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I want to install ubuntu on external ssd pic related, but i heard it can cause windows 10 not to boot when it's ejected. How can I avoid that happening?
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How would it do that?
Ubandoo will install a bootloader on the SSD, it won't touch your HDD unless you fuck around with the installation process.
It says it happens in this guide
I see.
This is going to happen if you have an EFI machine, it won't happen for legacy bios.
And if it does, you can just fix it, following the guide tbqhfam.
I wouldn't worry and just do it

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Meet Mayuko: our new girl, ya /g/oons.

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No, she isn't.
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who's your waifu gee?
I mean, math isn't really necessary to program, so she's not wrong. However, I'm definitely in favor of saying that it is necessary, generally.

She's a beautiful Japanese girl, with an American accent, that writes code. I would sniff her ass.

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Terry Edition
Previous thread: >>62328393
Use a search engine before posting.
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>3.9 MiB
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Video Sauce?

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It's ugly as hell and the servers are not open source. Telegram and Whatsapp are way better than this crap. Proof once again that proprietary software is the only choice when it comes to efficiency and daily use. Normies friends were literally repulsed
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The servers are open source.
>it's ugly
You're retarded. And if you think looks matter more than privacy then this app isn't for you and you should honestly kys.
>WhatsApp and telegram
Botnets. Fuck off government shill.
I don't see any.
My friends and gf use it just fine. My gf actually likes it more than fb messenger.

What's the name?
> the servers are not open source
Fuck off.

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why is ddr4 ram so fucking expensive
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because you are poor
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>“At the same time, changes have occurred in the relationship among the top three suppliers – Micron, SK Hynix and Samsung,” Wu added. “Based on the oligopolistic market situation, the trio have opted for co-existence as the best way to maximize their own profitability. They therefore are turning away from aggressively competing for market share through price reduction and capacity expansion.”
>“In a sense, there a strategic aspect behind the latest wave of DRAM price increase,” said Wu. “In the short term, rising prices lift up margins for suppliers. In the long run, the barrier to keep Chinese competition out of the DRAM market is reinforced.”

Because you're a fucking retard.

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Hey there, I'm the latitudefag from yesterday. I'm looking for a netbook with:

>11.6 inch 720p screen
>8GB RAM (expandable to 16GB if possible)
>2.5 SATA slot
>Great battery life
>Core i3/i5 CPU (wouldnt mind an APU though, just at the same performance level)
>Preferably Dell

I dont know what to choose, there are so many options
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>there are so many options
names them and name price point and I'll look into it for you
Okay so there's the

>Latitude E6220 (which is a 12.5 incher so its out of the question)
>Thinkpad Edge E130
>Ideapad S205/S215

Generally I'd prefer it if the price was about 200 euros used. I can't allocate any more money to this. I mostly want i3 performance and great battery life with an 11.6 inch screen
Thinkpad x130e/x131e/x140e
HP Elitebook 2170p

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Microcontroller thread
What are you working on goyim?
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:the post:
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not µC, but pretty much related. Still working on raspberry pi bare metal. Got the framebuffer done in ARM assembly. Though I might cut that project here and try to implement it again with catching up way earlier with C and then port everything up to C, because asm is a pain in the ass tbqh
Holy shit that's cool as fuck
I've been fiddling with stm32 with ARM assembly but can't get it to work, I wonder where the problem lies

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>mouse drivers
>take up 212MB of RAM
WTF Razer
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those aren't drivers, they're spyware on top of drivers
Those are meme gayme "utilities" not drivers, you won't even see actual driver usage with normal task manager as it's in the system process.
Disable/delete all of them. You only need the actual driver that gets installed with it, then you only need to use Synapse if you want to configure the mouse buttons / DPI / acceleration, etc. Rest of them time it can be closed.

Do you also install meme gaimur programms with Nvidia/AMD drivers also? Topkek.

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>fell for the full disk encryption meme
>cosmic rays randomly flip one single bit
>entire disk garbled

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Yes this is a Windows general
Talk about Windows
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Windows are the best
>in before mad freecucks ruin the thread
Hahahaha this post made me laugh. Here have an upvote funny guy

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Let us discuss 2 in 1 notebook/tablet devices. I hope you could recommend me some. I am specifically looking for something with a good keyboard and android/linux dual boot. Also, does anyone have experiences chrooting a linux into android and running an X server on top?
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why would you dualboot android instead of running in a VM?
Android is not that good for tablets.
Multiple reasons. Gaymen, touch optimized applications for comfy uses where I don't wish to use the keyboard
Bullshit. Android is great for tablets.

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Your thoughts?
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Uncheck the box you madman.
I think you're a fucking retard and your parents deserve to be gassed for not having you aborted.

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Are you ready to login via login.gov?


>tfw soon every Silicon Valley apps require login.gov authentication
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Who fucking cares.
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>they accept international registrations

i hope this is a mistake
>written in Ruby

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I need a new hard drive. Which have the lowest failure rates? I can stand a bit of noise but not too much.
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You mean the company that compared 35,000 Seagate drives to 45 HGST drives?
Why care about failure rates? Just backup often.

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>tfw you see how cool it to be a programmer, but you don't want to learn and actually program anything

I am suffering, /g/
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>tfw you see how cool it to be a video gaymer, but you don't want to learn and actually gayme anything
>tfw you see how cool it to be a pussy fucker, but you don't want to learn and actually fuck anything
>tfw you see how cool it to be a stock investor, but you don't want to learn and actually invest anything

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