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Linux has achieved a new record on desktop.
2.53% market share.

Congrats to Tux :)
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This is the year of Linux on Desktop!
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Truly the year of the Linus Desktop
I hope it continues growing, those are good news!

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>his free software ideology is basically communism applied to software
>He openly supported that Bernie commussy as president
>He totally ignores that developers have to earn some money somehow since he lives with his prizes money
>Despite point 1 and 2, he says he supports capitalism
>His hair is long and dirty and he should cut it

>Still, /g/ worships him like a god.
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Because we're not /pol/
I have no doubt in my mind that the only reason he gives a shit about privacy is because he has terabytes on terabytes of cheese pizza but his advocacy for all things free and uncompromising conviction to this philosophy is what I appreciate about him at the least

Still think he's overrated but who else in technology deserves the sticky? memes aside
Torvalds for example, as he's an engineer and not a clown

What graphics tablet does /g/ use? pic unrelated
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I have a ancient bamboo pen & touch. Draw area is tiny and the precision isn't stellar but it was cheap and is made by wacom so it's worth it. I us it mostly for PS and illustrator here and there. The newer bamboos are actually decent.
I have a 17 year old wacom tablet. wacom refuses to release a windows 10 driver but it works fine in linux. I complained to wacom and they gave me a $5 off voucher to buy a new one.
Huion h610 pro. It's okay, I only need basic functionality

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Is Richard stallman really still our /g/uy??
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Does anyone here on /g/ have an IBM Thinkcentre?. I bought one of these off Ebay. It is great. I use it for playing my early 2000's PC games on it.

I also have an IBM Keyboard for it. I still need to buy an IBM Monitor and Mouse to go with it.

I will get 19" 4:3 IBM Monitor for it.

I'm trying to build a collection of Vintage/Retro Computers. One Computer I want to get for my collection is an original iMac. Finding them is easy enough on Ebay, it is finding one for a reasonable price.
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Nice blog
Pretty cool computer you have there OP. I'd get one too if I could and maybe make it a website and mail server. Is it loud?

No, I'm not OP, even though I'd shout SAMEFAG! if I saw my post too.

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What did Newegg mean by this?
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People still buy the fx series? Fucking gross. Why do they even have them stocked still. Shit.
Good marketing anon.
Sorted by number of recent purchases, I guess.

No screenfetch/neofetch/uptime thread?

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Nobody can rice quite like me
Go back to /v/, you 12 year old. I can't wait for summer to be over.

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Why do retard faggot case manufacturers put 120mm fan slots in places where a 140mm would fit, like side panels for example?
140mm is objectively superior in every way, if there's room for it
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120mm are cheap as shit
Cause you're buying a poorfag case.



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>bf1 running avg 40-50fps

wtf, my spectre x360 can't even do a stream and stardew valley on low, piece of shit, i'm going to RMA it and buy this chinkshit
>Jewish tricks. Again
How about no
>Huehue Lagcart
You deserve to suffer.

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It's my 23rd birthday.

Post the 23rd most recent url in your browsing history

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>having browsing history enabled
>not nuking everything automatically when closing your browser

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>spend 2 years working part time wagecuck jobs while living at home and wasting all my free time and feeling demoralised
>move to London after getting full time job

>just barely make enough to pay for everything
>job is boring but thankfully light on work and never goes past 9-5
>became the ugly loser loner beta nobody talks to only a few days after starting
>realise I'll never have the social skills needed to succeed among normies

>had zero social life since school, no female attention ever, blackpilled and know women find non Chads disgusting
>see guys younger than me with gfs and feel insanely jealous
>see normies socialising effortlessly (including people who started after me) and feel bitter
>feel under pressure more during my free time than work because I feel like I have to learn maths / learn CS / do practical programming / read lots of books to be smart and successful and have a social life to stop wasting my youth (i.e., I feel bad because there aren't 100 hours in a day)

Well this is demoralising. And this is with a really low work government job. If I actually had to work hard and work a full 8 hours or more then I'd go crazy.

My free time consists of procrastinating over dedicating all my time to some other heirarchy I can feel bad about (i.e., programming).

And you know what really runs it in? The normies who get jobs easily due to normieness and poshness. The women with lives on easy mode and sugar daddies and bfs handing everything to them while society uses me as a disposable battery and deluges me with propaganda. The thousands of teens on the internet getting rich for wacky reasons (apps, crypto, exporting marmite to Tajikistan) while I stick my nose in to SICP- a nerd too scared to go off the beaten path, cowed by the masses while at its bottom rung.
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So? Making a blog post about it isn't helping. You'll still be a loser nobody.
>>became the ugly loser loner beta nobody talks to only a few days after starting
It's only a matter of time before they start complaining to HR about how you make them feel uncomfortable and such and you get fired. Should start looking for a new job now.
get a prostitute. go to countries where you don't speak the language and learn to socialise from the ground up.

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Hi /g/.

I need your advice:
At work I need to use Windows 7 because of a program that doesn't work on Linux (we barely use it, but dual booting or VM just to run it is not an option).
At home I use Arch Linux in all my machines and I miss using GNU/Linux while programming, so I am thinking about upgrading the Windows 7 machine to Windows 10 just to have the Linux Subsystem. (Yeah, I already tried Cygwin and I don't like it).
Any thoughs?
Would you do it?
> inb4 muh privacy

> tl;dr
> need to use windows
> miss linux so much I'm thinking about upgrading W7 to W10 for the Linux subsystem
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did you test that out though?
what do you mean?
Not him, but probably does the w7 program run on w10.
If it does, I dont see a reason no to do it.

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This Youtube thing has me a bit spooked. How's ProtonMail?
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What YouTube thing?
If you don't pay, protonmail give you 500MB storage
150 messages per day
Limited Support

So, if it's enough for you, Protonmail is a good alternative.
Tutanota is also good, but i think there is a limit of messages per day too.
(((They))) are starting to censor content that holds "extremist" views.

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what happens if the lefties block 4chan? you can't use a vpn or tor to post here so what do?
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>the lefties
>4chan under serious threat from the trump admin
they've already blocked bestgore. they're coming for us next and then they're coming for the sites that politically disagree with them. it's a slippery slope.
It depends, how did they block it? Some countries only mess with the dns to block torrent and porn sites

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