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sd card android.jpg
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...So is there such thing?
The extensive Googling I've done would suggest that both CM and LineageOS still have fucked up SD Card rights.
I just upgraded from old Android 4 phone to new Android 7 model, and now my SD card, the main storage and soul of my mobile devices, is practically useless.

In case people have been living under a rock:
Google went and removed the chance of using SD cards in traditional way on Android phones after 4.4 update. This means that unless the Apps are given individual special permissions, they CANNOT store, or even necessarily access any kind of data on SD Cards.

Why's this a problem? Couple personal cases:
>Browse a lot of 4chan on the go, saving and sending pics and shit
>Don't want to bloat my phone's tiny memory, so always saved it all to SD card's folders
>Now literally cannot access said folders with web browsers

>Traveling in another country, taking tons of photos and videos
>Stock camera app has no real quality settings, meaning even 2 seconds of video takes dozens of megs now for no reason
>3rd party camera app does everything better and faster, but cannot save pics to SD card
>end up having to either manually, slooowly move 3rd party camera's files to SD card with File Manager app, or use the stock, bloaty camera application when the memory runs out.

The ONLY official options given for this shit are:
1) "Adapt" the SD card as part of internal memory, which encrypts the card and makes it useless on any other device for all eternity (not good)
2) Keep it as "mounted" external, but the above issues keep happening, and the few exceptional apps with limited rights to SD cards can ONLY save to unique folders created just for them. Which are also REMOVED if the App itself is uninstalled.

Besides all that, I've tried tons of unofficial tricks, such as:
>rooted and used number of "SD Fixer" app solutions
>edited platform.xml to have ACCESS_ALL_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions

Nothing has worked.
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>Browse a lot of 4chan on the go, saving and sending pics and shit
Dashchan writes shit to SD just fine, it's just Floens being retarded.
Pic related, I'm on 6.0 but I don't think they messed with the SD permissions on 7.0
Guess I gotta try that.
Been on UC Browser and Dolphin Browser so far, as they're the two Android net browsers I know that let you CHOOSE where to save your files when downloading stuff.

However, both now notify me that "selected folder cannot be chosen because of Android policies" when trying to choose my old Downloads folders, resulting the default remaining in the Internal storage OR the tiny folder of the app itself.

>be on the move all the time, photographer for real estate developer
>wanna play games on the go
>every gaymen laptop has retarded UFO color schemes and lights and ultrashitty screens that I can't use for work

Do I really have to carry around two laptops?
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>wanna play games
grow up.
This reminds me how sad I am because I can't find a fucking good compromise for my next laptop :'(
>>wanna play games on the go
WTF why

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*segment faults*
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WinRAR 5.50 released

RAR5 is superior to 7shit. It's faster, compresses better and above all, it gives you the option to add recovery data.
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>WinRAR performs better in every way
enjoy waiting 10 years to extract 7shit archives
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1GB of compressed data in one image

So how does /g/ recommend activating Windows 10? I used to use KMSauto but that program is full of malware by now. Any other sufficient methods of getting rid of the watermark and stopping candy crush soda saga auto installation?
>buy a key
>install gentoo (I am already doing that)
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kill yourself
buy a key
install gentoo
>kill yourself
nice try CIA
>buy a key
I own 2 windows 98SE keys and one XP key already, does that count?
>install gentoo
literally illiterate
Buy a Chromebook

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What engine does dirt 4 use and how much do we know about primitive shaders in current games?
Is this the type of performance we could see if everything lines up right on a Vega card?

Not cherry picking just wondering why vega could have such a massive win in this title vs such massive losses in UE4 games.
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who cares it's not as good as GRID
File: Vega5640k.png (520KB, 1295x721px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i am not concerned with the game but rather the game engine which is the EFO engine 4.0 also used in F1 2017
File: Vega56Pubg.png (496KB, 1274x724px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And here is gets destroyed
Thing is both engines are very well designed engines. It seems like something might be working in dirt 4 where as its not working in UE4.
We know primitive shaders and tile-based rasterization was not working at all on the FE card and some reviewers were sent custom drivers that supposedly has some of that working.
Maybe some of the game engines dont have the proper updates yet? Member when vulcan came out on doom and it was a 60% gain in performance on AMD cards. We could see something similar going on here

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spicy hot.jpg
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>OC'd Vega 56's peak power draw is 487 watts
>487 W

Do AMD like living on the edge?
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>total system power
>total system power
69 watt OC

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>Ctrl + f, fetch
>No Results
>Go to archive, Ctrl + f, fetch
>Still no results

Time for a new screenfetch/neofetch thread. I'll start.
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1MB, 1920x1080px

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I bought this LG 34'' 1440p freesync monitor, but fedex broke it.
Can i do something about it? (other than cry)
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kill yourself
call the store
call fedex
explain the issue
they're gonna help you
not 4hchan
are you dumb? file a fucking claim with whoever you bought it from and return it.

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What is your opinion on pads and similar memes?
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Build an ergodox pleb
They're for people who should be put out of their misery.
But what if you don't want a full keyboard, just a lot of macro buttons?

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Where do you get your tech news, /g/?
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from /g/
Hacker News
This shithole
ghacks is /g/'s official site

I am browsing 4chan on my iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard while I also have an iMessage tab open with my gf. iMessage works on our iPads and iPhones seamlessly.

Why are apple products so superior?
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I've literally never come across a webm-only website other than this godforsaken shithole. Even cripplechan is advanced enough to encode uploaded videos in multiple formats.
>with my gf
but your a faggot

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Literally 10x better than Memefox and Jewgle
Why aren't you using it?
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I'm only human after all
Don't put the blame on me
Non free Chinese botnet. I hope you are using its free VPN to fully embrace the botnet.
I'll keep it open with the vpn enabled for webdev work. It is super helpful to switch to a different IP on the fly

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you again.jpg
41KB, 479x494px
The picture has nothing to do with this. What's your favorite OS and why is it Qubes? Also what do you think about the GPU passthrough innovation at the moment? Will virtualization soon quickly and easily outpace compatibility layers like WINE?
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So this is the fabled memeing of the right?

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What's a good alternative to Rainmeter that is not a resource hog, /g/?

Also, desktop thread I guess.
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why are you trying to rice on windows
I game.
what does that have to do with the price of eggs in china

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