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Someone has that site with the hashes for the Windows' isos ?
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they actually removed it
i did not make backups

this is all I could find and its incomplete

Damn, I wanted LTSB.
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Erf, thx btw.
Here is a Spinoza.

Check OP's pic.

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>b-but gentoo
Slackware > Gentoo
Salix has 4 different DE and easy GUI install
Therefore Salix > Gentoo
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Install gentoo
>implying it isn't

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Tell me /g/, what software could I use to annotate this image so that when I click a circle, a word bubble pops up?
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What is your target format and viewer? This is not a feature of normal raster image formats or image viewers.

If it's for the web, I would say use SVG. You could write something like an overlay on top of the raster image directly on the web page, but bundling it in to an SVG instead will make it more easily portable across any site.
I got Annotorious but where do I extract the zip to? I'm lost
On your server where you'll be hosting the web page I presume. That's the " write something like an overlay on top of the raster image directly on the web page" approach, and it seems a little overkill for this. Looks like they provide a framework for dynamic, user creatable/editable annotations, but all you really need are static annotations. And if you're not looking to set up a whole website for this image and just want to distribute a single file, I don't think that's what you want.

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is there a way to trick windows into thinking i'm not using ryzen? I don't want to have to install updates from a 3rd party site or uninstall and block the updates that are blocking me from getting updates (as i have done untill now) sinc ethis is the 2nd update now that does this.

also M$ hate bread
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>installing updates
how fucking dumb are you?
remember nsa backdoor a few months ago
windows is built on NSA backdoors.

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Before the massive move to VS Code and Atom, people used Brackets, and before that Sublime Text. Its the half of 2017, and to still people use Brackets? How is it compared to VS Code now?
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>Implying people switched from Sublime to Brackets

Nobody uses Brackets. Few use Atom. VS Code and Sublime are the heavy hitters
I used it when I was learning front-end webdev. Brackets is a great tool at that. But I found it too unstable for everyday projects.
Sublime is still the best.
And compared to VS Code, how is it? From what I heard, Code consumes more RAM, while Brackets and Sublime use much less RAM.

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Just bought an Nexus 6P.
Thought of waiting for the Pixel2 or buing the S8 but too much money and just as good I guess.
Not playing games and stuff like that, just regular browsing and mail/work.
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Don't bump your own shit thread faggot
nexus are a solid buy desu, even 2 years after their release.

the only thing to be worried about is software support, but then again, you'll probably end up keeping it for 2, maybe 3 years, which by then, this shouldn't be much of an issue.

wish I could afford a 5X ((

are captchas really part of war, if so what side?
is this legit ? Im pretty spooked but i don't know if it's just GNU tinfoil crap or real? any input
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OH no it's the movie toys all over again
>Use Legacy Captchas
>problem solved

Google working with the NSA, the AI program and the drone strikes using AI are public info.

i'm very anal about the theme of my code editor, this is far the comfyest theme i have found for VSCode
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Someone recommend a good theme for sublime, I haven't managed to find anything comfy enough.
Monokai, but edit the package and set the background to true black.
Yeah I might just do that.
I also like https://github.com/lu-ren/SerialExperimentsLain but it's a .vim plugin and I don't know if there's a way to convert that to something readable by Sublime.

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I can't take anybody with that style of facial hair seriously.
>look at thumbnail
>didn't put possessive apostrophe for "intel's"
It's the classic guy who wears shirts with flames facial hair what's wrong with it?

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Last couple of days I was tinkering with Slackware in my VirtualBox and was pleasantly suprised of how good this distro is for learning GNU/Linux.
Let's start from the installation. It is not as user friendly as Ubuntu or Fedora but also not on the same authistic level as Gentoo. The best thing about installation is that you can manually pick every single package that will be installed on your system from a user friendly menu. Also there is suck great thing as 'newbie' mode which tells you the purpose of every package that you are installing, it even gives you a link if you want to know more. This feature is just great and I don't know why is it not an option in every other distro. Though, it makes installation veeeery long and I wouldn't suggest using this mode when installing on a real hardware. In VB it is great - I learn about installed packages - get tired - make a snapshot that can be restored any time that I want to continue installation...
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The next thing is the philosophy of the distro iself. It tries to be as simple as possible and not to use some bloat complicated tools (like Systemd).
For every package hat you install you have to manually resolve all dependencies. Sounds like a waste of time? It is. But it's a great way for learning building blocks of your system.
of course there are lot of forks that make package managment easier with automatic depenencies resolver, etc. but it's kinda defeating the purpose of using a distro like Slackware.
also, when you using Slackware you will not encounter such a thing as a lack of packages because you can easily convert any RPM package to use in Slackware

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Just bought an S7. Any recommendations or should I leave it running 6.0.1 without doing any changes?

Also do you recommend any protection? I was considering this one:


Not sure if I should also buy the screen protector also. Does it make it less responsive?
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Is Lineage OS any good for S7?
>Lineage OS
do you have to root it to install that?

Well, a bootloader will have to be unlocked. IIRC only the exynos version can be unlocked which happens to be a pain to port custom ROMs to.

What do you guys think is the "best" AV for Windows 10 assuming that the user isn't completely retarded and why ?
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Common Sense 2018
install gentoo
The easiest way to protect yourself while using windows 10 is:

1) Be updated - windows updates are always important and a top priority
2) Use Windows Defender - that thing is the best way to protect yourself because it does a better job than all FREE AVs on the market.
3) Install DWS for W10 so your computer will be less bloated and the NSA won't spy your ass, also less ads

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Did it deserve to die?
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>designed for Ubuntu Phone and Ubuntu Tablet that never came to be
>killed the Ubuntu Netbook Remix but failed to live up to its promises

Yes, it deserved to die.
its a shame that unity is considered a failure due to the failings of a completely different project
Yes, if only because it caused confusion when it was brought up in conversation and I would always have to guess if people were talking about Linux or the game engine.

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I'm trying to fix the RAM speeds and timings. Whenever I use the XMP profile, the PC doesn't boot and eventually ends up in the BIOS saying overclocking failed. I figured it should work out of the box, but clearly I'm missing something.

It's Corsair Vengeance RAM and is on the QVL for the motherboard.

Any ideas?
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Buy RGB ram u fuckin pleb.
The lighting makes it go lightspeed!

It is RGB.

Pleb not found.
Could very well not be stable. I'm not sure they actually test every stick. Or you may have gotten a bum CPU.
Try manually overclocking and see what voltage you actually need for XMP speed/timings.

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What's wrong with it? Seems pretty polished to me after using Unity.
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>not using Cinnamon on Arch with a decend gtk and icon theme
I see youre running gnome
Y too much space for the titlebar?

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