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crash dump 3.png
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Got a crash dump analyzer. I don't know what any of this means.
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I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that

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serious thread coming in

im asking people with amd card to download aida64 extreme install it go to display->gpgpu then select their gpu and see if the fp16 units are enabled or disabled
plus to see if the double precision is active
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All you fags have been complaining about LTT and them buying RED cameras and it turns out they have an amazing reason for it
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OK Linus thanks

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Suppose a person is technically minded, what is the comfiest way to make a living with /tech/ skills? Some field that isn't advancing so fast you have to practically spend an extra 40 hours per week staying updated with the latest developments. Sysadmin maybe?
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sysadmin where working from home is a possibility

looking for a book to read not so long, don't care about details that much. just basic understanding with few examples if possible. I know the baseprogramming already,just want to get into file i/o and stuff more complex than that.
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head first java 2nd edition is pretty good desu
long af, but i'll read it if i had no other alternatives cheers

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could any of you guys help me with a build im currently running an a8 7600k with a 1050 and 16gigs or ram(dont get me started). I'm looking for a good cpu to pair with the 1050 to avoid bottle necking and ensure good frame rate in games. My budget would be like 150(euro) and i dont mind either i3,5,7 or fx or ryzen whatever just give your lists and reasons. cheers
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r5 1600 now fuck off
this is above the budget i listed

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>at least we're open about it
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>have to create completely new arrow syntax to overcome this
>the future of programming

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Ok I will jut bite and ask: what does this mean?
A vpn running dnscrypt inside to mitigate mitm attacks?
Why is this useful for the user? I don't get it. Why are they injecting vans into people's phones? Explain me.
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It allows you to use a public hotspot without having to worry about people there snooping or sniffing or trying to mitm you.

The price you pay is that your traffic goes through Google VPN servers, yes. However, seeing how you probably use Chrome or something already, and a bunch of other Google services that do data mining and telemetry, it's not that big of a deal.

tl;dr Google provides you with a VPN so you can use public unencrypted wifi in hotels and coffee shops and public parks or wherever

Anyone actually using one of these services?

As a normie who's aim is to defend myself from basic fraud and hdd being stolen not state level actors like NSA, I just store my private files in veracrypt disk file and upload it to yandex disk.

Is there any reason to move on to other clouds?
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just make your own email script and buy a domain. you can then encrypt it however you like

> although in theory one may own a device outright, one’s only allowed to license the software necessary to make the device work properly. The terms of that license may preclude any efforts to tinker with the device, reverse engineer it, or have a third party undertake a repair.
>the software may come with digital locks (aka Digital Rights Management [DRM] or Technical Protection Measures [TPMs]) supposedly designed to prevent unauthorized copying. And breaking those locks, even to do something simple and otherwise legal like tinkering with or fixing your own devices, means breaking the law, thanks to Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
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good luck enforcing that
call me when there's a judgment on it
you're missing the point. It's like gun laws: sure you can own a gun without the feds taking it from you, but you're better off not having a law against self-defense.

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The Guardian view on censoring the internet: necessary, but not easy
>censoring the internet

So, safe to assume the UK is a lost cause at this point?

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>The Guardian

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>new provider
>from 12 mbps to 50 mbps
> average download speed droped to 500 kbps
Does someone have same problem, /g/?
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Learn how to use FreeBSD and optimize it's kernel options and filesystem options.Also stop using shitty torrent clients and use rtorrent and a frontend in case you're retarded.Also yes I've had the same kinda situation as you before and doing all I said and using cable instead of wifi fixed it.

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I need to get data off a laptop. It won't power on, but the HDD is not damaged.

If it was a desktop I'd just pull the drive and plug it in to my desktop obviously.

I've had the laptop apart several times to rebuild and replace the fan, but it's finally beyond me.

So, what is the easiest way to connect the drive? Will a special cable be involved? Pretty sure it's an IDE or something similar not a SATA. Should I just take it to best buy? I've opened it several times and it's one screw to take out the HDD but I just can't be assed at the moment.
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>power cord loose
>batt wasn't charging
>jiggling power cord just right gets boot with no battery but only until winlogin screen

I'm going to put the batt back in and try to charge via jiggle, but if I can get it booted I can obviously just use a thumb drive.

Use one of those SATA or IDE to USB enclosure things. They cost around USD$ 40.

What do you recommend?
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any type of encrypted rat

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