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>Take-home test
>Test will be posted on class website
>Test starts today, uploaded today
>Only one question
>Due in one week (1000 words or four pages)

"Is FOSS software feasible in the real world? Why or why not?"

Shit. What do?
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The problem
The question is very open-ended. Answer it however you like.

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Man, FireFox is getting incredible unstable these days (I'm on latest version 55.0.3)

It's crashing seemingly randomly a couple of times per day with only a couple of tabs open

Chrome has never crashed, only once in a while a specific tab crashes but it doesn't suicide bomb the other tabs like Mozilla does
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Yes me as well friend! I only use best Google product from now on!
You a retard. The only reason to use chrome is that debugging isn't pleasurable in ff after firebug stopped working
1: Fuck google.

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ITT: Legacy technology that has since been replaced by better alternatives.
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Let me guess they are still using this shit in iphones?
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Apparently apple is pretending that USB-C doesn't exist.

It does. I don't really know what the deal is. I guess they like giving their customers antiquated hardware?

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Holy shit that is the stupidest name I have ever heard
why no frog?
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frogs aren't cute

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Are you going to switch to fuschia, /g/?
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I have a hard time believing that people will continue promoting Google in the future.
Is it just a kernel? Or a full replacement for android? The latter is necessary tbqh
I'm not clear on what the difference between this and Android is meant to be.

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Why the fuck can't Apple come up with original ideas anymore?
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I spy a humungous bezel at the bottom
try again, Androne
>t. iSheep
They never did.

They just take what works and put an accessible spin on it. Its been that way since the Apple II.

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iphone 8's price in rupees is 89000 = 1390 USD
iphone x's price in rupees = 102000 = 1593 USD

i dont think pajeet is going to be able to afford apple shit anymore

man i am very high
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Pajeet has never been able to afford iPhone, which is why Apple ignored his country until just last year
Why Apple insist on the Indian market tho? What is their evolution especially considering their prices ? Because technologies /AR & AI are going to be huge in the future so phones will become more and more expensive. Why Apple is promoting their phones like if everyone could afford them whereas in reality they are making it unaffordable more and more years after years ?
ignored how? I have friends from india who are able to buy iphones from india

idk man

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>once Apple does it, everyone else starts to do it

In a year or less, we’ll see phones with specs that are on par/better than the iPhone X.
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let's see if Samsung can copy Face ID properly within the next 8 months
Specs? No

It will take 5 years for anyone to make a phone with comparable specs
Yes. Processor probably a month before next iphone. Camera a month after this one is released. We still need 3dtouch and I have no idea why android phones hadn't done it.

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I want to use BootCamp on my Mac so I can use FL Studio because I hate Logic Pro, should I boot Windows 7 or Windows 10?
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Answer me you fuckin nerds
Logic pro is great even better with a logic controller the fact you Wanna use fucking fruity loops is gay therefore you gay
It's not called Fruity Loops anymore grandpa, get with the times fag

Logic Pro is just GarageBand for autists

my 2 year old phone has a 1440x2560 resolution and 518 ppi and it's a 2015 flasghip

meanwhile the iphone is still failing to compete with 2015 technology
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it literally doesnt matter above 1080P
nigga my phone is 1080p and that's way more than what you need for a fucking phone
anything higher would be a waste of processing power and battery life, you literally can't even see the pixels so why go higher

Does anyone here use left handed mouses? Im really struggling to find anything decent. I just want a wireless mouse for some home browsing, that isnt total fucking shit.
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Just by a neutral-handed trackball
>neutral-handed trackball
Those things look stupid as fuck
3d printers will be very useful in the future.

expect 3d printed mech keyboards with arrows/shift/numpad on the left too

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Welcome to /lgbt/ Libreboot is the Greatest BIOS Thread!
Beginners feel free to ask questions!

More info about the project:

Helpful resources:
Flashing the X60 internally (easy)

Flashing the X200/T400 externally (advanced)

So /g/ why haven't you installed the only BIOS that actually respects your freedom, privacy, and human rights by using no proprietary firmware and disables the Intel (NSA backdoor) ME?

>inb4 the dev is a tranny and drama queen
That's a red herring and has no bearing on the project
The dispute with GNU was resolved several months ago

>inb4 no compatible system
You can literally get a ThinkPad X200 for $50 on ebay

>inb4 no beaglebone/pi for external flashing
You can get an X60 for internal flashing or use a Libreboot flashing service (about $50) on ebay for X200/T400

>inb4 that hardware is ancient
An X200 will pretty much do anything besides "muh gaymin" plus there are some descent mobo's that support Libreboot for an Intel or AMD desktop system (see below)

Compatible Laptops/Boards:
Server boards: Asus KFSN4-DRE and Asus KGPE-D16
Desktop boards: Asus KCMA-D8, Intel D510MO, Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L, and Apple iMac 5,2
Laptops: Asus Chromebook C201, Lenovo ThinkPad X60/X60s, Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet, Lenovo ThinkPad T60 (some exceptions), Lenovo ThinkPad X200, Lenovo ThinkPad R400, Lenovo ThinkPad T400, Lenovo ThinkPad T500, Apple MacBook 1.1, and Apple MacBook 2.1
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I hope Leah is right and we have an X220 librebooted by the end of the year
Me too, fingers crossed
Is the T9900 really not worth the buy? I have a T500 I want to upgrade.

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How are open source graphics programs doing these days? Can they compete with their professional counterparts?

The way I see it, only Blender does.
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yes, only blender does.
Blender is a fucking miracle.
GIMP is great

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You know how the FBI wants to hack your phone or force you to unlock it so they can botnet your ass? You know how forcing you to give your passcode to them is tricky, legally speaking?

Now it's easier than ever for them to access your phone!

>Be in FBI/CIA custody
>They take your iPhone X™
>Shove it in front of your face
>Now they have all your data
See? iPhone X™ makes everything easier than it has ever been!
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>implying there isn't a more convenient backdoor
Correct, I do think there's some sort of SOS feature, where you just click the power button a few times or something and it will require passcode to unlock, much like the fingerprint?
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>I do think there's some sort of SOS feature

Why is Linux never pre-installed on any device?
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I'd list off a bunch of devices to prove you wrong, but I'm guessing that was your intention when making this thread. Do your own homework.
Dell sold laptops with pre-installed ubuntu in the past, not sure if they do it now
You mean embedded devices? Like your Android phones?

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