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Hey guys, I've been seriously depressed for a while and generally incapable of doing anything productive. I'm unemployed but I have a CS and Math degree, and I'm trying to work on some programming projects to improve my skills and build up a portfolio.

Sadly, I'm too much of a sad degenerate to properly motivate myself, so I'm wondering if anyone here would be interested in working on a project together.

I have a solid understand of the fundamentals, algorithms, data structures etc, but I don't have much experience with any technologies in particular, though I'm down to learn anything, provided its not some functional autism like Haskell (not that there's anything wrong with that, I'm studying it for fun currently, but I'm a long way from making something elaborate with it).

I think it would be nice to just work together with someone on something, even if it isn't special. I want to work with people who have experience in programming though, so if you haven't completed a couple courses and aren't capable of self-teaching then this probably isn't for you.

Post here if you're interested.

I'm fine with Java, Python, or even C (a bit rusty with C, but I've taken several university courses where it was mandatory for homework and projects, so I know all my pointer shit)
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Ugh, I hate bumping, but I'm hoping someone will read this.
I'd love to anon but I'm an absolute total noob. Still bumping to do you a favor.
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Bump for a fellow anon

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>a fucking roadcone
they should change it into a party hat bc porn

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>see this
What do?
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VPN or move to a real country.
>accessing clearweb without the 7 proxy condom
>in the year two thousand seventeen

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tl;dr - Who's less evil?

There are alot of websites that have options to login with either facebook or google.
Which one of these 2 cia/fbi buttbuddies is less evil so that I have more privacy about what services I use (even if it's a minimal difference)
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Facebook. Think of Google as the dog that fetches stuff for you but turns around and bites you in the end.
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I wonder.. wouldn't that be facebook since it's more personal (people post pictures, locations, personal stories etc.)?
I trust Google far more than Facebook.

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Why should a normal person switch to Linux. It seems like all the reasons you guys go on about like botnets and service updates and being able to do shit from the terminal is all irrelevant for regular people. Convince me /g/. I want to do it but last time I just spent the longest time trying to get my fucking drivers to work. Windows is easy and works for 99% of shit people do.
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>Convince me /g/.

There is no reason to switch to Linux.

if it doesn't immediately work on your machine I wouldn't bother

some people will claim its great but those are the "werks on my machine" people that didn't have driver issues.

Ubuntu couldn't even install without errors coming up during installation on my machine

The UI and stuff is great when it works, even despite the terminal being required. Like compared to windows with it's 2 control panels everything is much better.

Unfortunately when it doesn't work, you basically have to fix it yourself and wade through autistic forums with replies from years ago. Only free if your time is free. From what I hear it's not really that power efficient either if you have a laptop. If you want a real alternative to Windows and don't care about muh free software get a Mac.

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Stupid Questions Thread
Thread for stupid questions
Use a search engine before posting
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what laptop gpu can power two of these smoothly?

I don't plan to game

FELLAS, I want to learn about networks in general, I always go full pajeet when faced with anything related, what are some good books about the subject?
Am I gay?

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If I was Google, I would actually invest in AdNauseam. Not publicly, of course. This is an excellent way to dominate the market even harder and stomp out the competition. All you need is to fill the internet with more white noise which others will have trouble filtering. Google, with its machine learning, won't.

The only people who can really fuck over Google are so called blackhat marketers. They are real pros. To generate fake clicks, they have an arsenal of sophisticated botnets and they often use malware on normies' computers. They're not volunteers, they have a strong financial incentive for click fraud. AdNauseam is baby-tier. Google has seen it all before. It has fought click wars for more than a decade.

Those refunds you keep talking about do not even come from AdNauseam traffic. They come from professional blackhat botnets that imitate user behavior and are only detected post factum. AdNauseam doesn't even load the page. AdNauseam follows primitive, easily recognizable patterns. AdNauseam traffic is filtered immediately.

Do you think that amateur AdNauseam fanboys are smarter than blackhat gurus? I don't think so.

Here is some insight on how Google battles them. This is from 2015, before AdNauseam took off.

So, what do we have in the end? Google's competitors who use outsourced pajeet coders make heavy losses, advertisers just flock to Google because it's the one who can combat click fraud best. Google strengthens its monopoly. Wow, what a victory.

The only thing AdNauseam really does is playing into Google's hands. I am pretty sure the thread is full of Google shills who promote AdNauseam to kill competition and advance their "anti-hate speech" agenda. Every AdNauseam shill can be declared a Google shill at this point.

Oh yeah, have fun passing your real IP address, location and ISP each time an ad is clicked. You are truly doing a good goy's job.

Stick with Ublock origin.
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Yet if it wasn't anything to care about, why does google and pale moon try to stop them?

Reminder to install google killer

run this script every day

>set clicking on ads to "sometimes" in adnau settings (important)
>disable other ad blockers and script blockers
>run script in separate browser
>do not use chrome
>spread the holy word

and watch them die
Nice try Google jew! We know you bastards have been fighting AdNauseam here on 4chan after the news came out. You post like a newb too. Even a 3dpd gives you away.

I'm still running AdNauseam. ANd I'm running that jsfiddle to fuck evil Jewgle out of more shekels.


Eat shit.
I'm running the codefag script, what's the difference between that and the icefrogcode?

Why can't linux or BSD achieve this kind of battery life?
macOS is built on the same principals, so it's not like it's fucking rocket science or something.
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because macOS is superior
Driver/power management, newer kernel etc.

I used to have shit battery in my Lenovo in older kernels too.
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>battery life

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Went back to Linux and realised grsec is now private, I don't have money so what am I supposed to do now?
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Fork it and make it free again?Also grsec is shit so if your security autism almonds get activated that hard run OpenBSD and patch everything to use the pledge () cancer.
linux-hardened compiled from source and firejail
to old ans grsec is private now so linux-hardened is dead

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Fellow fa/g/gots, I've decided to throw off the shackle of my NEETbux and learn something to contribute in society for once in my worthless life. I have a decent grasp of basic programming concepts as well as relevant maths (calc, discrete, linear alg, stats) so now I'm going in balls-deep with the hardball programming language, pic related.

Questions are as follows:
>What hardware should I invest in?
I'll be working out of my apartment, but will be attending local meetups so laptop suggestions are appreciated. I'm on a Core2Duo toaster at the moment, but have a deep stash of NEETbux to invest for this purpose.
>What OS offers the least resistance to C++ programming in general?
I lean heavily towards Linux and against Windows. I know nothing about macs because I am not gay.
>What Text Editors and IDEs are best for making baby's first steps in C++?
I've used Gedit and Nano. Don't think I should take the time to learn vim at this point, but I'd consider it.
>What Books would you suggest for intro, intermediate, and higher/reference level material?
Bonus points if they're free online.
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install gentoo
>any business class laptop
>any popular gnu/linux distros
>code::blocks and learn vi later
>anything by Stroustrup or Lippman
C++ is deprecated, learn Go instead.

Show me you're books !
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I am books. Trust me. Only I don't have a spare camera handy at the moment to show you. Just take my word for it, okay?
LMAO are you actually retarded
>no SICP
>no K&R
trash desu

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I just came across the biggest hentai collection I've ever seen. A new co-worker has almost 450gb of perfectly indexed hentai. Mostly old school.

I finally convinced him to start a website and host his shit, however we want to do this anonymously and would rather not deal with the think police.

Is DigitalOcean a good place to host such a site? Any domain name registers that you can trust?
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With the revelations following Charlottesville, it seems the darkweb is the only true option
Sadpanda uses www.worldstream.nl
hosting your own server and using no-ip(unless you have a static ip ofc) + a domain name is a better and cheaper solution

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Hello, I've never really been into gaming until lately when I started getting into Dark Souls and the Witcher series and I think it's time to part ways with my shitty 8 year old AMD HD 4850 card so I'm looking for a budget gaming card suggestions, preferably under 50$ because poorfag.
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Maybe you need some financial advice and not a gpu.

So you want to upgrade from a $30 card to a $50 card?

Can't tell if troll or just stupid
buy a second 4850

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Is the x220 better than the t420 ?

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If t420 have same specs, you should go for t420, if not then go for x220.
They are both about the same desu, just look into the motherboard features. For example i know it dosent matter that much but one model may have a better sound card but >soundcard
why does that thinkpad have macos on it wtf delet this

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What will the next big innovation in smartphone design be?
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No ports.
Followed by cloud-only operation
a headphone jack
Bendable phones

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