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How much have you cost Google? Post clicks + $$
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A few billion dollars
>3 posts
>2 unique IPs
also please put adnauseam in the comment so I can filter your shilling of a shitty idea

How do I max it out?
No memes
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Unironically, install gentoo/arch, then tweak it w/ powertop. Also libre boot it.
You sell it and buy a memepad
>mor ram
>latest mac os

here you go.

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As a bare minimum, what are the programming languages every programmer should be familiar with nowadays?
I'm thinking C, Java and Python.
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Even if you're not going to use it, isn't it important to know it?
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pic related + Kotlin + Go

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Yes it's not very legal but I want to trace my gf location just one time without her knowing it.
Many websites say they can do that but it's always a fucking scam and they never provide the info you need. It's a bit frustrating.
Is it even possible to do it without installing a spy app on their phones?
I've traced my own number and I got results but they were not very accurate.
Is it possible to know the location of a past call ?
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Use fbi tech
you are retarded

Why do you want this information?

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would/do you jailbreak your car?
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>tesla can change the range the battery is allowed to ""last""
>they can just set it to 0 and make it useless
good car
Wait, what? They can cap the limit?
>buy tesla
>CIA can remotely crash your car and make it seem like an accident

How good is this chair? I like how its fluffy, maybe you can recommend me a better chair if theres any before I buy, it uses PU leahter
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looks like one of those that will last max 1 year before it starts breaking.
I have a similar model, comfy but the screws tend to get loose.
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akracing onyx+.jpg
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i recently got this one, i am very happy with it. it seems much more sturdier than the ~160€ chair i got last year. that one broke within a month (i'm a big guy)

op, if you want a half decent chair, you'll have to spend at least 250€. i completely agree with >>62347758

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>visit /g/ because you're a programmer
>get faggots posting dick pics and trannies posting legs on a blue board

jesus christ, how did this place become more jailhouse gay than /pol/ all i want to do is talk about code shit
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Come to /dpt/, faggot. It's the only thread left that /v/ invasion hasn't destroyed
Anon, I....
Good point.

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>slow, unstable, only used by poorfags and pajeets, can get viruses, ugly design, google botnet

>fast, stable, used by rich people and celebrities, no viruses, excellent design, respects your freedom
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>respects your freedom

nice meme
>>> Compares Android with iPhone

>slow, shitty hardware, shitty battery life, ugly design, only used by obese neckbeards

>excellent design, super slim, great battery life, ultra fast, used by professionals worldwide
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can the x1 carbon compete?
Weak as fuck bait.

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download (1).jpg
2MB, 2564x1711px

>ibm pc compatible clone
>used by industry professionals that require the latest and greatest hardware

>used by soy boy webdesigners and homosexuals

Terrarium TV Edition
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Hola VPN

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>can't drag bookmarks when they are in the bookmark bar
>can't open up links (hyperlinked or not) by dragging them into a new tab

My productivity (shitposting) is fucked.
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It has literally two settings like Windows10. It's a chinkbotnet meme browser shilled by retards.
They did not even disable G tracking.
Windows has got pretty bad, indeed.

Why don't you use something more open to customization? ;^)

>have to spend hours doing complicated nerd shit only to install it

>unstable, botnet, crashes all the time, can get viruses

>super fast, no viruses, stable, simple and easy, no privacy concerns
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a thread died for this shit

do not reply
I got news for you OP.
Every OS sucks.
>no privacy concerns
Thanks for informing us, NSA.

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Why are Indian programmers so blissfully ignorant of their own cringe?

This guy has a picture of himself as his background on his noisy laptop and uses development tools from the 90's.


Imagine this guy sitting next to you and pulling out his laptop and you see all that unfolding in person. Could you really contain your laughter?

How do these beings even get into technology?
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Hello friend
>Why are Indian programmers so blissfully ignorant of their own cringe?
Why are you?
>watching programming tutorials on Youtube

How do (You) even get into technology?

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>you fell for the programming meme
>you fell for the computer science/software engineering/cyber security degree meme
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Dumb frogposter.
better than thinking turning an interest in computing into a job would ruin it
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Did yo feel for the 8TB meme?

Not one of those archive drives, so it is not that bad speed wise as far as spinning rust goes.
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>WD - My Book 8TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive
anon what are you doing
not 8tb but have a 6tb wd black - decent enough 5 year warranty, would rather wait for the higher platter/density drives to mature a little
You're better off with 8 1TB drives than 1 8TB drive.
Are you mentally retarded or just a fucking idiot?

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