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One week left
Better make the last of your 14s
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Fuck you I won't do what you told me.
for what
>being this new

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How do I do this, /g/?

>using the mouse
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set the second screen to 2k
have that hdmi go through a downscaler before going to the screen

it'd probably work
you only inb4 because you know that's the obvious and easy solution. Maybe move the 1080p monitor so the tops are flush?
Damn, that sucks. Mac doesn't have this problem.

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vim or emacs?

t. clueless
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vim, or emacs with evil mode.

emacs if you want pinky cancer, or if you're willing to recast the position of your CTRL key in your keyboard.
you're comparing a text editor to a hypervisor

Enlighten me

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what's /g/ drinking?

not alcoholic. just general drinking liquids thread
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How is this thread supposed to be /g/ related?
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ha? for nougat?
false hope nigger
What is this??

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What's /g/'s opinion on Salesforce? Got offered a job at a Salesforce consulting company.
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I work with it daily. I view it just like photoshop - very versatile, but you'll spend fucking forever learning it.
>Salesforce consulting company
this is a meaningless statement

Hey guys I'm a fucking I'm a fucking notepad.exe consultant.
I'm a sf consultant. It's a hot space right now, i'd go for it

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Post your Android/iOS battery life screenshots.
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Just try to beat 23h @ 50%

WD is for cucks
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>Anything other than HGST
I wonder how much money WD puts into the anti seagate shilling on amazon customer reviews, it's the most evident case of shilling i've ever seen, it's off the charts.

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I tried, I really did but in the end this piece of shit unmantained application has to go

No other browser supported DuckDuckGo, bangs, not saving any history details and custom news but enough is enough

I've been using this app for many months and it has received ONE FUCKING UPDATE

whomever made this crap which CANNOT MANAGE MORE THAN ONE PAGE AT THE TIME just kys
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The web versio is good though.
I genuinely think that DuckDuckGo is a better search engine than google but the iOS app is embarrassing

>my sister is on her third year of Theoretical Computer Science
>writes godawful spaghetti code
>doesn't care about security, privacy or stability
>still uses Windows 7 and never updates any programs, has CodeBlocks version 12.11, VLC crashes half of the times
>just wants to make websites for living

I just don't get it. Are women simply that unambitious? I burnt an Ubuntu disk for her, she didnt even want to dual boot ffs

Never study CS, fags. There are always CS pajeets who will finish with better grades than you and work for 5$ a day
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>Theoretical Computer Science
pajeets cant code
Don't you get it? Women studying CS is great. They take up seats in limited CS classrooms while not absorbing anything, effectively dampening the real growth of the industry. It makes room for the competent programmers to really shine. If it was only guys, there'd be that much more real competition

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is jail breaking your phone worth it? what steps should i take or what stuff do i do to ensure that my iphone stays safe? have had it since 2014 and understandably it means a lot to me.
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this thread is fucking retarded, ask in the stupid questions thread
im new here
if you jailbreak the only dangerous thing is installing cracked apps, and they prob cant do more than make you restore your phone

also jailbreaking is mostly pointless

Should I get the VG248QE for gayming or is there a better alternative at that price range?
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>gaming monitor
kill yourself
>crying on the internet
the VG248QE might actually be the worst monitor you could pick in that price range, for fuck's sake it's still using pwm

way to show how little research you've done. did you just pick the first thing on logicalincrements? start over

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>mfw I just figured out 100% uncrackable cryptography for 2 parties to exchange messages indefinitely provided the initial key is exchanged in person
What should my next step be considering I don't want to be fucking disappeared by the NSA? The world must know or my work.
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>I just figured out 100% uncrackable cryptography for 2 parties to exchange messages indefinitely provided the initial key is exchanged in person
No you didn't.

>What should my next step be
Study some cryptology and information theory until you understand why your claim is bullshit.
>linking to xkcd
>knowing that particular comic off the top of your head
gas chamber

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Name the worst distrobutions.

Fuck wicked
Fuck SUSEfirewall
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>he doesn't use openPEPE
Literally ubuntu
>broken dev packages because dumb package maintainers
>spyware in the system
>retarded UI decisions made by people ignoring what people want
>CoC fuckery

Tech Gore thread, this recently happened when I was playing a game then it crashed and looked like this
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colour me surprised
Were you running some crappy old 256 color game on Windows 7? Yeah, that's gonna happen.
No funny enough I was running minecraft
>inb4 ew minecraft, I was trying to relax with a easy game

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