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What do you guys think of it?
Seems pretty focused on anti-censorship and less on strict anonymity like TOR (they do support it however).

I was surprised that it looked rather polished for being around only for 2 years now. Anyone uses it? From the update speed of most zerosites it sure could use more content and people.

>How to install
Go to https://zeronet.io/ follow the instructions. Its trivially easy since its just a pythong program running in the background that does all the work. (Python 2.7 because the dev is a retard apparently).

>inb4 NSA honeypot
Its all free and open source, feel free to verify that it is not.
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You post this constantly and everyone calls you a faggot for it, why did you think this time would be any different?
they got a super primitive chan board already, but dont expect too much.

its the very first time I post this.
Maybe Im not the only one who has heard of Zeronet, that might be a good thing
You can run it on tor or i2p. Best of both worlds.

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We have to do something about the SJW faggots and trannies before they permanently contaminate and destroy FOSS communities.
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Party like it's 1999.
Nuke California
I hope our beloved leader does that

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Lol, their link to search the chromium project for gendered terms literally picks out a bunch of chinks called "He"

I'm sure that's racist in some way
Calling Rodney a "he" is problematic. And don't even think of using a Hebrew [he] language pack
>he never been on bugzilla
nope firefox is has more le warriors

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is there a free as in freedom social media platform that is also not run by corporate feminists?
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gnu social/diaspora/mastodon
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you're in it buddy

8ch and anonib qualify too

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I've been using my Sennheiser HD 555 for over 7 years already.

What would switching to AKG K702 be like for me?
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I don't know but i think they look better.
I really really really don't know.
>buying chink shit akgs

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>Crushed some bugs
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>changelog: now gives you more superpowers (not really!)
>Facebook app
>two or three 50mb updates every week
>nothing ever changes
What did they mean by this?
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The last company I worked for just said
>Made app more robust

No one ever questioned it

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Business Card thread?
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Im not great a C yet so I didn't include it on my card in the end.
>being honest about your capabilities

OP confirmed for never gonna make it
dont like your card much. creative but i wouldnt show it to anyone. go to vista print and get a metalic card.

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If you wrote your programs using Pony, they would run 20% faster.

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really? would my youtube dl convert 20% faster even though it uses ffmpeg? wow...
could it also download 20% faster? gee anon thank you for your revolutionary new way to program apps

Do you think some weebtards here work for big corporations and are a part of a software development team? If they we're they too gamma to even suggest using a different language let alone speaking up.
Why would I use anything besides Python for my personal use? I don't think I'm going to notice those 200 nanoseconds everytime I run my programs, but I think I would notice those 200 hours it would take me to re-write my programs in assembly, just to have them be 20% faster.

Fuck off, thinly disguised mlpfag.
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We need a lolilang

Im doing a dual boot installation with Parrotsec(also happened with Kali linux) on my toshiba satellite, after the grub menu this weird bug happens and its the start of the installation menu. If anyone else know what to do please let me know thanks!
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the bug is leenucks
Have you tried not using a shit tier operating system?

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Why do you guys keep pretending that linux is safe?
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Why does it trigger you?
Anyone using Linux knows it isn't. It simply isn't targeted as much (the desktop anyway) compaired to Windows. Also most users know what they're doing and won't get their computers infected even while using Windows.
why isn't it safe?

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You want moar cores? I'll give you moar cores.

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They are just rebranding and marking up their xeon line.
18 cores? on what, 1GHz?
24.75 mb of L3 cache. Oh my.

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Upvoted for effort
Jeez I'd buy a wholly white finkpad
I'd probably make it dirty as fuck in a couple of weeks as well.
because I'm not dumb enough to fall for the chinkpad meme

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How is this? Is it botnet?
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you're from here aren't you?
Nope. But I want to unplug from google.
don't we all

Is there ANY reason at all to buy intel processors anymore?

R3s replace pentiums and i3s
R5s reppaced i5s
R7s replaced i7s
Threadripper and Epyc replaced everything else.
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buy 7700k for muh gaymeing peformance
Not really, considering the AM4 socket upgrade path is good for the next four years or so
Doesn't it cause stutter and lower min FPS in games?

Also doesn't it require a heavy duty AIO?

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Hey /g/, I've been jobless for a year, cannot find a job in my branch of tech. I know my decently way around a PC, am linux user, and I know a bit of programming. Also 28 yo. What are my chances of getting QA software tester or similar job? I really want to work in something IT related
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Start applying and see for yourself, jesus. It's not that hard.
Thank you anon. I'll trust your dubs
Buy a book that has common interview questions for you language of choice.

Start a GitHub where you post projects and stuff you've done.

Link that GitHub on your resume. Also only link relevant jobs for each position you're applying for.

Apply everywhere.

Should see some results in 2 weeks or so if done right. Indeed.com is your best friend for now.

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