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/g/, can anybody who works in software tell me if Oracle certificates (Java and SQL) would make a difference during the hiring process?

I have a Chemical Engineering degree with 18hrs of Computer Science courses and I am looking into trying to get into a software development role since the Oil & Gas industry has stopped hiring.

Can having Oracle certifications get me into the industry, or will a four year undergrad degree be required?
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no bachelors no hire
no work experience no hire
welcome to the real world
That's about what I figured. Thanks
Sad but true.
Even a BS without experience is worthless it seems.

Anyone got a recommendation on how to start out? Most of my job offers revolve around building/repairing pcs, even though my BS is in IT...

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Hey /g/

I just got an ""internship"". It's 12 hrs per week, for $13/hr at a really small company.

My duties is inventory control and manufacturing, but mostly inventory control.

At the moment, the company does not have a good way to keep track of their products/manufacture. They're excepting me to start from scratch with Odoo and build a robust inventory control system.

Can I do it? Is it too much for an undergrad intern? I'm nervous and not excited at all. Do you guys have faith in me?
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No one believes in anyone who doesn't immediately step up to the plate.
You can probably do it. Working on Odoo modules was manageable even for 17 year old me.
I have a system for the inventory control in mind, but I need to work it little by little.. Trail by fire, I suppose.

Really? Was the API a breeze to work with?

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I need a new video card after selling my rx 480. Should I pick up a 7850 2gb as a place holder or get a rx 580 on back order?
>rx 580 nitro, $376 moosebucks
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>Should I pick up a 7850 2gb
It cant even 1080p
Get a 1060 on backorder or a used 980ti
>It cant even 1080p
I had a 7850 2gb until this past xmas. Played vydia in 1080p with it since launch. Med-high. Pretty underrated card desu.
>$376 moosebucks
so grossly overpriced
buy a 780ti, a 970, or anything that isn't so stupidly overpriced while being just as powerful

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So after the football match with my team I was studying science on my mac when an autistic fella from the uni came to me and said with a weird smile : "hey chad stop using your fagbook and use best laptop with best os" then he showed me a disgusting plastic piece of trash that looks like a poorly conceived toy with "thinkpad" written on it. He told me to buy one and to ask for advice on /g/ soooo here I am !
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If you think you caught autism you should go to doctor.
>it's official
>autism has been proven to be contagious
dubs says this isn't shit-tier bait

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Is this legal?
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>requires you to have bluetooth turned on and allow beacons to freely connect to your device

so basically it only works on idiots?
No, it's called marketing.

t. marketer
it only sends a pairing request which is an ad. dead project from the start.

Why don't you run your own Plex empire, /g/?
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>plex would phone home to plex servers
>implying nsa aren't browsing your tv shows

naa rather make my own.
Bro...if the NSA wants to watch, they are going to.
What shows u think they like? I want to make sure they enjoy it since they gonna be watchin anyway

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Friday July 14 2017 02:40:00 GMT in normie time.
How are you celebrating, /g/?
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I'm having a party and I'm inviting all of my (0) freinds.
>>61209722 (OP)
I'm not having a party but I am going to eat a large (USA-style) burger.
Brings back memories, I saw the clock tick to 1400000000 back just over 3 years ago. I had a party by myself with a can of beer then. I'll not be having a party this time though. I had the worst summer of my life then, and it'll just remind me of how bad things were, though they're not much better now.

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Best Buy employee here. Ask any questions
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How much do you hate your job?
What is the motivation or end goal for your entry level position?
where do you work
Honestly it's not that bad. $15 an hour for essentially fucking around on my phone isn't bad, especially when the cost of living where I am is pretty low

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I just accedentally the whole thing.

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literally impossible.
Just a glitch.


Sure it made more than a few people shit their pants though.
amazon BTFO

I've got a whole system running Win7 32bit and need to preserve it for old work programs. Is starting to slow down so I figure just replace Mobo, CPU, ram and PSU. Go to Computer shop.
>Sorry oldfag but you can't buy new parts that will run Win7. Anything you buy new will have to run Win10.
Current system circa 2009
>i7 920
>Giga UD3R
>Triple Channel DDR3 1600
Am I an idiot?
t. idiot.
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Just go buy a skylake cpu.

Microsoft is basically doing their damnest to kill off windows 7.
>Am I an idiot?
yes, those components wont bottleneck any proffesional application.
every cpu intel has released afterwards has given 0 increase in performance
that's interesting cos some of the office PC's are 2016 off the shelf jobs with new $$$ i5 chips etc and my old 2009 build i7 920 is just as fast.
What I'm really wanting to know is what can I buy to replace the mobo, ram and CPU that I can just plug my existing drives into?

Thanks I will google skylake

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Is this garbage still the best thing to throw on a family PC?
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what would a fidget spinner do on a PC exactly?
It just werks
>using malware to protect yourself from malware

Would you rather still use gnu/linux if it was the normie OS or would you change it to keep your austistic reputation intact?
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I will go to a darker Gnu/Linux os
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I've been using Debian since the late 90s and I will continue to use it for the foreseeable future.
I hate to admit it, but I would probably use something else. Unless that something else wasn't able to be riced; all I really care about is ricing, I guess.

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Just got my first SSD (crucial mx300)

Is there anything I should know before installing my OS onto it?
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nice thread anon
How to use google.
Make sure you pre-warm the drive. SDDs run alot better if you heat them up a bit before the initial break in period. A few seconds on the microwave is usually enough to reflow the solder on them.

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all the purported advantages of systemd are things that make linux behave more like windows. why can't systemd supporters just stay on windows where they belong?
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Wrong. They make Linux more similar to OSX, not Windows. The design is copied from OSX. OSX is also certified UNIX
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Is that one of those pucks from a public urinal?

what addresss to send gtk3 hate mail to?
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macOS doesn't have that problem
[email protected]

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