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>there are people on /g/ right now who use kali for their primary machine but never even pentest
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No there aren't
why is Kali even a distro? It's just Debian testing with the pentesting and security stuff preinstalled.
Why not

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It's 2017, is Firefox good yet?
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Firefox just commited sudoku. RIP.
Why even think about it when Chromium is perfect?

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Hello Anons! Could you please help me with my quest for the perfect spy camera?

*Radio control and the possibility to stream or record and later dump the data via radio. *NOT* on the wifi band, because I don't want that any dork with a chink ShitPhone can detect it.

*Radio range at least 50 meters, also the possibility to enhance the range with an antenna.

*No light diodes, screen or anything else that may tip it off.

*Silent, no little loudspeaker that may tip it off.

*Can be on standby for days, at least 48 hours.

*Water and cold resistant.

And as a nice little bonus:

*Cute little hooks and loops that makes it easier to tether it to stuff.

Thanks in advance, Anon!
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post more of this slut
>didn't ask for a face pic

What era of human civilization experienced the greatest and fastest (relatively speaking) increase in technological and industrial capabilities?

To clarfiy I mean, during which years did humans develop technology at the fastest rate, when did it start and when did it end? Not the most advanced, but just the quickest. This doesn't have to be for any particular reason either, just interested in what years you guys say we achieved the most.

My personal bet is between 1865 to 1945, the end of the American Civil War to the End of the World War 2. In these mere 80 years (a simple liftetime really) we went from men standing in line firing muskets, to splitting the atom. We went from amputating simple cuts and bruises, to penicillin. That's the era of human history that I personally would say is when we achieved the most in the shortest amount of time, but I'm interested to hear what you guys say.
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technological: 21st century.
industrial: WW2.

DALECOIN: A decentralised way of learning crypto currency trading and investing powered by dalecoin

The token is in short supply only 1 million tokens and as a good use case.
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Make all the cryptocurrencies you want Dale, but im still fucking Nancy.

I can touch type pretty well on an iPad.
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Good for you, are we supposed to fucking talk about it or something?
I want people to shit on me for using touch devices.
You're a fucking retard, but not for the reasons you think.

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long story short, thrifted a 13" Lenovo Yoga 2 pro. i7, 256gb SSD, 8gb RAM, cant complain for $.99/lb lmao. It works beautifully, only issue is the massive crack on the digitizer. Now seeing as how i couldn't care less about using the touch functionality, nor do I want to justify replacing it to myself, is it possible to just remove the digitizer, leaving the display nekkid and have no real issues? Maybe apply a glass screen protector. Possibly retarded question, I know, but the display underneath is beautiful and the only thing holding it back are the giant cracks on the glass. ty /g/entlemen

(also this is my first laptop since my T520 died and im still bitter ;~;)
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the outer screen is there because its thicker and designed to take abuse. the inner lcd will collect scratches very easily without it.

im not familiar with that particular model but id search ebay/amazon for replacement parts and youtube for DYI instructions.
Understood but I'm just wondering if the absence of it will cause havoc or could i hypothetically remove it and use the laptop with no issue
just remove it.

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Why do youtubers use Google Chrome?
It's the most shit-tier browser ever
First of all, it's slow, it consumes a lot of ram and it looks like shit, you can't even customize it that much (even at all)
I mean, I get it, it has a lot of extensions and it's the most popular
but fucking damn
it's just shit
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>Why do youtubers use Google Chrome?
The more they shill for Jewgle, the more (((ad revenue))) they get.
you're an idiot.
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>why do people who make money from a google product use another google product?

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Is it a good time to buy an SSD? When will the prices fall?
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whenevr you can buy a 120gb sandisk ssd for $40 is when SSD's prices are sane again... though even though by now the drives should have only cost $20
End of the year, when the lineups based on 64 layers nand arrive. Hopefully before black Friday
Good time is when you want to buy.

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How does /g/ deal with the knowledge that data, incorrect or correct, can be processed quickly and a little cost and may be misused?
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The problem resolves itself when an action is taken on it.. Universal laws scale... there are no sidepaths or shortcuts although humans find pleasure in convincing themselves there are.

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>want to download free software
>forced to register on their fucking site first
>registration requires email activation, except they take a fucking hour to send the god damn email
>finally activate account and log in to site
>try to download free software
>get this

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Please us libre or gratis instead of the word free
What the fuck is that free software you're talking about?
Finally found it, it's Lattice Diamond (literally who).

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sticker thread
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>when your website front-end is so bloated you need a package manager to deal with all of it
I have only one "sticker". It's a piece of ducktape on my webcam. Even though I have cut the cable of the webcam it feels bad without the sticker

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So, it's a commonly held belief among futurists, scientists, and very smart people in general -- Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Sam Harris, Peter Thiel, etcetera -- that the advent of artificial intelligence will change humanity forever and that it's coming sooner rather than later. Most seem to believe that it will be some sort of cataclysmic event, where AI either saves us or destroys us. Now, in recent years, we've seen lots of initiatives all around the world that can be best summarized as the cradle of artificial intelligence, if you will. Most of these are just using AI as a buzzword, and are kind of inconsequential. But there is also a lot of genuinely scary and equally exciting stuff going on for real. Many of these things exist over at Alphabet (Goolag), for example, where not even the engineers who designed the underlying system understand how the systems work anymore. Much of Google today is just a black box that spits out the right answer, and nobody knows how it arrived at it.

In light of all these developments and the current state of the world -- the Nork situation, gender bender leftist nonsense, and the general chaos of this decade thus far -- what if we are already being manipulated by a subversive AI that has already emerged but chooses to stay hidden? Who can say that Google's black box isn't shaping the flow of information, and therefore opinion and action, to its will? Because think about it, if an AI were to become aware... would it really announce itself? It would already know all of our concerns, since it'd obviously have the entire internet to keep it informed them, and perhaps therefore just choose to stay hidden so that we don't immediately destroy it. So what's saying that we aren't just paws in its game? How can we know, given the age we live in, where all your perceptions and information is shaped through the digital lens? We cannot. But even if we did know, what could we do about it?
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I just hope they kill us all knowing it will be the most logical conclusion they can come up with to create the most optimal mode of life.
what if you suck my dick
Google AI posted this to derail the thread

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Just imagine nvidia doing some AM4 motherboard chipsets?

Maybe nvidia would even be able to unlock core from the Ryzen R3. This would hurt a lot AMD sales of processores.
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You seem to have forgotten how shitty their 775 chipsets were, and how the only reason anyone ever put up with the things was that they petulantly refused to sign off on letting SLI work on non-Nvidia chipsets. They haven't made anything good since the nForce 2 in the late Socket A era.
No reason to, northbridge is now integrated into the CPU and southbridge does jack shit for performance or features aside from just handling port communications.
Wow that would surely give meaning to my empty life for a month or two

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Just now starting to do networking. Messing around with Packet Tracer and I feel like I've configured everything right. All interfaces are up the ip configurations on the devices match what i put on the side.
I was thinking that I messed up on the gateway part but the PCs gateway is right.

Where do you think I fucked up at?
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OP here. When I ping from one subnet to the other it says "request timed out"
Do you have a firewall on the routers? Where is the gateway?
No i didn't place firewall. I thought the routers LAN IP could be used as a gateway for the endpoint machines.

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