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>Thinkpad dies after eight years of admirable service
>Decide to build a PC
>$750 budget seems reasonable for a simpleton like meself
>Start surfing on /g/, watching various tech review channels, reading articles about the latest hardware
>Pick out the best parts based on price to performance
>After weeks of strenuous research, finally finish my build
>Post the specs on /pcbg/ to check for compatibility
>/g/ tells me the build is retarded, start over from scratch
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>Meanwhile RAM, GPU, SSD prices rising due to cryptomining fuck boys
>/G/ talks me into going for a 1440p 144hz monitor cause "the difference is mindblowing"
>"Going from 1080p 60hz to 1440p 144hz is like upgrading from VHS to DVD" they said
>Welp, guess I need a 1080ti to push all these frames now
>"Anon if you're going to spend all that money on a graphics card you might as well get a decent cpu while you're at it
>Ryzen 7 it is
>"Oh also you need 3200mhz ram with Ryzen"
>That shit costs a fortune in my country but i buy it anyway like the good cuck that i am
>End up spending $2,500 on a 1440p 144hz gaming, multitasking, and streaming workstation
>building a PC
just get a laptop dumbfuck
>It finally comes in the mail
>Put it together, everything works
>Drop another few hundred on the latest games and software
>I have finally ascended to the PC master race, just like my hero Terry Crews
>1 month later
>A good chunk of my meager wage slave earnings has been spent on this PC
>All I do with my computer is watch porn, play Dota 2 on ultra, and shitpost on 4chan
>I dont even play AAA games, and when I do i can barely tell the difference between ultra and medium/high graphics settings
>Increased resolution and fps did not enhance my gaming experience or enjoyment
>Realize i dont even like most AAA games
>Uninstall them all
>Load up /g/ again and write this post
>TFW i built a literal $2,500 shitposting machine

Tell me I'm not the only one who fell for the enthusiast meme, /g/.

Stop using Google products.
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Brave and Yandex kill the Google.
>best search engine
>best browser
>best mobile OS
>best online storage
>best e-mail
>s-stop using Google because I got triggered
Neck yourself OP
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On that Brace now, fucking loving it so far -- much better than firefox.

What do I get with Brave that is different exactly?

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How does this make you feel
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Like we're in the middle of a /pol/ raid
It's funny that they class "brogrammers" as some pest subclass of people in tech, where in reality tech exists at all because of people they deem "brogrammers".

C programmers will never make good software.

pic related
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get cancer and die

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Hey /g/ what do you think of Lua?

I haven't seen anyone talk about this language lately, is it worth to learn it or can be useful these days?
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Who keeps making these?

Yes Lua is still very much alive and powerful. Most people oversee it because using it properly requires alot of background knowledge.

Also what do you mean "learn Lua"? In what context? Lua just by itself is pretty useless.
This. Lua works like a charm when used with a program. By itself is not as good as other langs.
Excuse me for this /v/ tier speech, but I think that Source Engine scripters make a good part of the Lua community
Adding on to that, if one likes homebrew, Lua is usually available for basic programming, since it's easy to implement from just C.

Give me a budget phone with a good camera
You can't
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Well....will this work?
Honor 5c
Give me a budget (<100$) PC that can run all new games on Ultra.

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How long will it take for someone to make a cpu + VRM waterblock?
Just immerse your entire mobo in mineral oil.

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Why should I trust the software from open source programmers?
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Because they are so incompetent there is no way they can implement a proper botnet or telemetry system.
Bcuz you must suck the Stallvalds balls...

Oh, and being open source it's easier to detect botnet code within and fix it.
you shouldn't but you can see if their shit's retarded

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I wanted to abandon Google completely and even installed Pale Moon instead of Chrome but it so slow and laggy to use
Why do I have so suffer so much if I want to ditch the botnet?
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Learn patience, child.
Grow up.
freedom ain't free

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What do it mean?
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I don't read Australian
The screen is upside down.
kimmy launched the nukes, guam is glass, trump is going for the football

/trv/fag here, I was wondering whats the most upgradable and lightweight laptop out there?
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lmao elemo
Laptops aren't really upgradeable per se, the closest thing you're going to find is which laptops hold their value best so they can be sold when you upgrade. In which case you're honestly looking at macbooks, maybe thinkpads if the meme takes off into the normiesphere.
>laptops aren't really upgradeable

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What are some good alternatives to the Google search engine and why?
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DuckDuckGo. Because it's a duck
Startpage because DuckDuckGo is botnet of le shekelman
Ctrl+F is based af

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Why do some people get very upset if some piece of hardware or software functions as intended, is reliable and convient and doesn't require unnecessary work to use? This makes no sense.
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They're freetards
Nobody does. People get mad at abstraction that "works", which only serves to foster illiteracy, and brings people to /g/ who're tech illiterate consumerists. Using a GUI is not technology; tapping a phone screen is not technology; using something that works is not technology; none of that abstracted, pandering software that "functions" is technology, it's abstraction aimed at the general consumer.
Because those metrics that you listed (reliability, convenience, time-saving) don't benefit them and their lifestyle. They want to play with the toy, not use it to do something.

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Why the fuck hasn't anyone been able to make a better search engine than Google so far? Is it really that hard?
Google cannot be destroyed unless their search engine is dethroned, its by far their most important asset, but will anyone ever take it down?
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Google has been at the top for so long that they now basically force websites to conform to their algorithms and whims. Nobody can index them better than google because everything is optimized specifically for google.
The longer your search engine runs the more data you collect. The more data you collect, the easier it is for the algos to find matching results. The easier it is to find matching results, the better the user experience. And since everything is optimized to feed Google data, this wont ever change unless theres ever are diminishing returns to data, which wont happen since data is constantly changing.
Is it possible with new internet based on ethereum blockchain?

Is this the biggest botnet in history besides Cisco and Intel?
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