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>The new Volta SM is 50% more energy efficient than the previous generation Pascal design, enabling major boosts in FP32 and FP64 performance in the same power envelope.

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Raja Pooduri on suicide watch
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>over a gorrilian vega slide threads
>everyone is quite as fuck about intel leaving american manufacturing and having a new fuck up every single day
gee i wonder why this is
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>everyone is quite
t. poojet
>a typo is """""""evidence"""""""" of indians
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back to /r/amd poojet

So, I am currently planning a build, and I need a good balance between gaming performance and rendering performance.

I was previously going to go with the 1920x from AMD but the 7820x from intel is cheaper, runs a bit cooler, and has better gaming performance, so, I am going with that.

Anyways, I have heard that the Intel x299 platform has recently been having motherboard VRM issues. I hope to overclock within the range of 4.3ghz to 4.8ghz.

Should I use a monoblock to cool my motherboard, or use a regular CPU water block?
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>runs a bit cooler
no it doesn't.
The TDP on intel is lower by 40 watts...

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>tfw you've become so knowledgeable in programming that you can filter out all of the retarded /g/ recommendations and uninformed opinions
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>knowledgeable on programming
>still wasting time on /g/
Come on
>knowledgeable in programming
What did he mean by this?
>it's another "too intelligent four linux" thread
sage for low effort, reddit posting

Onions on NetBeans?
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JetBreins IntelliJ > NetBeans > shit > Eclipse
What the fuck NetBeans?
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Someone recommend a cheap dap.

Not fiio and not ipods.
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I need a DAC bls halb xDDDDDDDDDD


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should I get a 7700 or wait for coffee lake and spend like $130 for a new mobo that I can use coffee lake for instead of using my current mobo
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You should kill yourself, dumb frogposter.
uh he's called pepe you fucking normie

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hi, non westerner here.
Do you fa/g/gots actually pay for softwares like Photoshop and Windows? LOL
What about music?
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nobody on this board pays for any of that I hope, normies do though
I don't pay <for> music. I tip musicians who make good shit.
I buy music I find good you stingy fuck.
Who even pays for software when you get original licenses for free in university?

>Intelshit doesn't even get close

What the fuck intel? how come AMD is cheaper AND better?!
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Don't ever post a graph with an unlabelled axis ever EVER again and this is your final warning.
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find the mistake
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its a clusterfuck, for example:
JK=10 -> turn on, but here it just toggles
the only toggling on JK FFs are when JK=11, which is their main difference with SR FFs
also just realized you had Q' and not Q (t+1), which doesnt really make sense, you can't know what the FF's original position was
Anyhow the problem lies on the 1st line, you can't have no state on the bit
Its either Q or Q', in this case Q' as implied by the second line
This is retardedly written tho imo

>AMD Vega 10 GPU Marketing Image For WWDC17 Was Not A Die Shot – No Info on Die Size Available, First Gaming Cards Still Months Away From Launch

wew lad... seems power corrupts. only a matter of time before AMD resorts to shady tactics like Intel.
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fucking nigger baka faggot
>fucking nigger baka faggot
No English senor

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what kind of headphones does etika use
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CIA headphones because he's a nigger
Etika is a he you autistic jew

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So you know how HDDs and SSDs can't retain data indefinitely? I'm wondering if there is something I can buy or build that automatically refreshes/remagnetises the data on a HDD periodically so it's always as if it's just been written to the drive. Possible or no?
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Just copy your data to tape and write it to new tape every 20 years.
Sure: set two hard drives up as mirrors of each other (but NOT as a RAID) and set up a cron job to copy the entire contents of one to the other and alternate which is to and which is from. Set it to run daily or weekly or monthly or whatever you like.

Honestly though, it's a waste of time and effort. It'd take quite a few years of a drive being inactive for the magnetisation of disk sectors fading to being unreadable to become anywhere near likely enough to worry about. Besides, if you're regularly backing up to another medium (which you are anyway, if you're as concerned about data integrity as the question implies), it's not a problem at all.
Use 32MB memory Cards

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>take ROM from a phone with very similar specs, e.g same SoC, RAM, resolution, etc
>Take kernel from stock ROM on my phone and apply it to the ROM
>Flash to my phone

Will that work?
Will it brick my phone?
What will happen?

Could someone please explain this to me? I'm not tech literate and I won't pretend to be, I'm just curious on the easiest way to port ROMs.
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Undefined behavior
It will brick
Even phones by the same manufacturer with almost identical specs will brick if you don't flash the exact right version for that phone
If it was that easy someone would have done it already for your phone. What model is it?

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Why is Windows Media Center so comfy?
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I turned it off from services.

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