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Is gnome supposed to look like this by default? The really gross ugly darkish grey GTK2 theme?
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GNOME is themeable, unlike wincuck
just wondering what the default is suppose to look like?
That's gnome's default theme huh? Needs to be greyer. Like, who skips out on the greyness like that? I make my shit grey on purpose.

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I'm building my first pc and I'm about to order everything but I want to make sure I'm not forgetting anything

Everything's compatible so the specifics don't matter, but what I have so far is this: a processor with integrated graphics, motherboard, ram, case, power supply, storage, disk drive, and windows 10

Is there anything else I need? Like, do I need thermal paste or anything else or can I get away with just what I have right now?
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Op here
Just realized I don't have a network connection

Anything else I'm forgetting?
Mobo has built in Ethernet, unless you want wifi. You'll need a cpu cooler, a tube of thermal paste, and case fans.
The cpu I have has built in fans. I don't plan on doing anything super heavy so it should be fine. If it does seem like it's getting hot, I'll buy something else down the road

Should I be using Wayland if I install Gnome on Arch Linux?

Anyone use Gnome with Xorg?
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>arch linux
Gnome? Real powerusers use only terminal!
Read the wiki.

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>using a desktop

do u know how unhealthy and bad it is for your spine?

stop it
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What's the alternative, doctor?
Standing desk.
terry davis back

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My laptop (which runs on windows 7) is refusing to open google chrome or any other internet browser due to "ERR.CONNECTION CLOSED".ive tried everything I could find online but nothing seems to work and I have no idea what to do.please someone respond to this if you have any idea of how to deal with these things .
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Might have something to do with your network adapter settings.
did you try opening the connection?
Install gentoo
It doesn't have this issue

Who even uses this shit?
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left-handed people i guess
People who 2 fist mice. I saw this on an anime. it could be real.
Why don't people just use simple ergonomic Logitech mice for around 20 dollars?

Honestly, you're retarded to spend over 30 dollars on a mouse.

anyone can help a neet out with sources, i plan to troll some people
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Shut up newfag, take it to /b/

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So... Is functional programming the next big thing, or is it just something that's gonna vanquish soon? It seems to me like it's going to be a big turning point in the programming world. What does /g/ think about it?
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I enjoy F#, but there is no way my team/enterprise will embrace it.
It's a useful style of programming thats existed for a bajillion years. Its just gaining a lot of attention because of hipsters.

it's gaining attention because if your systems are sufficiently formalized you can automatically generate tests or detect bugs/security flaws

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So about a week ago i switched from windows 10 to ubuntu gnome 16.04. I'm lovin it mostly. The gnome software center is a turd though,Not a deal breaker since i prefer the command line anyway.

Had to make the switch because windows 10 was using 100% cpu constantly scanning the drive i guess backing up all the files to the nsa or some shit.
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go start a blog and post this there
no my blog is only for my gay scat porn stuff.
Welcome to the master race

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Ok /g/ so I messed up my current headset (Yes, I know it's no longer manufactured.) However, the only part that was messed up was the microphone, I was wondering if any of you would be able to help me find a replacement one? I've been unable to as of yet, the headet is a ROG ASUS Vulcan ANC. I really need to find the replacement soon, so it would be greatly appreciated.
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Pic related is the microphone
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Other side, if it helps.
I am pretty sure that the warranty is not still in effect, as it's been a good while that I've had these. The most info I can give is the model, unfortunately.

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Is this + wireless AP the best router?

I'm tired of shitty routers dropping internet randomly on a daily basis.
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it's decent if all you need is a basic router. The web based config can do a lot but some of the more advanced stuff requires you to ssh in. You'll also need to know something about vyatta since thats what edgerouter os is based off of. Also if you want to use POE passthru you'll need a different power adapter since the included one isn't strong enough for that.
Heh sorry kid. If you aren't running pfsense on an old machine as your router you are out of your league posting here
edgerouter os is based on vyatta
vyos is based on vyatta
edgerouter os is propriatary garbage on inferior hardware and vyos is an open source os you can install on any fucking thing youd ever want

wait for vyos 2.0 release and get a second hand pc and a switch

Why exactly is this less popular than PHP?
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Idiocy, Perl is superior in every way
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Simply not true.

Because PHP is easy for web devs to learn.

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Is there some way to see network activity per extension in Firefox? I'd like to test and see if any are making connections to suspicious stuff.
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>Is there some way to see
mokou is cute
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Dumb Moco Poster

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Can someone tell me why the Samsung Evo 960 is the most hyped up consumerist drive when pic related occurs?

What the fuck is this shit, why should I get the 256GB version if this retardation occurs?
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>buying nvmeme

Well I have to buy another SSD and there's no point of not getting one.

But seriously, this drive is the only one with the meme wave.
I thought it has to throttle because of heat

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Can we put 4chan on the blockchain
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uploading 15%
have fun dealing with cp
Can't you just delete the post/data in the smart contract ?

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