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what does /g/ think of Green Ham Gaming?
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I'm quite a fan, he's pretty optimistic regarding tech in a space that's saturated with people clamoring to over rated, bleeding edge tech.
I think he's a cool dude and his videos are comfy.
Consider buying a self serve advertisement instead, faggot.

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. You appear to be using an element from this image in your post: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Richard_Stallman_by_Anders_Brenna_01.jpg
You may have done this accidentally, but you've violated the terms of its copyright license. This is a serious offense and I hope you take it as seriously as it deserves.
Not to say that you're not allowed to create derived works from this image, you are, but this picture is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Norway license. Therefor, you are free:

to share - to copy, distribute and transmit the work;
to remix - to adapt the work;

Under the following condition:

attribution - You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).

In this case, the attribution requirement is resolved simply by including the following in your post:

Anders Brenna [CC BY 3.0 no (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/no/deed.en)], via Wikimedia Commons

Now that you have read this, I hope you have a better understanding of your rights and obligations when remixing and sharing this work. They will let you edit, now be nice and credit~
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Is this GNU/Snowboard binding truly libre, /g/?

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What are you working on, /g/?
old thread: >>61564958
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Why's she so angry?
fuck off faggot


>In a surprise move, NVIDIA’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, has given away their latest Volta GPU based Tesla V100 accelerators to the top 15 AI research institutions at the computer vision and pattern Recognition conference in Honolulu

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you realize it's a bad thing for nvidia if they have give it away there were no orders for it.
they never did this before, its not a good sign
>GPU so shit Nvidia has to GIVE it away

Apparently big dies gives JHH a big heart.

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Why don't we abuse this to death?
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People are concerned about privacy.
But why don't just use it as a screenshot and non private backup dump?

/g/ always complains how they can't back up their GBs huge 4chan folders
can hiroshimoot just make a couple google accounts to take the load off the 4chan servers and save a ton of money at the same time?

are thinkpads an american thing or are they viable in europe too?
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Only if you install gentoo.
def murrican

think craps are terrible
That's a good question actually, I looked some up on ebay because I wanted a new one and they're expensive as hell over here. Especially the ones that can be librebooted. Is there somebody who inc tonight them all and shipped them over to burgerland once upon a time?

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I know all you AMD fanboys are blind but when will amd sort her mess?

Infinity glue® linked to DDR
Platform can't even hit 3000 without shitting it's pants

>Muh threadryppa will be different
No stay mad amd it's same dies

When will amd catch up will Intel in 2015 memory standards? Perhaps amd should use ddr3
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I've used 3200 since the day I installed my Ryzen.
Anything over 3.2ghz is not especially worth the price.
I know specially considering that ryzen is the poor man option and not the performance option

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So /g/, what kinds of employment do you guys find? ITs, Computer scientist, Hardware engineers? I ask because I have no plan for the future on which specific technology career I will pursue, and would like to learn more about the fields.
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Web development
Pretty chill desu
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Software engineer here. Go work for a bank or a company that makes embedded devices or else you'll end up working with poos. The poos hate languages like C or ASM because they require an IQ above 70. Working with japs and gooks is great but stay the fuck away from chinks. They're yellow kikes.

There's my advice. Have fun.
>electronics salesman at dying retailer
>IRL Shaun from Shaun of The Dead

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pooryzen inc.png
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Post'em rate'em
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nice OC, what cooler are you using?
Noctua DH-15, sometimes it drops to like 26 ~ 28 so it's all good.

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Do you enjoy seeing your freedom fade away, /g/?
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GPL3 made it impossible to use GPL for many things.
Stallman caused this.
redpill me on <=GPL2 and GPL3
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I blame shills like Cisco and other quacks promoting MIT/BSD and other idiotic licenses with "alternative marketing" on the internet.

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If C is so great then why does JS/Java pay better while C is filled with pajeets?
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It's the other way around, mate
you're wrong

even tho pajeets are mostly cpp
Its not.

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Am able to play Witcher 3/BF1/syndicate in low/mid setting with smooth fps
But infinite warfare at lowest setting doesn't work for shit. 10 fps. Gfx drivers are updated
Specs :
zotac GTX 750 TI nvidia
core i3 6100 skylake 3.7GHz
8gb DDR4 vengeance ram
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Grow up
1. >>>/v/
2. Infinite Warfare sucks, you shouldn't be playing it.
3. Some games are more dependent on the CPU.
4. You have to be at least 18 years of age to post here.

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Is Kaspersky worth installing now that it's free?

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Mongoloid bloatware.
What's that pic from?
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Says the burger or wanna be burger who happily embraces American made products that embody the full meaning of botnet malware and spyware.
The hypocrisy of you shits is as laughable as it is tragic.
Get fucked.

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Confirmed with uBlock Origin.

Enjoy your free botnet.
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>free antivirus
you deserve this.
Where do I see this window in uBO? I thought that was just a uMatrix thing
I'm not saying russian software isn't botnet-tier, but most AV software does this any time you use their web module. Does Kaspersky free have a web protection module?

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Hello /g/, I have the following question: Is Windows 7 still okay and perfectly fine to use in 2017? My knowledge about technology is limited, so I hope you can forgive me if this question is dumb. I just see all new PC's being shipped out with Windows 10 and I wondered if one would run into any issues running Windows 7 on a computer. (Drivers, or any compatibility issues etc.) I want to use the new computer for gaming mostly.
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M$ pulled Win7 support for Ryzen and Kaby lake CPU's. You will have some trubble installing Win7 on said systems, if you don't have a PS/2 keyboard/mouse cause of USB drivers. Also picrelated will happen, but there are workarounds.
All in all just a dickmove by M$ forcing people onto botnet10 for no fucking reason.
OP here, thanks for the reply. And yes, I wanted Windows 7 because Windows 10 seems to spy on every tiny thing you do, and Linux isn't that great for gaming, I use Linux for daily stuff like office work and internet but I finally got a "decent" PC for gaming so Windows 7 was my first choice. Are modern games ok with Windows 7? (GTA 5, Overwatch etc.)
but all in it's still perfectly fine to use win7 for gaymen because dx12 is a meme anyways, and i intent to continue doing so untill 2020 when m$ is nonna end of life win7

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