployement welfare while waiting to get back to his studies.
What would you suggest to maximise the chances of me being hired ? Never had an IT interview in my life. I want this job so bad.
I'm just wondering how can I tell my story to come up as a must-have employee ??
Anyone experienced with that ?
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Why porn site builds professional audio software?
I obviously changed the name.
Bump :'(

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I am looking for a person who used the nick "Gentooman" or "Archtoo" in IRC.
If I remember correctly he is from Spain
We lost contact many years a go and I am trying to find him again.

If you know gentooman or are him please send an email to [email protected]

I think this is his twitter

I dont have twitter so I cant message the account, but if you have twitter please tell him to email me?

Also @DaGameTrain if you reading this message me too. We need to get the /x/ project gang back together

If you were working on the /x/ project also message me. You know who you are.

Thank you all.
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not your social media website
>not your social media website
eh go kill yourself nigger. atleast he isnt posting a retarded meme thread TFW FEEL FOR 3GB OF RAM or perpetuating useless generals. I hope you find your buddies OP.
bumping in case somebody ends up dying because of this.

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>get iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard and pencil
>extremely good quality display and resolution
>high performance
>perfect for casual browsing
>perfect for ebooks
>great for multi tasking
>can take notes with the pencil instead of pen and paper
>can search through notes

The iPad Pro with iOS 11 has revolutionised tablet PCs. It's now a serious competitor to laptops, depending on what your purposes are. And it comes with apples A10 processor making it more powerful than most laptops and all other tablets.
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Shill begone!
Tenets are still dead
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>perfect for ebooks

Can Google go bankrupt?
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Only with our savior Adnauseam amirite boys xDDD

>be me
>trying to install Windows 10 on a used computer I'm selling for a friend
>boot up the installer on USB
>greeted by the monstrosity that is the Windows installer partitioning tools
>it's okay this time cause I'm not dual booting etc. but it still makes me mad
>later, Windows has installed
>five pages of opt-out botnet services
>finally on the desktop
>download regular programs to substitute the horrible Metro/new-Windows GUI apps like Photos and Groove
>suddenly everything is sluggish like I'd be running it on a 200MHz mainframe from the seventies
>check it out on resource management
>System service is using 100% of hard drive i/o
>what the fuck
>can't do anything to it because nothing responds
>can't even get to the desktop
>it breaks the boot partition and I can't get to the windows installation let alone use it
At this point a started everything over thinking there might be some odd luck virus that attacks it right away when it connects to the internet. I know, neurotic, but I was baffled and confused.
>go thru that shit all over again
>this time be very careful not to connect to internet
>when I finally do and start installing VLC etc.:
The same fucking thing
But this is not all kids.
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install linux with i3
Install Trisquel GNU/Linux and share the freedom!
Install W7 SP1 and only download the critical updates. That's about as good as an experience you're gonna get from windows.

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>Still runs modern games in medium
>Can run modern games on high to very high with 2-3 way SLI
>Smaller than modern cards

What's the reason for getting a newer video card again?
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>0.1 TFLOP
That's why
Don't lie on the internet.


Who wins your matchup?
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chuck schumer
Hopefully the democrat
>burgers literally have a 2 party system

The 5k iMac is actually a pretty good deal.

>All in one desktop
>extremely quiet
>much less cords compared to a normal PC
>5k display, more or less unmatched in any PC for a similar price range

Sure its pricey but its a premium product and you get what you pay for.
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iPad on a stick. I'll pass.
>Sure its pricey but its a premium product and you get what you pay for.

And your GPU will die within 3-4 years and turn it into a paper weight, LIKE ALL IMACS
What the fuck is so expensive? If you are a gamer you can build a high-end machine for that money that will BTFO any mac

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