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What happened with VRML? Why didn't it take off? It was what everyone wanted, but in the end what we got was a javashit infested web coded by pajeets.
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Not enough publicity
Broadband was not common back then and microsoft extinguished vrml with a shitload of activex plugins that supported only internet explorer on windows that most of the time didn't work or were viruses/trojans/shitware.
But it put users on a mindframe that the next activex plugin will work because activex is superior technology because it's active.
Fuck microsoft

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anyone know some good sites to get Pdf. on textbooks??
>>It's The internet age for fuck sake.
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Things that should be illegal and punished harshly:
RGB anything
Windows in PC cases
Keyboard colors other than beige or black
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>Keyboard colors other than beige or black
What about dark grey?
Gray tones are acceptable

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If it's okay for the government to spy on me does it mean I can spy on the government? I mean we're all equal before the law?
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no ur a fumb cuck sheep frogposter
Police don't get speeding tickets while chasing people for speeding. What makes you think we're all equal before the law?

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>get a new thinkpad
>all the tracking ads and youtube recommended videos are about 'software engineering'
WTF /g/? You said memepads would save me from the botnet!
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Don't buy Thinkpads with your Google-owned email.
but I'm not even a software engineer
That's good, you're tricking the botnet.

Continue whatever you are doing.

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What's the best Android office software for editing LibreOffice/OpenOffice files?
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LibreOffice viewer has beta editing support

Anything else is botnet (though you're already on Android, so...)
One option you can take is to install VLC on both your phone and desktop computer, and remotely control LibreOffice on your desktop from your phone.

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give a description
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What botnet is this
red army anal syringe for elephants?
>image displayed on an e-shop selling tools for monitoring the environment, geology, hydrology, agriculture and shit
>reverse image google search: "weapon"
>the e-shop is buried on the bottom of search results
Why is Google reverse image search so bad?

When will the 4.7 inch disc meme end?
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When Redbox finally buckles.
the only 4.7 incher I know of is OP
does anyone besides poor people even use this?

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Need a monitor for work at home, 70% programming, statistics, reading, writing etc. Occasionally watching a movie. Very rarely do I play a game.

Needs to have pivot function, 16:10 preferred but not strictly necessary.

I've been looking at pic related, the NEC MultiSync EA245WMi because I can get a good deal on it from work.

What are the alternatives? What's the equivalent Dell model? From an asthetic point of view I much prefer the look of the Dell stands.

Also monitor general I suppose.
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Dingus you'll have better luck in a sqt thread
dumb fuck

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What good leather chairs are their that I can buy within the UK? Not too big chair if possible but has a nice soft leather like a pillow.
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might be better off getting your current chair reupholstered in real leather, it'll last a very long time then, most leather used for office chairs is made from protein leather or really thin, cheap leather that wears out quickly.
ikea markus
reupholstering a bargain bin chair might be a bit cheaper but it doesn't seem like a good investment.

craigslist is probably the best place to find good deals on office stuff. or whatever site office parks use when they need to liquidate furniture when a company downsizes or something. i got an aeron for like $300 that way.

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Gonna be without internet for a while and want to use the time to learn/practice C++ and learn new programming techniques.
Which tools and books do I get and finish?
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none you procrastinate instead
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If you trust us to help you and and baby sit you then listen careful so that you won't waste time:

For now you have two books to choose from:
C++ Primer by Stanley B. Lippman 5th edition

Programming -- Principles and Practice Using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup

Both are very good, quick google what each offers and reviews so you can pick.

If you're on windows download visual studio now preferably enterprise with trail ( 30 days ).

On Linux install CLion and activate trail ( 30 days ).

Simply start coding and take notes that you can understand and translate into applicable knowledge, after you go trough chapters take your time to actually re-read your notes and see if you properly understood shit.

Google every problem or idea you have to find a solution.

But best way to get familiar with C++ before you read any book in my experience is to watch this video series OR use these video series when you're stuck on a concept to get a feel for it.


Downlaod them now if you're going to be offline, but the comment section is also important on the videos.
> gonna be without internet
> "Google ever problem or idea you have to find a solution"

This is why we don't trust /g/

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Show me your AdNauseam score, anon.
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>Clicks all ads
Why the fuck are you using it if you don't do it properly?
I don't have one because I'm not autistic.
if you use the google ad script from codefag, then you need to set it to click on ads sometimes.
otherwise, for daily usage where you're not actively targeting google, it doesn't matter at all.

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Download link anyone?
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Maybe in exchange for an excerpt. I'm sure someone else in curious.
That should have been "Unix-like"
>Not your normal Friday night in the computer room.

>Not a normal night anywhere.

>Terry is the archetypal old-school Unix admin, nurturing servers with care and precision while avoiding the latest trendy garbage. KDE and Gnome on a server? Nope, if you need a GUI use FVWM.

>The latest trend Terry refuses? One adopted almost everywhere? Systemd, the replacement init.

>So Systemd comes for Terry.

>Wearing skin-tight leather pants.

>No, not a normal night in the computer room at all…

I cant read my hentai due to slow internet dial up any tips to make fatser
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install gentoo
if that's not an option, move to yuropoor
use lynx and read a synopsis and then imagine the hentai
>40 kbps
It's damn fast for the dial-up

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Hey /g/, what service would you use to get a fake throwaway number to verify a social media account? I've been searching for an hour now and still nothing
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Prepaid sim card for 1 euro.

t. viewbot master pro
already tried, twitter pretty much banned these numbers

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