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how do I escape pic related?
any alternatives that aren't shit?
any proxy sites that mirror its functionality?
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You can't escape the botnet.
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Not with that attitude you can't.



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>10c/40t from IBM

So... all the most useful addons are already ported and webextension-ready.

Why the fuck did you autistic knit-pickers jump ship before even giving it a chance? Firefox (Nightly) is now faster and more secure than ever before.

The lack of obscure, shitty XUL add-ons shouldn't deter you from using FF57, the best web browser of 2017.
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Nice, another question, how is the Google Analytics going, can I block it?
>no rikaisama
That's already a turn off for me.

Why haven't you fallen for the t470 meme /g/?
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Fell for the x230 one, fuck off.
This nigger actually fell for a ThinkPad!
>windows on a thinkpad

What's your honest opinion on this shit? Why the fuck is album artwork 100x100 resolution?
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kys urself
They're all saved in 512x512. Not exactly HD, but far from what you said.
Sadly there aren't many other services that do the same thing but do it well

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is this the holy trinity of GNU+Linux distributions?
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The holy trinity is actually Gentoo, Gentoo and Gentoo
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>not arch
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>not wanting GNU/Linux-libre
if anything stallman would prefer Parabola over the other two because it has GNU in the name and is libre

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Moto /g/4, a few keys, card wallet.
Imagine walking around carrying that.
>Sir, drop the object and move very slowly away from it or we will shoot
-bulkier than a laptop
-smaller clearly painful keyboard
-literally as powerful as a mobile phone

+lighter weight probably
why is this a thing

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Newbie here,
I want to get a linux distro for daily use
I have some experience with debian for a sever

should I use Arch or Kali?
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install gentoo
I would use it for penetration testing and programming, are you sure that gentoo is good for that?
Do you want to be a screenfetch autist? Get Arch.
Do you want to be a /cyb/e/sec/ larper? Get Kali.

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>tfw fell for mechanical keyboard meme

I can't fucking time as fast as I used to be when I had a regular keyboard because I am always pressing wrong keys even after a month of using it

Fuck you, /g/, you cucksuckers. I will never ever listen to you again.
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He, he, stupid goyim!
>he was actually retarded enough to waste $100 on a fucking keyboard
What on earth does you pressing wrong keys have to do with keyboard being mechanical?

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I've got an old acer netbook with win xp and it runs like shit. Is there any linux distro I can just slap on it and it just werks?
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https://www.bunsenlabs.org/ maybe?
Install debian.
>latest release 4 years ago


The fuck, why are they even allowed to do this?
And how do I stop my browser from letting javascript snoop critical information from my computer. It's creepy how much it knows. It's fucking personal stuff, browsers shouldn't givee them away by default. It can be used for fingerprinting and identifying the same user across different sites.

Is there an addon or script to prevent this? I tried with private browsing and all privacy settings set to max and it changed nothing, why does it stil allow websites spying on my?
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Yes it's called noscript. Javascript is code that the server sends your browser, and your browser just runs it like a fucking moron.

Warning; noscript breaks 100% of sites.
you can't

canvas fingerbang is inevitable

There's 25 Reasons why we all should use Linux.
Tell me yours, why are you using it or why not?
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if linux is so good, why can't it run the most popular professional and recreational software
But it does run the internet.
Because proprietary software developers refuse to make their programs compatible with any non-proprietary service that they have no financial /legal incentive to support.

It's the fault of software developers like Microsoft and Adobe. You don't blame the developers of the fucking operating system for not "including" programs on it. You blame the program's developers for not creating Linux-compatible software.

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im not an american so its not common here to own one.
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not worth, got one since im little. never used it other than hot Chocolate
It's worth, I'm not American.
No, it takes all the taste out of the food

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Rpi 3B.png
2MB, 1500x965px
I just impulse bought this. Will I be able to watch my anime easily with this?
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No because a lot of anime is 10bit h264.
I think it's powerful enough yep. Install minimal debian + X11 + mwm for maximum performances

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What's the 'best' Android Browser?
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Root Browser
Outdated, but somewhat accurate.
Baidu browser

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