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tfw technology has destroyed your ability to write with pen and paper
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Why would you ever need to use pen and paper? Just carry a portable printer in your phanny pack.
idk op my handwriting has gotten slightly worse but i wouldnt say its been destroyed
i wish i could weebpost with my own drawings desu

So my gtx 780 randomly crapped out on me after years of use. I have money to get a replacement card but I'm not trying to spend much unfortunately right now. Any suggestions on if I should just buy a cheap 1050 (downgrade) for the time being or just go for the 1060 6gb (slight upgrade but a couple hundred more). Any opinions ate appreciated.
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I have a 4GB 960 mini I'll sell you for a reasonable price. Send me a PM for details.
Stick it in the oven, probably fix it
Lel, I have literally the same graphics card before i changed to my current one. I'm currently using it for PhysX dedicated gpu and to connect second display.

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I've been installing Windows 10 for the past 5 hours and it's still not done. AMA
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why didnt u install macOS
who wants FagOS?
why not a gnu/linux distro you fucking gayming nigger

not him, but the reason is that linux offers no advantage over windows

So I've been thinking about using my PC to mine for meme coins over night but idk what to mine. So which meme coins if any should I start mining while my PC is idle.
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Don't bother if you don't have free/very cheap electricity.
i've heard gridcoin is cool but idk how good it actually is

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rms pedophilia.png
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>tfw can't stop procrastinating
How does /g/ stay productive? Are there any programs that can help me do so?
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drink covfefe
read about pommodoro technique and stop being a woman and start controlling your emotions and urges you little faggot

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Old thread >>61333611

What are you working on, /g/?
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First for scheme
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DSL in Lisp for pushing forth to embedded uC's
best poster

Is this acceptable /g/?
>General PC maintenance thread
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No. Clean your shit sand nigga
ITT: Thinly-veiled gore thread
No, take off your cpu cooler and do a proper cleaning. All that dust in the heatsink will completely ruin the already shitty performance of a stock Intel cooler.

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My uncle came in my workplace with two 2008 MacBooks and said "save my files and then do whatever you want with them"
Both have lcd broken
One is bad, other has only one bad stripe, but is usable
Now what?

I was thinking about removing lcd lid, an SSD should be fine to make them work. They're pretty usable with external display, hardware keeps up nicely
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install arch blind.
Maybe use as a server.

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Post some good evolution simulators and machine learning progs
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>no ones posts
fekn plbs
lol fuck off you dumb nigger go back to >>>/pol/
fuck you already sound insufferable, im glad i dont have friends like u

why do people say linux is good for programming if it doesn't even have visual studio?
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Visual studio is left for dead since devs are moving unto eclipse
Lunix is not a botnet so there no way microshill will steal your hardwork

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How do you guys organize your stuff? Most of my stuff on my computer is fine but my hard drive is a complete mess.
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I had my desktop all neat but then changed my resoloution once and fucked it all up and said fuck it. I just use the preinstalled windows orginization folders for pictures, music, ect and my spare hard drive for video
I usually use folders
>I use folders


Title says it all... Has the developer said anything about it? It would be a shame if he doesn't when Firefox 57 rolls out
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what's a ublock?
I don't know but Im replacing adblock with it right now, I'm sick of all those moaning ads from porn sights and "WARNING, you must be 18 to play this game ;3"
uBlock Origin is far far better. It's open source and is very light-weight. Doesn't allow "acceptable ads" like ABP does.

>Intel said more than 500,000 Xeon Scalable processors have already sold

Intel, laughing all the way to the bank and not giving a fuck about EPYC FAIL garbage
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You mean the Early Purley they dumped to Google?
Aka the reason micrococks are going for EPYC?
Yep. http://fortune.com/2017/07/11/intel-xeon-amd-nvdia-servers/

>Although Intel was formally introducing the new Xeon chips on Tuesday, it has already sold about 500,000 to some large customers such as Google

Shitposters gonna shitpost. Intel really needs that damage control squad to roll out.
Purely has been selling since Q4 2016 to 'valued customers'

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7700k (4c/8t) beats up the 7800k (6c/12t) every time, even when stock (4.5Ghz) against 7800k overclocked to 4.7Ghz.
Pretty interesting.
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Still in the 100s. Wow. Intel truly is shit I cant even. Amd for the win. Much wow.
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How to ruin performance with cache changes and memory latency increases in one easy step.

Hope Coffee Lake S can put on a better 6 core show than this, or Intel isn't going to sell a single one of these to MUH GAYMERS.
It's because the 7700k has the lowest core to core latency.

Intel has to figure out to get that efficient core to core communication with 6,8,10 core CPUs.

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regularly argues with CEO about engineering team's well-being. regularly personally takes on customers treating engineering badly. regularly trying to find new incentives and career path escalations for engineering team. emulating /g/ spirit animal comfy at all times. Uses a Dell laptop because he's evolved past provider/platform fandom and realizes all machines are slaves.
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he's a /g/entooman and he belongs here you don't know him.
Suck his dick on daily basis. Man deserved it

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