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my very old (approx 6 years old) screen is apparently dying /g/
after turning it on it works just
fine until the os gets loaded (does not matter which though because ive been experiencing exactly the same issue on both gnu/linux & windows)
what can it be and more importantly how can i repair it relatively cheap (poor fuck living off mum here)

pic rel unrelated
model: benq e2220hdp
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>after turning it on it works

guess it's fixed then
Kill yourself, retard.
you cant read? it works fine until the os gets booted, sometimes it turns itself iff even quicker than that
might do soon thank you kindly for your advice

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is there a modern, practical use for plan 9 from bell labs?
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>HTML 4.1

Also, what the fuck is snarf?
It makes the Pi slightly less totally useless.
No but other systems should take some notes from its' UI

>firecucks on suicide watch
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Safe to say switzerland is now /ourcountry/
Why do niggers use opera?
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The word you are clumsily looking for is "tea."
Unless you are playing golf, and one does not sip a tee.

Is there a way to compile single lines of c in terminal?
I know TempleOS (lol) has this ability.
Like python or scala, but for C
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gdb can be REPL for C

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Why does nobody talk about Maxthon any more? It's still getting updated to this day, I think the only other still living browser which is as old as it is fucking Firefox.
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I used it a while ago, but it seemed to be part of chinese corps and tracking your data. Also it doesn't really supports much needed 2FA with for example a yubiKey.

As for now,Opera is my way to go
>complains about chinese corps
>goes to opera

Do these actually work?
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Yes. If you need to buy one you should be purchasing better laptops though.
I got myself these a while ago since my 5 year old laptop has been building up quite a bit of heat over the years, I clean and replace the thermal paste every few months but I guess it's a hardware aging process.

They're loud but seem to drop the temps by a few degrees under load which is good for preventing shutdowns which I had once or twice running 3D renders and current gen games

Anyone have experience with these?

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What does /g/ do for privacy?

I'm thinking about taking over development of Random Agent Spoofer on SJWfox, since it's stagnated to the point where it would be self-defeating to use.
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It would be really awesome if you did that. I posted about this similar extension that could help in creating a webextension version of RAS.
Canvas based fingerprinting can be defeated in Firefox with CanvasBlocker:
Don't think this one has webextension yet though. Still months until version 57 but a lot of people insist on using nightly...

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>bought a 2017 surface pro yesterday
>drop it while trying to hold it while writing with the pen
>screen is completely shattered
>cant even return it

I'm just about ready to kill myself
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>bought a surface pro
here's where you first fucked up
why are asians so asian looking?
because they are asian?

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Dire situation I find myself in. I used to have a collection of facebook/instagram pics and deleted it after I got out of 3DPD. Well, I've been wanting to get those back. Ran Minitool Power Data Recovery and at least getting some thumbnails randomly here and there, but nothing bigger.

Am I fucked? Is the only thing kept for such a long time just the thumbnail? I can't fap to those...
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>downgrading to 3dpd
let me guess you also downgraded to windows 10
i-it's just a relapse. just need a quick fix
are you using the device you deleted them on?

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Why do people like to waste their time learning an inferior piece of software when they can use Avid?

Avid Media Composer and Avid Pro Tools are the industry standard for video and audio editing.

> No. 1 in Hollywood

Also, where can I pirate this shit?
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Why would you use Protools when you could use literally any other DAW that isn't a giant piece of shit?
real men use ardour
who /bitwig/ here?

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I ordered a laptop from eBay two weeks ago and still haven't received it. Normally I'd be worried but the seller has really good feedback of 100% but he's not even replying to any of my messages. What can I do?
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Just send a nice message, ask for tracking number
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I paid for it on August 18 and have already sent him 5 messages since then with no replies. Ebay won't let me file a dispute either because they say it won't be here until October!
Looks like the guy set a huge shipping time and you didn't catch it when you bid. It's either crossing an ocean to get to you or the guy is scamming. Your hands are tied until the 4th. Have fun waiting.

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why would they make them so fucking ugly?

also, Oreos suck ass and are r*ddit-meme tier
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>using emojis at all
You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.
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Just change font for emojis if it bothers you that fucking much

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>your processor
>your tripcode mining software
>your trips per second

extra points for
>your tripcode mining recomenndations

AMD FX-6300 Six Core 3.5GHz
Tripcode Explorer
8M trips per second
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are tripfags getting paid now to use trips?
>cracking tripcodes with CPU
>een struikel gebruiken

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What do you think about AdNauseam?
Do you believe it has a real utility? Do you trust the team behind it?
Do you believe it is in our best interest do install it?

Also, do you see performance issue or something with it installed?
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See >>62116737
If AdNauseam really screws goolag ads, is there anyway to automate this. I mean like when your PC is idle or say overnight, visit random sites and let AdNauseam do it's work?
>If AdNauseam really screws goolag ads, is there anyway to automate this. I mean like when your PC is idle or say overnight, visit random sites and let AdNauseam do it's work?
Of course.

Or go to your favorite hated website like CNN.com and have an auto-refresh every minute.

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How long before Goolag start scanning user content on gdrive and android phones etc, then start banning users if they find objectional material?
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Already doing that. Have you never read their TOS or PP?
Go degoogle yourself
Do people read TOS?

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