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So ETHereum price is crashing down since last week so are we safe to see GPU prices going down in the upcoming days?
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Not until they're actually back in stock.
My first guess was to say no because all the miners remember when the bitcoin popped and now it's worth even more, so people will save cards and some will offset the crash with buying since it's low price.
But then I remembered that this would require handsight, foresight and 2 whole brain cells. And then I rembered that the average miner is similar to the average stock broker who is similar to the advanced retard and you should get the fuck back to /biz/

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Why do they do this?
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>Why do they try to appeal to as many people as possible and not just a handful of nerds who are on the spectrum?
Gee whiz, who knows
t. /v/tard
you forgot the qr code

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Old thread: >>61316134

What are you working on, /g/?
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not this fucking rust shill again.
Is there some simple way to check whether a font supports certain unicode characters on loonix?
I want to learn a meme lang

Haskell, Erlang, Go, Julia

Which one first /dpt/?

What's /g/'s take on Chrome vs Firefox?
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Netrunner will beat them both.
How the fuck do I install this on Windows? AND keep it updated automatically?

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Can we blow all the AMD marketing department pls.

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If I pull that heatsink off, will you die?
It'd be a very poor overclock

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>Performing a pen test against a medium sized bank
>find a Windows 2000 server running IIS 5.0
>ask them what it's used for
>"that's our main webserver"
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we have an ftp which still runs win2000
Is there any reason why? When I asked them they had no reason why other than they didn't want to go through the hassle of upgrading
well, did you get root mr hackerman?

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prove this image wrong
protip: you can't
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better version
im pajeet but white now due your image macro

thank you sir

I've been using an A53 based SC410 1.2ghz Quad as my daily driver. I also have a device with an Exynos 7570 Quad. Oddly enough, the 1.2ghz stomps the 1.4ghz 7570. Has anyone else had similar results with their 410 based device?
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are either devices encrypted? I have a Moto E 2nd gen and encrypting it made the performance unbearably slow.
>are either devices encrypted? I have a Moto E 2nd gen and encrypting it made the performance unbearably slow.
Yes, #1 is a Stylo 2, and the other is a Galaxy J3 2017. Both have SD card encryption and device encryption. I notice the LG decrypts noticeably faster.
try to disable encryption to see if performance improves then, low-end chipsets like the 410 shouldn't be encrypted

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So /g/, is Windows 10 good yet?
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is aidz good?
Lol no
No and it keeps getting worse

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So can someone a little more educated on networking clue me in on what the fuck is happening here?

I recently upgraded to a 150mbps down / 20mbps up line with shaw cable. They gave me possibly the shittiest modem/router in existence, a Hitron CGNM-2250. I had them put it in bridge mode so I could use my own router - Netgear N600 WNDR3700 - for all the LAN connections and wifi (My router has significantly better wifi coverage).

Now, I've used my N600 for a good 3-5 years with no issue before this.

As soon as we got the Hitron setup and the Shaw guy was out the door, I had immediate network connectivity issues, specifically: Every 10-30 seconds any computer connected via LAN (but not wifi) would disconnect, re-identify the network, and then eventually reconnect.

All computers would do this through the entire day, every day, hundreds of re-connections, making doing anything but browsing the internet effectively impossible.

Today, I tried setting one of the computer's NIC to 100mbps (Or is it MBps?) full duplex instead of auto-negotiation, and it 100% fixed the problem.

Why did that actually work? The hell is wrong with my network setup?
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i wonder what would happen if you replaced the hitron with, oh, i don't know, a bowl of mashed potatoes. or some other router, configured the same way as the hitron. imagine if your problems vanished!
that's odd. I feel like the duplex mode would not cause connection issues like that. typically auto-negotiate functions just fine. In fact, for a standard home connection there really isn't any reason to ever change it.
It's a router issue most probably.

Just get some decent gear instead like an Edgerouter X router and a Unify AP AC Lite for example.

Just stop using consumer crap.

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Anon-sama.... w-what are we going to do on the bed?
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Getting backdoor'd
There'll never be a real board in that form factor.
It's ITX, retard.

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I want to make a site like shirtmockup >dot com

but with leggings
The site is based on a simple flash program,
but I don't know shit about implementation/code/literally anything.
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>I want to make a thing but I don't know how

Then learn how or pay someone else to do it
learn javascript & html5 canvas

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Realistically, how many years will it take for it to become the year of the Programming Penguin Desktop?
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The programming penguin is now a Windows app, so you can use it whenever you want.
Ubuntu isn't all or best of Linux

Top pingu ?

wifi card general

I got a cheap piece of shit and i'm finally noticing hiccups in my internet. Quick half seconds of nothing sent or received.

Should I get the $30 moar antennas tp link or the $60 black edge asus wifi card?
I have an expensive router but its not AC. I am upstairs and my router is downstairs.
inb4 gayming on wifi!!!????

What's your guys thoughts on beamforming?

Also I unplugged my roommates xbone and free'd up a shit ton of bandwith, who fucking thought it was cool to have it turn on by itself and download updates
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was it the girl that scared you off?
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i want her to choke me

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Why is CS always surrounded by khv gamers?

Majority of /cs/ students are just people who were playing games whole life and now parents forced them to study something so they decided to choose /cs/ because they are good at computers.

In my company majority of people who knows their shit had path like that
>math or theory physic degree -> learning C/C++ and python + algorithms on their own
>BOOOM great programmers

While CS students usually writes code like this
if (something == True){
kek kek kek

like what the fuck
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What's wrong anon? You can tell me.
oh look another math/physics appreciation thread.
there can be good programmers on all degrees.

Graduating physics doesnt make u a leet, true science programmer, deal with it.

AND yes, most of cs grads are retards, because most of people are.
I actually wrote something like that before.
if (booleanfunction(something)==TRUE){

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