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Does anyone know how to tack a stolen device remotely without having any tracking app installed? I lost my tablet almost a month ago, so I was just wondering.
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Either via your google account or your samsung/other company that you register your tab on.
Sadly it really easy to wipe android devices and even if it isnt wiped gps and internet has to be enabled and your google account registered on it.

So almost impossible to find
Get it back, Mike.

Seriously, is it an Android device? did you have it linked to your Google account?
Yes, it was linked to my gmail account, and I used the google. I tried using the find my device app,but all I got was the last known location 5 hours after it was stolen. All functions wouldn't work, like sound or lock. The location was approximately 77 Richmond street. It could have been just that it was passing by, but even, if it wasn't, it's probably been erased and sold by now. The good news is that most things on it is recoverable, except some photos, or ad card info.

/cag/ Companionable Apple General

/cap/ Apple General is about discussing past, present, and future apple products as well recommending replacement parts and upgrading existing apple products.

>Recommended used apple products:

Any 2008-2010 Used Macbook Pros
Early 2009 or Mid 2010 Mac Pros
2012 IPhone 5

>Replacement Parts for Apple Products


>Recommended Apple Stores to buy new or used Apple and Mac Products


>Apple News


Apple Products NOT recommended to buy new or used

>Any 17" Macbook Pro
>2013 Mac Pro
>2015-2016 Macbook
>Any 11" Macbook Air (Used or New)

If you are interested in buying old vintage apple products, Ebay, Craglist, OfferUp, LetGo are good places to buy, sell old vintage apple products

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Do you even know who the CEO of Apple is?
Nice marketing, faggot.
why no, friendly apple general? :^)

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Previous thread:

IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net

Other business laptops are also welcome in /tpg/ (e.g. GETACs, Toughbooks).

>New to /tpg/ or looking for purchasing advice?


>If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).

>Don't buy anything OTHER THAN Panasonic Toughbooks, pre-Lelnovo Thinkpad P, T, X, and W SERIES, and GETAC if you want the Real Business Experience.

>Recommended models:
T60, X60

>Used ThinkPad buyers guide:


>Helpful link
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thoughts on the x62?
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2nd for SimCity
Simcity is god tier.

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>new distro every 6 months
Why is this meme so popular?
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>>new distro every 6 months
Those are versions of the same distro, family. I like Fedora because it's fairly well documented, is easy to install, and offers a lot of customization. It's also easy to make that switch to working in a window manager-only environment.

Even though Fedora has a short release cycles and is not a rolling-release distro, I can perform an upgrade using the package manager.

>I am a faggot
really makes you think

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Okay /g/. Memes aside, is Gentoo usable as a daily use distro? I'm thinking of installing it on my T420. I know compiling takes a while, but I don't download packages often once I have everything I need. I'm torn between it and Parabola. Anyone here actually use it as a daily browsing distro?
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see >>51971506
Fuck you.
Active discussion here fellow Anon


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When did YouTube start blocking video players from watching age restricted content? mpv says 403 when I try to play an age restricted video. I don't want to make an account. fugg youtube and fugg google.
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Lern to yotobe nob losser
pip install --upgrade youtube_dl

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Perfect distros don't ex--..
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OP here,
sorry, wrong picture
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Real OP here,
Sorry, wrong picture.

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Post your keyboards faggots.

K120 masterrace.
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Please use a cotton swab + alcohol and an air duster on your keys.

K520 here.
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I never bothered cleaning this one, got it for 10 bucks, had an old Microsoft keyboard before this, cleaned monthly.
Planning to get a Model M and actually take care of it, since I've been using this for 5 years now, keys starting to feel like shit with constant typing.
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Can anyone run me through the differences in mobile i5s that come in the x220? Should I spring for the most expensive one or am I memeing myself for little real world performance difference?
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Bought few HP box off the guy, good seller.
I was looking at the same bid wanting get into the thinkpad meme but I have idea about thinkpads thought.
come on boys, give me an answer and then I'll go away, does the i5 model matter in these laptops?
>but I have idea about thinkpads thought.
u fuckin wot m8? Yeah I want to fall for the meme too, trying to work out which model is worth it. Thinkpads are the patrician choice in Aus because they don't look like they're worth much to abos so you're less likely to get mugged for it if you bring it around with you.

In the end, Apple always wins.
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>I'm so cool! Shitting on technology on a technology board!

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because fuck mars we need ceres. ceres has liquid water on the surface lots in fact it shoots 13 gallons into space every day. it is also in the asteroid belt meaning we can use it a hub for mining in the asteroid belt. i am thinking you build a world house in casing the entire tiny world inside and jut keep building out ward the whole planet is only 605 wide we should colonize this dwarf planet and mine the asteroid belt to fun future space missions.
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Colonize Mars, turn it in to Pakistan around the base, then jump to Ceres where we can then jump shit back to Mars for processing then back to Earth. Terraforming Mars in the process to be hospitable with Ceres water.

The problem is it is still a 7 month trip from Earth to Mars. The distance to Ceres is almost 8 times that far.

So in the scope of human life. You are asking a team of people to live onboard a ship for a little over 2.5 years. Just for traveling there mind you. Just to get to Ceres from Earth. Realistically, we are looking at someone spending ten years of their life in the most dangerous environment, performing some of the most dangerous work.

This is why we need robots.
Your travel times are minimum energy transfers-- you should expect anything carrying humans to be moving much faster. The SpaceX ITS is planned to take 2-3 months to Mars, for example.
fuck mars it will take 10,000 years to make it habitable for humans ceres launch window is more often ceres has water. mars has some frozen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9DSX71bGz4

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I'm sorry, but how can macfags possibly defend this?
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i'd rather use this than those riced out gaymer mice with the bolts and buttons and shit all over
File: 10146684_1.jpg (134KB, 1500x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The gaymer mice are shit-tier too, I've been using a M310 (pic related) for 3 years now.
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first victim of systemd
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Fuck the system
whos max?, works at Debian?

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Am I wasting my time learning C#?
I was learning C# for Unity but now I'm considering using MonoGame. I also want to learn C++. Besides making a game, I do want to be a professional programmer. I'm currently in community college. Should I just learn C++ and make my own 2D game engine?
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C# is fine. Don't make an engine make a game.
>Am I wasting my time learning C#?
yes. C# is not suited for serious gamedev

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What do I need to study to get into emulation?
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That's very vague.
If it's a system that's never been emulated before--electrical engineering.

If it's a system that's been emulated--other people's documentation, for start. At some point you will want to run tests on the actual system, just to understand how the system truly works (because no documentation is perfect). Hence you need a way to run custom software on the system which may or may not be easy (depending on the system).

You should at least know assembly programming for that system and have experience debugging / reverse-engineering at the assembly level. Knowing some of theory behind computer architecture and integrated circuits will also help.

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