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Hi /g/eniuses, can you please tell me what are those I marked in red?
My old pc motherboard actually has 8 of those, this has just 4.

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Lmao your boards gone. There is really nothing you can do, however lemonparty.org might have a solution
I'm a EE at samsung and jesus that board design is shit. Into the trash.
Vrm's for that different graphics card.

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So I have a Sapphire ATI 6950 2GB video card in my computer. Its a bit dated and really showing its age.

I have also have 8GB of Ram (I need about 8 more)
An i5-3450 3.10GHz processor

Im looking for a reasonably cheap video card that will bring my desktop a little more up to date. I was thinking about trying an Nvidia card, but I've always used ATI so I know nothing about Nvidia but they seem to be getting better support.

Could someone give me some recommendations?
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Oh boy, this is going to be good
Get a 1080ti. Its really cheap.

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>he uses internet or has a phone
Enjoy your botnet
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Such a poor shitposting.
Not even worth a (You) and a complete waste of dubs
A Thread died for this

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Been a distro hopper since years. How can I stop already. Currently, I use arch (again) and getting mad of digging in conf files, everytime a new minor task comes up. I want to stop.
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Install xubuntu and stop fussing over shit.
Install gentoo
Debian stable.

In which folder do you put all of your documents? Some materials for work/study etc.
I know desktop is a pretty shitty place for this but I am not sure where I should storage them.
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Literally me.png
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Retards shouldn't be let anywhere near technology.
More news at 11.
>I totally never had to troubleshoot. Never made an error, ever

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>finally saved up for a decent PC
>miners inflate GPU prices
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get a job
cry more
Seriously though do you idiots ever learn?

Is it possible to convert an android app to ios?Or viceversa?
I'm about to pay someone to make me an app, so I don't want to pay him more to do it for the other platform. It's a fairly simple app, drawing app so the conversion should not be troublesome I suppose
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you're basically asking him to rewrite it from java to swift, what do you think?
Maybe what you want is a hybrid solution, take a look on Ionic and NativeScript...
By thr way, you will still have to pay for the licenses on the stores and such anyways...
It's easy if you already developed the app in a crossplatform way. And I can't see why you wouldn't in 2017. There are like a billion frameworks to do this.

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Tell me what you intend to use that for.
Excellent blog post
Would read again

Should have bought them before the bitcoin phase. They were at massive discounts

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>at work
>customer calls
>"hey can you send so-and-so spreadsheet to my email?"
>send him said spreadsheet
>"uh anon I don't know what an .ods file is, can you paste a picture of it into a word document??"
>tell him that MS Office can open spreadsheets, send a PDF just in case he's still too retarded to double click the ods file
>he calls to complain that he can't open any of the files
Are all normalfags this fucking retarded? Why are they so bad at tech?
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just be polite and give them whatever fucking retarded shit they want.
i took calls at an ISP technical support center for 2 days and that's all it took for me to break and resign. you only hit the tip of the iceberg, and so did i probably
Maybe he has Office 97

What's the best antivirus to use these day? Is windows defender good enough or is it still scrap? I got tired of norton being annoying as fuck and removing my files any chance it got.
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Common Sense 2018
>inb4 Common Sense 3017 Extrememe Edition

But seriously, defender is a piece of crap.
Use ESET antivirus, it works well.
Common sense wont protect you from governmental spying.
Bitdefender internet security 2017 most likely will.

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>yfw Fiji all over again, only worse this time
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JUST WAIT (tm)(c)(copyright: AMD, Calcutta)
Inb4 >>>/v/
Is amd making this card for mining ? Seems like amd is not giving a fuck for games these days.

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Wait, i am out of the loop with torrenting and shit, wasn't this site supposed to be dead and buried?
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No. Everyone in their mother has made backups of the site, so it'll forever be up.
It might be shit but it's literally impossible to kill
What is dead can never die.

Old thread: >>61193427

What are you working on, /g/?
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AVL-based memory allocator using only standard C
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I'm going to try write an IRC bot in Ruby.
Thanks for anime picture.

>1280x1024 19" screens are taller than 24" 1920x1080 screens
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When will 3:2 desktop monitors become standard, 16:10 is too wide and 4:3 is too tall, 3:2 is the perfect middle ground
The day our eyes' FOV starts being 3:2
>tfw feel less immersed using 16*9 than 4*3.

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