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Why do people use standart distros when rolling-release distros exist? Srsly, it's so wrong when you can't install a software because some faggot doesn't compile it for a new version of a distro. This why Arch is a bless.
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yeah but then you update and your entire OS breaks and now you've got to try and fix it even though you're a user and not a programmer
1. Almost doesn't happen when *you* don't fuck up your Gentoo stable.
2. Fixes to unbreak such problems almost always require just a litlle sysadmin monkey work, no programming.
3. Many mitigation techniques exist. Rollback to last nights lvm / btrfs / vm snapshot if you need to or whatever.
4. "Users" as in the undereducated masses can only handle Android at most.
Yes, standard-release has a tendency to break after upgrades, I agree. Doesn't happen on Arch tho.

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What's the best media player /g/?
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brew cask install iina
RealPlayer 7

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This meme is over, dead.
No more threads.
memes and shitposting aside, can someone tell me what templeos really is? i understand the code was written by a crazy smart schitzo guy, and its written in machine code. but what is machine code? what is so special about templeos
Memes never die. This thread blessed be.

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What the fuck are PCIe lanes?

inb4 i tried googling and youtube but every video on youtube is a guy talking a lot of non sense bullshit for 20 minutes without going straight to the fucking point, please help it's for college!
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fuck off and do your own homework
Individual serial communication lines. They can be grouped for asynchronous use, or used one per device if that provides enough throughput.

how am i supposed to do shit if my teacher just go and tell us to do something that he didn't even told us what it is?

college was a fucking mistake, idk why i decided to get in, fuck...

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sudo vim /etc/hostname

You decide /g/
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sudo dnf install emacs

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>whew i need a laptop
>started browsing /g/
>fell for the used thinkpad meme
>well it's actually good, i should try installing linux
>arch linux+i3wm looks pretty good, it's not easy to install tho
>follow 4 different guides
>fucking wpa_supplicant
>arch installed, now let's try i3
>installed, nothing works
>well, i'll try reinstalling everything
>same result
>fuck off arch, let's try bunsenlabs
>it's pretty good actually
>let me install a couple programs
>sudo apt-get update
>removing x server package
>inb4 op youre a retard
>fucking linux i'm done
>install windows
>looks good, translucenttb makes it look even better

well /g/, am i memed enough?
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If there ever comes a day where I have to stop using Windows 7, and lets be honest that's not going to happen for a very very long time, I'm switching to OSX. I would rather use OSX than Linux any day. Linux is NOT a desktop operating system and it will NEVER be a desktop operating system. Linux is for servers exclusively.

Keep your dirty X11 and pulseaudio and systemd away from my anime machine.
You think 3 years in a "very very long time?"
You think I'm just going to stop because Microsoft isn't making spyware infested updates anymore? I haven't installed an update since SP1.

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What happens when this man dies?
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The FOSS world benefits
Apple fanboys celebrate it.
Im not glad hes dead but Im glad hes gone

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Are games better with HDR?
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HDR is more similar how your eyes perceive differences in lighting, so I'd say yes.
HDR is a blue filter?

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Taking the CCNA exam next week and I'm wondering, do they combine all of the chapter exams into a final exam or will there be unique questions?

Also, can't you google the questions if you're efficient with alt tabbing? :^)
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>he fell for the CCNA meme
the ccna is a digital exam, the questions it gives you adjust to your weak points
when you get a question wrong, it will ask further related questions to make sure you actually know the subject material

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>A furry made a browser better than mozilla
>a fucking furry and a bunch of autists are more talented than people who are supposed to make the second most downloaded browser
Let's face it people only use firefox because it was good like 6 years ago.
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what is the furry-made browser you are referring to?
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Pale Moon, duh.
Furries aren't what they used to be 6 years ago.
4chan infected the things quite badly.

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>installing application through .deb installer
>click the "see more details" button
>x crashes
>attempt - as a linux noob - to "sudo startx"
>apparently this is a big no-no
>have to run 50 obscure commands to reconfigure xorg.conf
>ultimately have to reinstall windows because the linux installation is so fucked up

>b-but linux is just as stable as window u guise
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>Want to modify Microsoft software to suit my needs
>Just open it in Resource Hacker and change it

>Want to change an icons color in VLC
>Have to install 1 gb worth of library and compile the program from scratch

This is why I stopped caring about FOSS.
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I know this is bait, but seriously, I can't take anymore of this.
>>>/v/, either actually LEARN informatics or fuck off.
I'm sick, physically and emotionally sick, of your incessant shitposting.
If you don't understand a topic, don't comment on it.
Linux is the furthest away from being obsolete compared to the proprietary and bricked shitfest that is Macintosh software and hardware, or the banal and bloated botware of Micropenis.
If you want play your shitty AAA games (in which they don't even bother anymore), rather than actually contribute to intelligent technology related discussion? That's great.
But newsflash!
We have a containment board for that rubbish:
>Go home!
>Picture very much related, it is you trying to browse and understand TRUE /g/threads.
>manage to crash x11 by installing a .deb file
>don't even reboot befor trying sudo startx
>type commands to break even more your distro
>blame linux for your shitty troubleshooting process
>windows is more stable than linux

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It has to be in color, and you have to be able to see contours.
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Compression is technology
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do I win anything?

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62356950
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Just finished my C assignment and moving onto microprocessor stuff
enjoying it a lot
whats something challenging you should be able to program before you can even think of calling yourself a programmer

>inb4 fizzbuzz
Daily reminder that D was made by a gypsy romanian, therfore it's shit by definition

Will a Threadripper x399 motherboard fit fine inside a Fractal Define R5 case or would I need a Full tower?
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The reason why I'm asking is because the z97-a motherboard I currently have in my case just fits inside the define r5 case. Threadripper motherboards has a much larger socket, 8 RAM slots many PCIE lanes, it must be bigger, if it is then it can't fit
if I'm not mistaken the only E-ATX x399 board is the anus zenith, the rest are standard ATX
X399-A Prime whatever is also E-ATX.

>AUR is god like
>1 minor bug in the last year that required 2 minutes of user interaction
>Great community

Name a better distro than Arch Linux
>inb4 timesink
Took me 10 minutes to install with arch-anywhere and just werked since then
>inb4 it doesn't matter what OS you use
True, but the AUR is god like
>inb4 install Gentoo
Gentoo is great to play with, but I don't feel like spending 50x longer installing things for day-to-day usage
>inb4 OP can't inb4
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>Name a better distro than Arch Linux
Antergos is better than Manjaro, but Arch with arch-anywhere beats all

>Looks good
>Just werkz
>Stable with bleeding edge rolling release
>Competent Dev who optimises for modern hardware

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