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lets just fucking stop with this overpriced AMD shit
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jewser benchmark creative benching protocols
isn't threadripper an alternative for xeon, not i7?
Weak b8, fag

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I keep seeing threads about this fucking book, every time I ask why its so essential to read I get

>it will make you a better programmer
>it teaches you a lot about CS

How? What exactly do you learn from a LISP guide that you can't learn from a more specific book?
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Brainlet, you are better off getfing into liberal arts or gender studies
>falling for /g/ (((recommendations)))
>not installing gentoo
>not owning a 91W watch
>not owning a thinkpad
>not using exclusively FOSS software

your life must be sad anon


OK so my fan is making a rattling noise and I thought the bottom hit the like plate below so I tried to raise it with some tape

Problem is as soon as it touches the tape it starts making noise again, but when the fan is suspended in the air, it is perfectly quiet

So is it because the fan is shaking my entire pc??
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here it is when I've raised it up. the fan is completely quiet then, it is only when I insert it in the socket
lubricate it
This isn't your personal tech support board.

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Ok, /g/ I recently bought an macbook pro 2012 for 300$, already upgraded the ram to 8GiB and swapped the harddrive for an SSD, battery replacement is next. In the meantime: what is some nice software for macs that I should get? What are some cool hacks?

>inb4 tell your father that you are gay
>inb4 admit to yourself that you are a raging homosexual
>inb4 suck some dick

And yes, I know who the CEO of apple is.
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I can't understand your post with all those cocks in your mouth.
>AN MacBook
to the sage it goes

wait. is javascript actually a good language now? i finally got around to looking at es6.
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no, it's still equally shit.
>wait. is javascript actually a good language now?
Yes, but don't let anyone hear you say that.
It's getting better because it's copying stuff from python like .startsWith and .endsWith, etc.

Also you can now use let and const to declare variables at a block level. var is pretty much useless now.

I had looked at JS in the past but it was such a mess. Since Firefox introduced their webextension API, I've been looking into ES6 and it's a lot nicer JS than before. Super easy to write browser addons now too.

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>P. Ajit will defend this
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Free market bitch!
>tfw wheeler was replaced by Pajit

So people were complaining about coffeelake requiring a new mobo and thats all fine and good to gripe about but it got me thinking into the future. What is going to happen 2020+ ? From wiki:

"Beyond 7 nm, major technological advances would have to be made; possible candidates include vortex laser,[6] MOSFET-BJT dual-mode transistor,[7] 3D packaging,[8] microfluidic cooling,[9] PCMOS,[10] vacuum transistors,[11] t-rays,[12] extreme ultraviolet lithography,[13] carbon nanotube transistors,[14] silicon photonics,[15] graphene,[16] phosphorene,[17] organic semiconductors,[18] gallium arsenide,[19] indium gallium arsenide,[20] nano-patterning,[21] and reconfigurable chaos-based microchips.[22]"

wouldn't implementing such new tech require changes to the mobo as well for viability ? Correct me if I am wrong but I feel like a 2018 mobo isn't going to be compatible with a new 2020 CPU. And I feel like long term compatible will not be a thing until we tap into a new tech with a long term upgrade path.
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the sillicon of the CPU is soldered/welded onto the PCB of the motherboard, which in turn has their I/O at the bottom.

you can basically fit anything on anything if you can match the voltages.

they could remake the core 2 duo with way more efficiency.
so you could in theory use improved semi conductor manufacturing techniques to produce a CPU that would still be compatible with an outdated mobo ?
the interface between mobo and CPU package is 1000-something electric contacts. as long as the mobo can supply the proper voltage and can apply the protocols to communicate through those contacts the technology the CPU was made with is irrelevant.

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Why does the R3 1200 have a TDP of 65 watts when it only consumes a max of 40 watts?

This thing is so cold it could easily be cooled by passive cooling on a mini-itx machine.
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I don't think anyone knows what TDP means anymore, including me.
It's just a spec so the guys designing cooling know what to target as a typical use case. It should ideally be similar to power consumption since most of the electricity turns to waste heat.
Or AMD and intel for that matter, especially intel.

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Verizon is putting a resolution cap on all videos across all of their plans even the "unlimited" ones.

Do you think the free market will sort it out because FCC ain't doing shit?
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>He thinks 1080p it's a necessity when watching videos on a 5" screen
I use my phone as a hotspot for my laptop in between classes because the wifi around campus is garbage.
1. There's already a thread
B. The proposed net neutrality laws wouldn't have protected against this anyway.

I bought a molex to sata cable and I plugged it in to a back plate. Should I be worried and how to tell if it'd start burning? And obviously what to do then besides quickly turning the PC off?

pic related, but Chinese. Looks exactly the same as my Gigabyte one besides color of the metal inside the molex part (it looks darker? copper like). Besides I did check how pins pair and each molex pin is 3 sata pins and molex part has 3 left over pins that don't connect to anything.
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>3out of 4 molex pin not used
Obviously that's what I did watch. I'm using the gigabyte one (from the picture). The Chinese counterpart I'm worried about looks almost exactly the same as I did describe in the OP.

It's opposite, 3 out of 15 ones on the sata end don't seem to be connected to any molex. pin.

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hello /g/

young, ambitious and observant man here. i am working in the software development industy and love it but im looking to get into something thats going to become the next big thing. tell me wise /g/, what is it? what should i put my worthy brain cells into?
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poor codemonkey. hire an idea guy to give you ideas.
lol. im thinking of ideas all the time but im young, naive and scared of wasting my time on something that was a complete + utter waste of time

Is this feature put in to kill F-Droid?
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Pajeet confirmed
Two Sims
Pajeet confirmed
The opposite actually, this feature makes it so that instead of having to allow installation from unknown sources for all apps to use f-droid, you can now enable each app to install stuff individually, which is more secure and the ideal solution for using multiple app stores on one device.

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Can't we just make a new one?
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there are already many alternatives, but Google has managed to secure its position to remain the most popular no matter how better the competitors are
It's like starting a new religion, you can easily create a better religion than christianity and of course isl*ALLAAAAAHUU AKBAAAAAR**am, but who will follow it no matter what the arguments are?
Thread removed for copyright infringement
A copy of the complaint is a available at lumendatabase.org
i'll make the logo

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What are your essential Chrome extensions?
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>uBlock Origin
>uBlock Protector
>HTTPS Everywhere
SJW cuck

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>"You need to be logged in to download this file!"
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It hurts. Can confirm.
>go to bugmenot
>problem solved
Unless it's changed over the years bugmenot was more of a pain in the ass than just making an account.

Whenever I tried it years ago almost none of the logins worked so I would just say fuck it and give up or just create an account myself.

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