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Is it a good idea to buy used hard drives, especially ones that have been refurbished?
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If you have a solid 3-2-1 backup plan and have some redundancy in your array, sure, why not.
No.. regular hdds are already very cheap it's not worth the risk.
buying used server drives is a great deal for the space, and if you don't buy them someone else will. hgst my nigga.

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How long will it take for human enhancement technologies to be widespread? What prospective enhancements would help you in day-to-day life?
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This is retarded.
Must be good to jackoff

Some kind of deep brain stimulation thing that lets me feel what a girl is feeling during sex, including orgasms

Daily reminder
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Can I play FIFA on them ?
Bet the chinks don't use them for shitposting
>93petaflops at their disposal
>+33pflops offsite
i wonders what they does with it all

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>This story begins, as they so often do, when I noticed that my machine was behaving poorly. My Windows 10 work machine has 24 cores (48 hyper-threads) and they were 50% idle. It has 64 GB of RAM and that was less than half used. It has a fast SSD that was mostly idle. And yet, as I moved the mouse around it kept hitching – sometimes locking up for seconds at a time.

>this serialization on process shutdown is a new issue, introduced sometime between Windows 7 and Windows 10.

This is what happens when you hire people who can't even poo in the loo to write your operating system
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Probably just needs to update his drivers
I take bait for 200$
honestly this is nothing
this is just a bug

some of the stuff microsoft does on PURPOSE is truly shocking

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All hail the new king of /g/
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but that's not rossmann
Stop spamming this shit
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>wearing jeans instead of sweatpants
bro do u even /comfy/?

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That won't slow down performance or come with bloatware/spam, etc?
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Unregistered Hypercam2
Clownfish seemed good like 2 years ago , not sure if its relevant now tho

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I'm fucking gaming here for fucks sake
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>Not using Windows 10 LTSB

You deserve it.
Windows can do whatever it wants. You may be using its services but you don't own it.
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>Windows 10

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We are fighting to show the world that Linux does not have to be slow or lack features. It is very simple. It is very open. Done. Your arguments are wasted if you think that these other ridiculous distros are worth your time. I have never in my adult life paid for an os. I have no need for it. The same companies that control your os are trying to control the web. They speak about freedom but only the freedom to charge more. Not my freedom to access. They should not be allowed to make proprietary software. I remember how degrading windows is. I remember how degrading kde is. I remember how degrading gnome is. Without these I can do things the way that I want to. That's enough for me. More than enough.
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very poor shitpost
In this moment I am euphoric.
>They should not be allowed to make proprietary software.
Ah, yes. Advocate for Linux while saying that others should not be allowed to compete. That will surely make you look good!

I'm so scared. I accidentally
[email protected]:~$ rm -rf $UNDECLAREDVAR/* 

I stopped it somewhere in /etc. My debian jessie system is still running, but there's a thunderstorm outside. I have god knows how many minutes to figure out how much damage a nonroot user can do with that command and fix it. Halp.
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if you're not retarded and permissions were set correctly you're fine

also you're gay kill yourself
I haven't changed any permissions. But I suddenly have many missing icons, and image files open in firefox. At least the storm moved on, so I have time to puzzle this out.
If you have a Jessie ISO you could try installing it in a VM then seeing the difference in the two from the root directory and if all it did was delete some icons and shit then you can just copy them from the VM

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Each of these 3 Programming Languages will come with their own scenario but you can only choose one of then.

1) Choosing C++ allows you to be a young, cute female programmer working at an all female video game studio located in Japan. Depending on your body type, you may or may not be put in yuri situations with your female sempai. The downside of this world is unknown to yourself, every time you strip off your clothes or take a shower, the sight of your supple body is broadcasted to viewers from another dimension without your awareness or knowledge.

2) Choosing Python allows you be an overworked wage slave code monkey but you can look forward to coming home everyday from work to a female dragon maid who increasingly invites more of her fellow dragons over to play or hang out with you. The downside to such a living arrangement is your female dragon maid repeatedly trying to trick you into eating her chopped off tail or get you to breed with her when you let your guard down.

3) Choosing Java allows you to reincarnate as a cute trap living in a fantasy world after you get involved in a traffic accident involving a speeding car. The fantasy world you have reincarnated in is filled with giant mechs and you get the offer to be a mech pilot when you grow up. Not only that but since the concept of software does not exist yet in this world, you have the opportunity to become a historical legendary figure in this fantasy world using the knowledge and wisdom you gained from living on Earth. The downside to this fantasy world is occasional invasion from the wilderness featuring demonic beasts in the form of giant man eating insects.

So, which programming language will you choose, /g/?
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def on_balance:
return 'yep'
C++ with dragons

>visit web page on mobile device
>microphone pops up indicating audio is playing
>can't hear anything

what does it mean /g/? Is it possible that my mobile is trying to transmit data to nearby devices (that have microphones) via it's speakers, playing outside the audible spectrum?
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This bait is tasty
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He knows

>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61319148
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first for fuck anime
is this a good dac
Should be fine.

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help me /g/

I left my life of mindless work and vidya games behind to go travel the world. I've been on the road for half a year now, and while I've been playing indie pixelshit on my chappy laptop, I got this overwhelming urge to pay STALKER. But my laptop can't run it, so I've been looking at buy a gaming laptop.

Tell me how bad an idea it is so I don't blow a thousand bucks of my travel funds on one.
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Don't do it, it's a bad idea
But why? Give me some solid reasons.

Even when travelling the world, there's a lot of downtime where all I can do is fuck around on my laptop. Might as well get a proper one then.
>No battery
>Terrible build quality
>Designed to sit on a table 90% of the time
>Will break if carried in a bag too much
>Overheating by design
>More overheating as dust accumulates inside
>Will get you back into mindless vidya
There is a shitload of productive things you can do on your downtime. Here are a few that will make you a better person:

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debian thread
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Whats with all the fedora shilling lately? Did they get a new version or something?
>t. Debian stable user not planning to upgrade next 2 years
How many people on this board installed that piece of shit because of that image?

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Hi g/ my little brother (10) really wants me to teach him python. He knows pretty much nothing about programming.

Is it wise to explain and show examples after or is it maybe better to make him build something small and explain how things work together whilst coding?
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just show stuff with the REPL and then tell him to make something
make him do stupid shit that make 10 year olds laugh

spam some text on the screen

spam other text on the screen

spam some more text on the screen

idk he probably won't get classes and that stuff, just let him play with some functions you show him how to use
yeah was thinking something along these lines

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