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What's the best driver for GTX 1070?
Fishing for opinions since there's a lot of information out there to suggest the newest are shitty compared to some of the older ones.
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Such as?

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Are there VR headsets that connect to a computer? My phone is shit and I want to watch crazy immersive porn.
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use google

and then cease breathing
Yes, all "proper" VR sets connect to a computer. You're going to need a good card, though.

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Come someone explain to me how General Boards work? Could anyone make one? Do they get approved by mods? Are they made by mods? I just never asked about this before. Hopefully someone will answer and not say "neck ur self new fag lol"
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People post a thread containing general and with some type of short for (see /kbg/) and if there's enough autists interested in that subject, a general is born

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X1C5 owners, how is it?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Do any of you know how to ring a modem? I'm thinking of a sine wave at 20hz and a transformer.
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What for?
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doesn't even have to be a sinewave.

Okay guys, I need some advice. I am looking for a very specific piece of hardware that I don't know exists.

Ideally, I want a Bluetooth remote that is programmable that stores hotkey settings onboard. Basically, I want a wireless device that can connect to any platform and simulate keypresses without software hosted on the machine itself. Barring that, I am open to alternatives. Any thoughts?
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Make your own with arduino, Bluetooth chip, and small keyboard.

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Does /g/ have any opinion on the MX master 2s? also mouse thread
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Yeah it's shit like every single mouse marketed as "high end" and will fall apart or stop working properly sooner than your 3 USD a pop office supply logishit mouse sold in bulk unless you pamper it like it was made by Apple.
Logishit make solid mice, my G502 is still working like new. Their customer support is good too and will just send you a free replacement no questions asked if you tell them your mouse is fucked, they don't even ask for proof or ask for you to send yours back.
You're both right. I bought a Logitech MX Revolution years ago; it started double clicking so I got a Performance MX as a free replacement. That one started peeling so they sent me another and now that one is double clicking. I think my warranty is finally out though.

So their replacement policy is good but every high end Logitech mouse has failed on me. Now I use a cheap mouse and it's lasted longer than any of my $70 MX shit mouses have.

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Is there a way you can trace a phone number to show you its current location or its last known location or past locations?
How does the fbi trace phone numbers?
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Pencil and a tracing board
They get the location remotely by sending a type 0 SMS and if the phone does not have a GPS or is too old they ask the phone carrier and use the cellphone towers around the phone to pinpoint its location

A common person cant do any of that so nope you cant find its location unless he's dumb enough to use Snapchat and you know his snap

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Quick, what's the best free, mobile VPN?

I've been using Opera VPN for awhile, but I feel like it's just a cheap overlay that doesn't actually do anything
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>free VPN
Enjoy being datamined for everything you see
(((HOLA))) is '"Free'" and allegedly doesn't hurt your goyish privacy.


Because you do not care about the botnet:
Turbo vpn, its fast, pick your country, simple.

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Has anyone reported cves for large projects ie apache? I have 4 pocs for apache and I was wondering the best way to build a write up
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Just sell your exploits to the highest bidder
>publishing CVEs
Moralfags keep walking

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Bad shitposts on /g are:

>muh watches, '"horology'"
>speccy "threads"
>anything SystemD
>occasioanl (((SJW))) posting

If these shits were banned, /g could get better, prove me wrong now

You Can't

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Why do you hate systemd? It's FOSS.
What's wrong discussing about systemd?
Should we ban OS threads too?
Hey, lets stop making threads about operating systems!

Bad shitpost actually are:
Anything vs anything else
Advices/small questions threads ie
>Should I buy intel CPU???
Something something got BTFOd!!!
All benchmark threads..
There are lots more.
Anyways... /g/ is only good for shitposting.
Watches need to fuck off, there's 0 discussion about the "technology" involved, it's just a thread for an autism hobby. There may as well be a /trains/ general. Speccy and screenfetch need to fuck off, desktop threads need to come back.

polite sage

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Temple of Nod.jpg
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Need to buy a new wireless router, what router do all the cool kids use these days? I don't care about price, as long as I'm not spending $200+ on a some spider-looking shit like pic related.
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>not spending $200 on a wireless router
anything cheaper than $200 that's not this is gonna be trash and fuck you.
If your main PC is a desktop use Ethernet at which point any gigabit router will work fine since its not like your phone or laptop needs stupid amounts of bandwidth anyway.
Archer C7 if you want $100
and the TP-Link spider looking shit for $200, flash them to Openwrt/LEDE and it's all good OP.

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>/g/ is either politics, consumer electronics, or memes.

are you people autistic on five different dimensions or something?
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That's the only places the shills go.

Anytime we talk about anything else we get forum slid off of the frontpage almost immediately.

Hello /g/

I was wondering if you could help me with this project i'm trying to do. I'm working on figuring it own on my own through google, but it might be faster if I was pointed in the right direction by someone more knowledgeable.

I'm trying to make a heat map of UFC events in the US using city name data from this site.


How can I best isolate the data and get it into a format that I can enter into a program or site that will produce a heat map? Id like to do this using free resources if possible.
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install gentoo

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hi /g/

I just downloaded linux (arch linux) but I don't know how to run it. or do I need to isntall it first? double click does nothing
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install gentoo
you could at least try to read the installation guide on its wiki first...

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