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I'll start

Fuck this battery
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apple """engineering"""
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Power supplies in PCs.

Replacing ANY part in any desktop PC is easy as fuck unless it's some convoluted razor/asus bull shit

how does windows xp 64-bit fare in the current year?

is there anything available like KernelEx for compatibility issues?
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I once wanted to switch to it so I can use hard drives over 2 TB, but given that it's got no updates or security patches anymore, it's extremely hazardous to use (unless you use it on a computer not connected to the internet)
the other benefit is more memory to address, but I don't run memory-hungry programs, and don't use very many tabs (rarely more than 4-5) in my browsers.

> XP 32-bit user here. (with all POSReady updates of course)
It was great as long as you had the right drivers.

Unfortunately I downgraded back to XP 32bit for the POSready security patches. It sucks the custom support updates never got leaked anywhere.

There is no KernelEX for XP64 iirc.

Unrelated but I tried to install XP64 in KVM recently and tried to pass through a Nvidia 650 but I get code 10 despite the same setup working on 32bit XP.
might as well just move to linux with wine

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2017 and firefox still don't have save zoom feature
2017 and you need to install addons to set up a custom zoom setting
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>2017 and firefox still don't have save zoom feature
It saves zoom level by site. If you want it to be global you can do that in about:config.

>2017 and you need to install addons to set up a custom zoom setting
You can set the zoom values in about:config as well.
>If you want it to be global you can do that in about:config.
there is no permanent zoom setting in about:config
This isn't pull

Sage in all fields.

I got one of these ultrabooks and I don't know what to do with it. It's got a touch screen so photoshop is fun but other than that what are these things good for?
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Honestly, pretty much everything. At least "good enough for." It should be the computer you just reach for whenever you need something a bit more capable than your phone. Unobtrusive to carry, a long battery life to keep it always available, just enough performance to get you through personal tasks.

Popular as they are with business users, I think that's actually the worst place for them. True professionals can find themselves needing more oomph than ultrabooks generally put out. Good enough for executives who only work in spreadsheets and Slack chats all day though.

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>3786 videos
no wonder loonix is a broken mess, the man behind spends all his time doing youtube videos and the OS gets only scraps and it shows in the product
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Stupid phoneposter.
Fuck off with your e-celeb shit.

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>using LibreOffice
A 2x30 matrix (less than 10Kb total) did this. It filled all RAM and swap and almost killed my computer.

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2x30 text matrix (less than 10Kb total)
Only ASCII characters

>1 poster
>being this mad

loonix turd btfo

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Just how fast is it compared to Chrome?
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In my experience, faster. Mileage may vary.
Why don't you see for yourself?
>A thread was deleted for this

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I have come into the possession of 60 hard drives of varying sizes. From 160Gb - 3Tb. I have 7 towers with 6 sata ports each for 42 hard drives. I am estimating that the total size will be about 8-11 Tb of storage. What is a good use for this amount of storage?
Pic completely unrelated
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Shiny wind chimes
Burst mining. You're welcome.
backyard metal casting

sup /g/

I'm feeling like getting a comfy old dumb phone and making it as capable as possible, sans the iOS/Android/Microsoft Softwear jewery. Is this stupid? Will i regret it after dropping ~$50 on it and trying to find a few useful apps that were all dropped back in 2011? Or does /g/ have a online coven of resources to make it usable without leaking all my personal data to google or apple?

Pic related, the one i got my eye on(I miss having a sexy sleek phone that can fit in my coin pocket).
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I'd get a flip phone desu

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ITT: VR ready gaming toasters

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whoa dude, he plugged in his computer at mcdonalds. ABSOLUTE MADMAN!

I thought electricity only worked in homes!

Why do intel chips consume so much fucking electricity?

The i7-7820X only has 8 cores yet it uses a little bit more of electricity as a 16 fucking core threadripper.
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nice bait.
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I fucking love trolling dumb AMDpoojets on /g/, it's so fucking funny when they get angry about Intel being the superior company, all of /g/ comes against me but I fight them all back without a sweat because facts back me up while AMD streetshitters can only cry and shit like the poor retards they are.
Intel and Nvidia will always remain at the top, AMD has no room to be at the top, never has in 30 years and never will.

I'll now just leave after this asskicking.
Deal with it.

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The sad state of streetshitters

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aesthetic tech thread
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haha no

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Why learn the best programming language? Will it really make you a better programmer?
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Learning an individual programming language, regardless of its structure, does not necessarily make you a better programmer. It simply means that you know how to program in a generally unfamiliar language.

That said, it does give a different take on things that are otherwise missing in other languages (Macros!!!), and there's no harm in expanding your realm of knowledge.


Yes it makes you a GNU/wizard

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Why people love to discuss how to prevent a general AI from going rogue if we have no idea how to create it in the first place?
This guy for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TYT1QfdfsM
Its pointless, make me believe people just want to fantasise about it being a reality and use current understanding of artificial intelligence, that will very likely be outdated when real general AI comes out.
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Look at this gap-toothed mong. Probably assistant to Rossman or something, changing out thermal paste (or "thermal goo", as he calls it because he doesn't have a college degree of course, that's for cucks).
>Invents start button
>Forgets to invent stop button

What did he mean by this?
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Best we can do is david


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