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Post shit.
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Anybody else think that if we ever created the tech to grow or shrink something that it would quickly just become a tool of jealous women?
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First for another shitposting thread
I can think of plenty of applications of shrinking technology that don't involve women's breasts.
You just had a thread about this. Let it rest. It's not getting any bigger, OP.

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Surely you fuckers will be able to enlighten me.
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Compiling programs and the kernel for your specific machine, use flags for wanting/not wanting certain software installed eg: wanting gnome without, uh, some libraries to help it be compatible with kde as an example. (Note: I don't use Gentoo so while I'm sure I'm going to get shit for that example, the idea still applies.)This reduces space taken up on your computer.
Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and the Anti-Defamation League all run their vast infrastructures entirely on gentoo.

If you want to swim with the big boys, install gentoo
there is no point to using gentoo at all

hacker news vs slashdot.

which is better and why
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Your mom
Which one do you like to read?

Use that one.
Neither. Most of the stuff on both is temporal short-term interesting gratification. I've curated my own RSS feed to filter important news like 0-days and passed laws.

>New T-Shirt Sewing Robot Can Make As Many Shirts Per Hour As 17 Factory Workers
>China Plans 600 MPH Train To Rival Elon Musk's Hyperloop
>A camera that snaps a GIF and ejects a cartridge that displays it
>Candy Japan total sales cross $1M

A lot of it is just advertising.

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Alguien podria aiudarme ? no se que pasa o hacer
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la mayoría de la gente en esta página no hablan español.

no se mucho de las monedas digitales peronistas que tienes unos errores.

el primer error tiene que ver con tu memoria. Dice que no puede repartir la memoria.

la segunda dice que no puede escribir al "buffer" que es una manera programática de guardar información. no te preocupes de eso sí no eres programador.

lo mejor que puedes hacer es ir a reddit porque no hay muchos hispanohablantes aquí en 4chan.

también dice que debes de chequear el archivo "readme.txt". averigua si ese error está documentado.

buena suerte.
>la mineria
todos nosotros estamos riendo a tu
instala gentoo

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Fuck off manchild, they're busy making money with off the shelf manchild graphics cards and you're kicking and screaming because you can't gain 10FPS in some shitty ass MOBA game.
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Does mastodon have a chance of sticking around?
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Cartoon pedos, have swarmed it, so yes.
Sure. Both furries and Japan have adopted it, and both of those demographics have enormous staying power.
No, too many SJWs. They are circulating blacklists.

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Can anyone identify what he is holding?

Is it capable of storing 33,000 emails?
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it's just some random board he took out of his gameboy. nothing to see here.
/g/ wishes they could troll like this guy can.
>/pol/ is so fucking retarded they can't identify a USB drive without its casing

Post any dumb tech related questions you have here. I'll start.
Recently I got a new modem but anytime I download something that's 1GB or more, the download takes forever. I can browse the internet fine with no issues, the only thing that takes forever is downloads.
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What's a cheap web hosting service that allows loli/shota?
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How do I fix this error every time I'm prompted to install a new version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable?

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I want to build a minimal portfolio/blog website that is still aesthetic but not a bloated mess of js frameworks
What are the best tools to use?
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vim, html, css

TVs are technology.

Show us your TV(s).
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post feet
>having a tv
>watching television
>having cable
>showing a TV that isn't a CRT

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What will be the effects of increasing automation in the low skill assembly work required for manufacturing tech? Will be see more and more of this manufacturing move out of China and Asia back into the west or other countries?

What's going to happen to these counties when they no longer enjoy the manufacturing advantages gained from extremely cheap labor as it's replaced by automation?
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>Will be see more and more of this manufacturing move out of China and Asia back into the west or other countries?
Some but not all. There's an advantage to manufacturing near where all your suppliers are, there's an advantage to manufacturing near where your customers are. Where the manufacturing happens depends on which of those wins out, modified by other concerns like which country has the more favorable tax regime.

Manufacturing that does move back to first-world countries will definitely not create high-paying-but-low-skilled factory jobs like it did in the 60s though.
First world countries don't want pollution in their lands unless some populist ape gets elected.
True, but how much of the reason for manufacturing iPhones in China is due to environmental costs vs labor costs. First world countries still have semiconductor fabs, and those all use nasty ass chemicals.

Gameover linux. What do now? switch to BSD?
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>Implying the Red Hat controls all of loonix
I think this is just more proof that we need to make them have less influence in the Linux community
It's just bullshit marketing from Microsoft so when your company wants to go Azure the Linux bros can't say but muh Linux.
Ever heard of systemD?

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What's his endgame?
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Stay in business and relevant, continue profiting as long as possible? Pretty much the same for every business ever.
Complete enslavement of the human race.

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>no one's got a thread about Terry A. Davis

I got curious about what Terry was doing because I remembered he had a newer YouTube channel for archives, and it hasn't had an upload for two months. The vids on there show him drunk in public, among other ridiculous and dangerous situations, so I figured something happened to him. Anyone else heard something?
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He got a new drum set from his fans
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>want to catch up on terry
>newest video is him dancing in his room
literally nothing has changed. is he just going to dance and jack off until his parents die?
Too high for the thrift store

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