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why the FUCK is this browser so underrated?
its on all major OS' and distros AND android

>its a russian botnet
its not go look how much its pinging anywhere in russia, even if it was unless you are making krokodile in russia why do you care if putin knows your trap fetish ?
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Chrome reskin
I fucking love this browser, it's basically chromium but prettier. I wish it didn't came with all those shit extensions though. but you can disable it
Maxthon is a better mobile browser.

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what video player do movie theaters use to play back digital movies? Is it mpv + archlinux?
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They use proprietary projectors that have a lot of security features so they know exactly who leaks a movie.
>Anti-tamper System
>The SRX-R320 is designed to be highly secure. It does not have screw holes, and requires physical keys to open the enclosure. This body structure meets the anti-tamper requirement of the DCI. Even if the enclosure is opened with the physical keys, anti-tamper sensors will trigger the LMT-300 Media Block to immediately start recording logs for further safety. In this case, the projector also deletes Key Delivery Messages (KDM) automatically, so that DCP files cannot be played back.
wow lame

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How to <Speedtest> properly? How do I max out the network? Tried 30+ servers and best I can do is this. The line is well above 250 do. Can get that anywhere but on <ST>
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Does Ookla it still use Flash?
I use testmy.net
Looks like your megabit router or nic adapter is limiting you.
Get gigabit router/adapters
They have an HTML5 version at beta.speedtest.net

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Am I in trouble?
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Yes. RUN.
You were already in trouble, friendo
If its not broken dont fix it

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Anons employed in the tech field, post your job and how you got it (Also post certs, degrees, experience, etc)
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Senior systems engineer at large saas company, $145k in Midwest burger bucks. They recruited me, 10 years experience in relevant roles. 16 years in IT.
What software and systems do you use?

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I'm curious about this guy, how does he make money to live? From reading his site and articles about him it seems like he hasn't had a proper job since the 1970s and just travels the world doing whatever he wants supported by "helpers" who interact with non-free technology on his behalf. Who pays for it all?
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He begs for money on several websites and charges for his meme speeches

This is why I hate that smug bastard. He hasn't done anything of value for a long time.
Hes a Jew. He doesnt need to worry about money.
I love the man but no ones going to pay for you to come and give an autistic rant
He really needs to actually start having a real income so he can give speeches for free

Xfce or MATE?
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Xfce, mate

Arch Forum.. pic related
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What did you expect from the Arch community? It's toxic.
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This is par for the course for UBB boards.

Most have this rule.
Necroposting was always a dumb rule

Why not continue an old discussion if it was relevant?

source: https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2017#salary
I hope none of you had any dreams of becoming middle-class and not just a NEET forever simply because you can code.
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if you knew how to save money 33k is more than enough for you to save 200k in 10 years.
>American salaries are 2x the closest countries
Those fucking eurocucks pay like 80% income tax, how can they afford to even live off 50k a year?
Okay kiddo.

Which flavor should I download? GTK, SDL, or wx?

I'm using Manjaro, if it matters.

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i actually just namefagged instead of having a title

visualboy sucks
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what makes it suck? seems fine to me.

what would a better alternative be?

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What's the oldest working piece of technology you have in your possession /g/?
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My dick
A Bad Dragon dildo.
probably a typewriter that's sitting in my garage

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what went right?
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Everything except RPM. Should've gone with .deb instead
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The AUR pales in comparison to the openSUSE Open Build Service.
OpenSUSE sucks, especially tumbleweed which constantly breaks during upgrades leaving me unable to boot.

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Why do all these multibillion dollar corporations keep making super complex and intrusive shit nobody wants
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You mean spying capabilities? Like a location option?
Because nobody cares and it is so convenient
You just don't know you want it.
They know you better than you and they don't do mistakes.

Linux poorfags everyone
Not surprised /g/ has no gf

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Please lurk another 4 years before making your first post on this website.
No one wants Linux on a desktop. In other news water is wet.

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Why haven't you joined Linux Foundation training yet, anon?
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You must be 18 or older to post here, kiddo.
What you dont want to follow EFGs example and become a certified engineer?
Joining the Linux Foundation is his biggest fail.

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