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Few of these threads lately, been a few good suggestions. Anybody got more? Looking for a tiling WM - anybody used Maxto or bug.n?

>Directory Opus OR Double Commander
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EarTrumpet & Scanner, anything else is shit

>2:1 aspect ratio
>curved corners
>butt ugly design
>a squeezable frame
>fuckhuge camera lens
>no headphone jack
>made by LG, home of the neverending bootloop
>always-on display
We made fun of Google for the first Pixel but now they've completely shat the bed. Oh well, at least we get dual speakers this time.

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>no headphone jack

Android Police. Pretty reputable. They're almost never wrong.
>As to the headphone jack, we're not really sure what the status of that is, unfortunately.

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Remember when Windows was good? I do. After this fucking windows 10 creators update that I was forced into (Didn't even get the option to say no to this shit) all the PC crashes made me angry enough to just downgrade back to the good windows.

Anyone else downgrade after this stupid update? I'm back on Mojave.
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>The Mojave Experiment is an advertising campaign by Microsoft for the Windows Vista. The campaign was part of Microsoft's efforts to change what it felt was an unfair negative consumer perception of the operating system.[1] Mojave spanned a series of advertisements that consisted of individuals being shown a demonstration of Windows Vista by Microsoft; however, the operating system was rebranded in disguise as a new version of Windows codenamed "Mojave"; a fact not revealed during the demonstration.
>The experiment was criticized by Gadgetzone.com[5] for cherry-picking positive statements and not addressing all aspects of Vista. The necessary hardware and software was already set up for the participants and demonstrated by a salesman, so they were unable to try out the software themselves
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Maybe you should have gone for a clean fucking install instead of relying on Microshit's botched upgrade process.

are these tiny WLAN antennas acceptable?

I want basic WLAN capability without rod antennas sticking out the case.
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Inverted-F patch antennas trade efficiency for size. They work, but they're not as good as proper half-wave dipoles. Those things are what you find in laptop screens.
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smartphones got it too, pic is OP5

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Sooo, does a 3rd party vroc m.2 extension card actually support all SSDs or is it still limited to intel?
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thanks for fucking up, now we know you're a newfag

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Childhood is when you own fruity themed toys. Adulthood is when you realize real computers are the better option.
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So I got one of these, a steelhead 250 series desktop thingo. Apparently it is a WAN compressor or some shit, I'm not too sure. What I do want to do with it is install some form of linux on it. It comes with a 2gb intel budget ssd which has a usb pin header on the back of it.

I have seen people install pfsense on it by plugging the flash storage into their computer and running a utility. How would I go about doing this with a linux distro (preferably ubuntu)? Do I just write the .img file to the flash storage and hope for the best?

It runs an intel celeron 1.6ghz cpu if that matters.

The pfsense install is here: /r/PFSENSE/comments/4dul1k/adventures_in_installing_pfsense_on_a_riverbed/
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You don't deserve to own it if you're that retarded
2/10 troll harder

How many computer years are there in one human year?
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...no means no!

I mean look at their reaction.....glued together.
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This is image describe the situation pretty well. On one side we have Garrison, using dirty tricks and lies to sell the image of being an original and genuine woman which is quite the opposite. On the other side we have Richard Dawkins, a naive man who turns to be a perfect victim for Garrison's dirty tricks. However, in the end of the day Mr Richard still fuc***d up Garrison.

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This is the face of modern /g/
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yes and?
no body dismissed this

back to /Soc/

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*Taking control of your .io domain*

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>Intel is not impressed with what AMD has been able to accomplish with its Zen architecture, or at least that is what the company is portraying publicly. In an official slide Intel put together as part of a presentation promoting its Xeon processors over AMD's competing Zen-based Epyc server chips, Intel described AMD's offering as being a "glued-together" solution.

>The less-than-flattering description is catching heat by some observers and could very well spark a war of words between Intel and AMD. That is, if the latter chooses to respond. Either way, the critical slides seem to suggest that Intel is feeling at least mildly threatened by AMD's comeback tour with Zen, and rightfully so.

>"So AMD's server platform will require optimizations as well because Ryzen did, for incomparably different workloads? History does inform the future, but not to the extent that Intel is putting it here to, certainly. Putting things in the same perspective, is Intel saying that their Xeon ecosystem sees gaming-specific optimizations?," TechPowerUp writes.

AMD btfo! Why do pajeets always do a half-assed job?

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They might have had a point if AMD didn't have anything like Infinity Fabric.

You know, kind of like how the Core 2 Quad dies communicated via the slow FSB.
I feel like this is the same poster ironically shilling Intel over retarded things they said to make the real intelshills (the subtle ones) look bad.
Its in their genetics

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what kind of software are power companies running to manage their grids? I mean goddamn this has to be some serious software. Who makes this software? How is it made? What exactly does it do?

I used to intern at a small power company and they were /sec/ as fuck when you went into their operation room. This was in bumfuck nowhere so imagine important places have serious security.

If you think about it serious systems are fucked without electricity. Power companies are holding some serious power. Although I'm sure the real real /sec/ orgs have backup generators.

but how long do those generators last?
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really made me think OP
I recognized pepe in the image

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Hey guise check out the CPU i bought for my next build, the air conditioner to keep it cool will arrive next week.

I will keep you posted!
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TR2 will be in 7mm and therefore smaller. And faster.
same socket, amd isn't intel

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