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Building a PC for a friend who uses Solidworks and wants some gayming (overwatch and normie shit) done. I figured for Solidworks he'd benefit from more cores, but foremost I went with i7.
He also wants a complete package, so I threw in a monitor, speakers and M/K in it.

any objections/advice ?

And the AMD build, tho I have no experience with ryzens.
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Get the Ryzen. I don't even need to look at the part lists.
Not tech support.
PC builds discuss on /pcbg/.
Total: $946.83

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Would it be possible to say, have both a cracked version of software and a licensed version on the same system?

Would you just need to change some file names on the cracked one?

pic unrelated
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Why would you?
Install them at different locations might work?
Depends of the program I guess. If it writes too much shit on the registry, probably not.
If that's not the case just install each one on different directories.
>Would it be possible to say, have both a cracked version of software and a licensed version on the same system?

>Would you just need to change some file names on the cracked one?
Use a jail or chroot.

I guess it depends if they look the same locations for configuration files, etc.

Speccy thread
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>not using hwinfo
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Secondary pc.png
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What do you do with 5 monitors and so much storage OP. Just anime and porn?

Just did a fresh linux install with KDE for DE, someone help me pimp this bitch out. Who's got some good theme combo/recommendations/style apps?
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Disable borders via "Window Decoration" and themes aren't needed. Just change the color theme to whatever your favorite color theme is.
Latte Dock is nice if you like to waste screen estate with a dumb dock and if you use a ton of Qt programs, global menu might be worth using.
Wont ya look at that.
>fresh install
>for a DE
Christ. /g/, youre doing great.

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Any tips on what to do guys?
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Remove the battery from the phone
turn it off

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This is your daily reminder to break free from Google and its minions

Go here to find free alternatives for everything

Share your impressions and success histories about breaking free
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Thanks for the link
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why is so much of it written in java?

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so now the blocks are spread out making it take longer to quickly tap them
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Use legacy newfag

>actually moving my hand to the keyboard to type

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>Family get-together at Country Kitchen.
>Get to see all of the kids one last time for the summer before they head off to college.
>Chad (my nephew) is excited to start football this semester at Notre Dame. He will be a mechancial engineer and a line-backer.
>My other nephew, Trislynn, just got back from his first year at college.
>I hadn't seen him in years, so I decided to ask what he was studying.
"Computer Science, Uncle Frogposter."
>I was blown away! I don't know how they get them things to work.
>Remember that I had a hard time getting the videos to work on WIndows XP.
>Ask Trislynn if he knows how to get the videos to work on the WIndows XP.
>He starts acting weird.
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>Tells me he doesn't actually know how to work with computers, even though he studies them.
"Computer Science isn't really about computers, and it isn't really a science."
>What good is that? Best guy with computers I ever seen was Jimmy Strick' back in '86, and all he had was a two year certificate in computer technology. He made more per hour than any of us.
>Try to tell Trislynn about what Jimmy did, but he was eager to shut me up. Oh well! his loss.
>Then he starts to go off on my WInodows XP.
"By the way, Uncle F., you really shouldn't be using windows XP. It's hasn't been supported by microsoft for a long time and it isn't even free software."
>Of course it isn't free, I paid good money for it back in 2003. I still have the receipt for it in the accodian folder.
>Why is his generation so obsessed with free shit? You get what you pay for. Windows XP still works on my computer.
>Luckily, Chad chimes in. Tells me he would happily look at my Windows XP and that he still uses it on his computer.
>Look Chad in the eye, shake his hand, and thank him for his service. Before I release from Chad's firm handshake, I look Trislynn straight in the eye.
>"See Trislynn, this is how you work with computers."
>Trislynn leaves the table and walks out of the restaurant.
>Chad and I split his plate when it arrives and cover his part of the tip.
Respect your elders, kids.
What a dumb story. If you're gonna make shit up atleast make it interesting.

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Just reinstalled win7 after using 10 for some time.

Its good to be back.
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okay good to know

Web or Desktop application?

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just be a cancerous faggot and do both with electron
depends on the application
that pic sums it up pretty well
web (((apps))) are childish, unoptimized and bloated garbage
Desktop applications are professional and optimized

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Are you prepared for the shill vs fanboy shitpost war once coffee lake launches?
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You know it's just going to be the same shills that are on here every day posting the exact same shit.


This was on Threadripper launch day. Like 10 minutes after the NDA lifted. This board is a lost cause.
It's already happening since Bullvega/Vegadozer released.
>Are you prepared for the shill vs fanboy shitpost war once coffee lake launches?
Oh I've already been seeing it. I still recall this and how many actually took it seriously
A bit of a medium-long read but funny as hell, and the comments even more so. AMD gets bashed in there for no real reason AS EXPECTED

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This could be LG's best phone since the Nexus 5.

What's taking the tech websites so long in reviewing this thing?
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it would be perfect if it had sd 660 or even 630
Yeah. Sd 435 is shit.
lg g2 > nexus 5

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What's up guys...Eber here with Hardware Canucks
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Canuckistan prices on everything are fucking terrible right now.

Hey this is Dmitry with harrware canucckks
Love when this guy logged his ocn forum account to defend Nvidia not being to use a-sync compute on the 900 series.

HE was almost in a raging mess of tears.

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i want to be free.png
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>tethering over USB
>senpai want to hop on the network for a bit, so i enable wifi
>windows sees fit to immediately fucking connect to the new wifi signal and fuck up everything im currently doing on the network
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Your OS supports tethering and hotspot at the same time?
nexus 5 with cyanogenmod, i can tether over USB and enable hotspot with no issues
your doesn't? i remember tethering over USB + wifi on android
my phone was on MIUI at the time I had to do it but im sure stock android can do it too

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So programs run worse using object based programming?
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This is common knowledge yes
I've read this 3 times and I can't find a statement that match yours.
the 2nd line and the last line

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