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/g/ edition

Post all them infograhics that /g/ made over the years.
I'll start with the ones I have.
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BINGGO! /BST/ edition
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Just get a model M with buckling.

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I fell for the Arch meme and I installed Manjaro because it said it was a "user friendly" version of Arch. Wew...

I picked the KDE Edition because of muh looks but I am really starting to regret it. The "Plasma Powered by KDE" splash screen pops up for like 10 seconds after I login and I can't disable it. Fucking disgusting.

I immediately updated the system by clicking the ghost icon and everything went smoothly until I rebooted afterwards. Now the desktop is buggy as fuck and half the time my taskbar is invisible or my system crashes for no reason. I have done nothing to this except update/upgrade it.

Why is KDE such utter shit /g/? Why do they have to advertise their own product after you login?

Am I just not autistic enough to mess with Arch yet? Should I try the XFCE version of Manjaro?
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I'm currently running Manjaro KDE and everything is working fine for me. Could be a hardware thing, dunno. Try XFCE, that's what I used before switching over and I liked that as well. I personally just stuck with KDE cause of all the bells and whistles that I've come to really like.

Some pricks bullied my sister and i want to learn how to boot them offline without being caught
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Yeah that'll teach them you fucking pathetic beta male
Use a gun.
post pics of your sister

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>programming experience
>html, css
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Am I the only one who absolutely hates the sound of mechanical keys
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No, next question.
why are you such a faggot

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I want to homebrew my N3DS but most of the easy ways are patched, anyone knows a way how without using 2 consoles? I'm using the latest update and it's for streaming
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already made a post on those boards

Click "get started", if this website can't help you you're shit out of luck.

anyone else getting a galaxy note 8?

i'm strongly considering it since i'm still rolling with an iphone 5s and could use an upgrade.

i know this is a pretty stupid question and in itself implies alot more than the smartphone is actually capable of, but in terms of "productivity", is there another smartphone out there that can compete with a galaxy note 8 and the s-pen?

also kindof related; has anyone tried programming on a phone? as in are there any good IDEs for java on android that you guys would recommend or are they all shitty?
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yup, should get it in the next week or so
edge screens are a meme
take it from someone with galaxy s7 who will upgrade soon

you will never get used to it because you HAVE to touch the sides when you hold it. It has software or something rejecting your touches iirc but there are times even now where you just bump shit at the edge

I am getting iphone no meme
samsung wanted something iconic and recognisable too bad it is just a meme
Getting a V30 because samsung software is horse shit

Ad Vault Thread.

>What is Ad Nauseam
Fork of uBlock with a feature that clicks ads over a certain period of time.

>Why would I click on ads?
It's a tactic called "click-fraud". It floods Google's tracking algorithm with false information.
More to the point it means that advertisers pay for false clicks, which prompts them asking for refunds which Google must honor out-of-pocket. It also erodes trust in AdSense if advertisers believe Google isn't giving full refunds.

>Is this really hurting Google? Can't they just detect it and block it?
It appears to be working, they blocked the add-on on Chrome and they're are freaking out about it here: http://archive.fo/ZsqYo

The add-on "staggers" clicks over a length of time. This makes it difficult for Google to ever filter false clicks.

>But if they see your IP Clicks thousands more ads on average, that's suspicious
Not quite. The average click-rate per IP is high because of public and institutional IP addresses on campuses, cell-towers, bus stations, etc. Even if they filter IPs with 'too many' clicks, they inevitably end up cutting off a huge percentage of legitimate AdSense marketshare. You can switch IPs if you wish.

You can also reduce the percentage of ads clicked in settings.

>Is this an elaborate scheme by Google to track my IP via AdSense clicks?
I don't think so. AdSense is a big money-maker for Google and I don't see them undermining it on purpose. If they wished to track you they would do so using Google Analytics.
If you blocked Google Analytics (uBlock and Ad Nauseam block Google Analytics), their next option would be to use Youtube and Google Maps embeds on pages. Every time a Youtube or Maps box is visible on a page, Google has already snagged your IP and the domain you're on. That's why I don't think Google is trying to kill AdSense just to track users.

If you wish to become invisible to Google, use uBlock and NoScript.

>Where do I get Ad Nauseam?
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stop being mean
I don't use an Adblocker at all. PrivacyBadger is actually the only extension I need to not be tracked. That way I can continue to support websites while protecting myself from tracking.
Does adnauseam still protect you from malvertising?

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Is it too late for an OS to overtake Windows, or even Mac, at this point?
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macfag here

In terms of marketshare, Mac should be easy to overtake if something good that can run on a variety of machines comes along. Essentially an android of desktops would probably surpass macOS in marketshare after a while.
On the desktop? Yes.

Everything else, windows needs to catchup.

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There is a high chance i could get a hp proliant dl380 g7 server for free in a few weeks. What should i use it for? What do you think about it?
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I'd use it as a server
I'd use it as a network file server. All it needs now is an 8-pack of those new seagate 10TB helium drives. With RAID-6, that's 60TB of storage space. I'd never have to delete a torrent again.
>tfw you will never download enough to fill up all of those hard drives with your internet connection and it would take up the lifetime of the drive to download that much data

350 megs down 20 up

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What would happen to technology prices if Best Korea attacked Worst Korea?
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>durhur what would happen to the price of technology if some of the main manufacturers of smartphones and televisions were destroyed

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/nkbrd/ How to become a UNIX neckbeard
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Step 1: Install any distro

Install gentoo, learn gentoo, start any conversation with well,actually, make toy script in bash and Python.

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What's the next best device mp3 player for portable use? Compatible with foobar2000.

5 years back I got memed into buying this and installing Rockbox. I thought I was set for life, but now mine broke and they're expensive for being discontinued. Is there anything better that also has expandable memory? I don't care about whether it can play FLACs, or DOOM.

For headphones I use the Vmoda cf X-100s wired if it makes a difference. I don't want to pay $80+ for something that was once $14. I appreciate your input.
>inb4 ipod nano I already own one.
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Literally anything. There are maybe 700 chinese daps that can replace this by now.

Stop with this garbage clip meme it's not 2008 anymore.
Just use your phone dumbass
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Here's an alternative for you.

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>windows 10
>have to install legacy printer drivers from HP's site for my printer
>bloatware sneaks in regardless of what I do

>linux mint
>plug in

woah... so this is the power of Microsoft® Windows™
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>Windows 10 looks forward to the future
>Linux is stuck in the past and focuses on support for obsolete hardware
>Windows 10 is the default OS of choice for 90% of the market
>Comes preloaded on most new machines
>Requires OEMs to write and support drivers for Windows 10
>No new machines running Linux
Well gee I never knew

Stay retarded friendo
why do people enjoy making up stories on /g/
is it because you have nothing better to do with your life than shill for a product you use?

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Is this even a thing? What is the market for this?
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>Is this even a thing?
in 1997? sure
Probably an unlimited number of uses for this.
Tons of industrial products use an embedded pc at it's core.

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