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Only rural and suburban retards use PCs. All the sophisticated, smart, intelligent, cultured, non-racist city people use Macs. If you use a PC you're probably a redneck.
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This is true, since apple is the poor person Cadillac of the 21st century
how can i be a redneck if i'm not even american
Because the US is the only country on the planet

>Using wangblows
>plug in USB dongle
>Windows is installing drivers
>Five minutes passed, no progress
>Class is booing me
>Do you want to manually install drivers?
>Select yes
>Spend 15 minutes searching on Indian websites for drivers
>Class is throwing food at me
>I'm sorry, but Windows defender has blocked the installation of the driver
>Spend 30 minutes hacking windows to disable unauthorized installations
>Shoes are thrown, the fire alarm is pulled
>Finally install driver, it's a virus, ask class for 500 dollars to decrypt computer
>Someone comes up and stabs me
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goddamn I lol'd
Definitely no fake.

I'm trying to do a budget gaming and streaming pc build and my budget is around 700$, I'm thinking an i5 processor, with 16gb of ram, and a caviar blue 1tb hard drive with a msi atx mini motherboard, any recomendations? Sorry if thus is on the wrong board, I wasn't sure where to put it
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Have you tried reading the fucking sticky?

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Now that we're in search for a new browser, thoughts on Dooble?
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I don't know much about browsers, I have heard this botnet crap about chrome, my question is, are all chromium based browsers using botnet? Is it something inherent with chromium? Or is that not the case?
I would use Dooble, except there isn't a userscript written for 4chan on it. And I don't think it has a feature like uMatrix. And I love uMatrix, so that's a problem for me. If I'm wrong, please tell me.

>Is it something inherent with chromium
Well, botnet, in this case, isn't really a very specific term, so I suppose it could be construed that the ``botnet" in Chromium is its forcing integration with the Google ecosystem.

As I understand it--but don't take my word for it, because I haven't found anything that shows me clear, definite proof, although I would love to see it--Chromium will download some binaries one it's installed. Or something like that. I keep searching for it online, but nothing really clear comes up.
I'm also worried about the lack of a script blocker. Pretty much the only thing keeping me from using it. It seem like it has everything else in order.

I didn't even realize it was based on chromium.

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>tfw fell for the APU meme
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>no amd laptop apus yet

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What went wrong?
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Your board of choice

Linux. Like, literally.

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Which tech company has the worst fanboys and why is it AMD?
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they're subcontractors, not fanbois
You're all as bad as each other.
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lisa su.jpg
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Spotted the Intel fanboy.

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imagine being this cucked
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What are they paying them for?

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My brother and I were working some powerful shit encryption. We decided to race on how fast we could make it using the best methods. I won, so I decided to brag a little.
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Brag about this sage
Rule #1 of crypto: never use your own crypto.

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According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Indoor Air Pollution is ranked amongst the top 5 health risks in North America.

Do you suffer from any respiratory issues as asthma and allergies or just would like to learn how reduce your Indoor Air Pollution?

Please visit www.hyla-us.com or contact HYLA USA directly at [email protected]
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Unless you live in a very polluted area, breathing super clean air all the time will weaken your respiratory system.
>indoor air cleaning
It's called turning on the HVAC (you can just turn on the fan) and using better filters. USA homes pretty much are all central AC.
I just use a Xiaomeme Air Filter

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Why havent you given Mozilla your personal cell phone number yet, /g/?

You want your internet to be unleashed, right?
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welcome to the 1984.jpg
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More 1984 language
>Unleash your potential!
>Free yourself!
>Embrace diversity!
This fucking piece of shit is always leaking my RAM.
>Avoid Gecko-based browsers like Firefox. They’re significantly less secure and are among the few apps not able to benefit from the full set of CopperheadOS hardening features due to shipping their own linker and custom JIT compiler within the app process. The WebView is inherently Chromium-based so using Gecko also means exposing the attack surface of two browser engines rather than one. Firefox Focus currently uses the system WebView rather than Gecko but Mozilla plans to change that.

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Are chromebooks worth it?
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Depends what you're looking for.
I have the one in your OP pic and it fucking rules. Trackpad blows any windows laptop out of the water, 3:2 aspect ratio is perfect, it's actually light weight, and the SD card slot makes storage a non issue
I think they might be good if you're into studying, for private use not so much.

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You have 30 minutes to tell me why Vega 54 is better than GTX 1070
AMD: power hungry and 10C+ on average compared to Intel 1070
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> furmark
Fuck off furryfag

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I want to buy a new laptop, /g/. The one I've used to shitpost for ten years is no longer able to keep up with all of my new games.
The reason I'm not making this thread on /v/ is because they're arguably even bigger autists than you are. I'm looking for something that will run modern games, and doesn't look like a teenagers wet dream. Any recommendations?
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razer Blade. It looks a little gaudy but it's not too bad. If you really want to keep up with the newest games is the best looking laptop you can buy without flashing rgb lights and Lamborghini vents and shit
Dell XPS15 with a 1050 card is what you're looking for.

I summon Gentooman in Defense Mode.
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Where to buy piglets

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