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>Intel is allegedly limiting the production of the Pentium G4560 to boost i3 sales. A report from Digiworthy has claimed that Intel is limiting the production of their Pentium G4560 in order to increase retail pricing and boost the sales of their more expensive i3 CPU models.


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>intel are limiting the production of i3 dies with fused off features

Granted a i3 is cheaper than a Pentium to produce for Intel
Entirely predictable. The G4560 essentially killed i3s. Intel fucked up by offering that kind of performance so cheap and are now correcting it. No problem with that, personally.
>two core shit in 2017
Its both laughable and sad at the same time.

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imagine if the internet was like this
v spooky
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Fuck you, Pajeet Pai.

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Hello /g/,
I am depressed as fuck right now and got the feel like I gotta get rid of all bloat in my fuckin life.
Right now thinking about formating all harddrives I have (except of this x220 here which has basically """no""" data on it). Should I do eet?
Just unplugged my desktop with 3 monitors a few minutes ago and put it into the shed. I feel kinda relieved now, but gotta get rid of more bloat. Maybe even deleting my meme folder
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install gentoo
root of the problem might not be all that bloat, you might just start this shit all over again
>root of the problem might not be all that bloat, you might just start this shit all over again
Well, but right now I think this might be a good idea to see what I really need. Try to get my focus on important things

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>/g/ hates Powershell

What happened? Did you forget it can be run on Linux?
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t. ranjeet
But pajeets use javascript and python for scripting. WhitePowershell is exclusive to white nationals.
I've never seen powershell hate on g.
Personally like it a lot.

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fucking hell I just spent 3 fucking hours remote fixing a fucking computer running debian and it's fucking worse than hell
>need to do fsck manually. Dunno why but fuck it it's easy. DO it, it boots. Fine
>try to ssh into the computer so I can fix it myself
>sshd not installed
>fine I explain 10 times the command to type, finally get it right
>fucking error on the install
>muh debconf shitted itself
>fuck this shit, need to download the .deb, install it manually
>install debconf with dpkg
(keep in mind all this was done on the fucking phone with someone who doesn't know shit about linux)
>deb conf is fucking fixed.
>install fucking openssh-server
>try to ssh, the router is not configured to forward the port of course
>explain 1000 times how to forward the fucking port
>1 hour later it's done
>ssh into computer, fucking finally
>sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
>wew it want better than expected
>notice the kernel and xorg were updated
>oh boy
>reboot anyway
>fucking stuck on boot
>/bin/sh : can't access tty ; job control turned off (initramfs)
>nigga what
>fine just try to do it manually
>keyboard doesn't work anymore
>u wot?
>reboot 100 times, unplug the fucking keyboard
>still doesn't work

FUCK DEBIAN fucking piece of trash supposed to be """stable""" can suck y dick
never touching a computer with debian again
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Welcome to plebian.
Install CentOS.
It debian but slightly older and gudder.
this is why I only use gentoo on boxes that will only have remote access.

Should I ditch Debian for openSUSE?
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Yes. SUSE is awesome
Debby Anne for Suzi. :^)
but why would you want to do that?
Is .deb too mainstream?

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I'm moving across country in a couple of months. I need to move my hdds. If I take them on the plane how much harrassement will the tsa give me? Last time I was nearly late for my plane because the tsa questioned me for 40 minutes about a c++ book in my bag. I dont need the hassle but dont want usps to break or lose my shit.

What do?
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They probably thought you would do a murder-suicide.
UPS or FedEx in a priority box. Then bubble wrap them individually. I wouldn't let the tards at USPS ship a rock.
Save the money shipping and just take a train.

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So now that the internet is well on it's way to being completely politically partitioned, what's next?

Comment sections are actually more automated postings than they are actual content. There's more astroturf than foliage. This goes both ways, I'm not singling out either "side" (whatever they're even called anymore, "left" and "right" are also basically dead terms now). Social media has become a game of who can upvote or like or heart or whatever their fake profile networks to the top of the comment section. Boomers are too naive to even understand it.

The "meme wars" is just a cute rebranding of the info wars, which are at their highest point and more technologically advanced and engaged than ever before. Rich people with big assets are engaging entire server farms to push their narrative with unprecedented demographic precision.

Now ISPs are getting closer and closer to being able to draw the lines of online communities themselves via the abolition of net neutrality. I cannot see this doing anything but exacerbating the current situation.

We are already communicating at the speed of light, anywhere, anytime. I remember growing up being told that this would make us learn more about each other and make everyone more accepted but it seems to only be entrenching the boundaries further. Are we going to see actual digital borders? Are they going to be more relevant than physical ones?
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Let the normies bathe in their filth

im legitimately scared that the manufactured tensions between the normies will ultimately lead us to our own annihilation, and no amount of onion layers will protect you from that
Your mistake is believing that any borders exist at all, entrenchment of boundries is always a good thing, without boundries there is nothing but chaos and anarchy, caused largely by the socialists with there ideals of capitalism.

"We are already communicating at the speed of light, anywhere, anytime."

Yes, Rich people with big assets are engaging entire server farms to push their narrative with unprecedented demographic precision, because Rich people are dumb.

How hard would it be to build an email host from the ground up?
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Not at all.
Not hard at all when there are tutorials, even a retard with no prior experience with mail servers other than knowing the basics how they work etc. but never set up one could make one (me)

This guy is based as fuck for making these tutorials, would donate if I wouldn't be a poorfag, really detailed and well explained. Get yourself a VPS or something and try it out
Vince is a fucking faggot

Why didn't they just put a USB c port on both the top and bottom?
And why aren't there USB c earbuds?
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why don't you shut the fuck up?
go away fag.
Multiple USB ports is a good idea but
>USB C earbuds
Fucking no.

Is the 7970 the 2500k of gpus?
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No. The 290x is.

7970/280x was never that good.
>tfw I run 2500k / 290x

Still going stronk.
I have a 7850 and it still holds up surprisingly well, but the 2GB VRAM is starting to show its limit. I don't know if I should upgrade to something like a 570 and upgrade more often or get something like a 1070 and not have to upgrade for a while, it feels like GPU technology is progressing fast now.

The 7850 gets outperformed by something as cheap as the 560 now so I might as well start upgrading more often instead of upgrading once every 4 years.

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What do u think of this bad boi?
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old as my grandpa and only grandpas use it
i remember using this, it sucked. Napster and Limewire were way better
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>wasting time and energy on private music trackers

I still use soulseek regularly.

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>Download foobar2000 v1.3.16
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I don't understand the love for this shit.
What so special about this release? Why do you need a thread for it?
Music Player thread?
Music Player thread.

Ooo reporting in.

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post em'
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Update your OS anon.
>killing your battery by keeping the machine plugged in and turned on all the fucking time
Just get a fucking desktop, uptime is nothing to be proud of on a laptop, but maximum uptime before battery death is.
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I installed a botnet reduced enterprise copy so I don't have to.

I have a desktop. 95% of that uptime is sleep.

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How much faster is ddr4 ram than ssd? For example if I had 512gb ram and decided to turn 256gb into storage
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you can leleliteraly google this

It wouldn't be any faster
also enjoy corrupted data after your pc is off for more than 2 weeks

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