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>using arrays
address+[offset] is the same as [offset]+address? It's almost like that thing these mathematicians were talking about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commutative_property
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So I got this gentoo everyone is talking about, don't see what the rage is about at all.
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>the rage
What rage?
reinstall gentoo
reinstall gentoo

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What are people using now? My appchanX finally started to shit the bed and I was looking at alternatives like ccd0's 4chan X. Should I replace Greasemonkey with Violent/Tamper and which one is better?
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violent is lighter and open source
4chan X is shitting the bed as well now. It's wholly a Greasemonkey issue, from what I gather.

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Tech support scammer calling me... And, I have no way to block them..... Stupid Apple.
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Wow!! IPhones are dumb..
Found your problem.
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abandon your shit operator

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>nigger promoting his own channel on /g/
sent a copyright strike, that's obviously stolen footage
Left a dislike without watching
You're welcome

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You are nominated CEO of Intel and you first task is repair the damage that this fucker did to your company.
What would you do, /g/?
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>sell the fabs
>cancel diversity programs
>cancel the current roadmap and get R&D a new architecture
>sell current shit for same or less price than AMD in the meanwhile
1. Sack the entire marketing division.
2. Do what we did with AMD64 and license Ryzens technologies and make it better. A la Core2.


What should I replace Thunderbird with now that Mozilla is pozzed?
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Everything else is garbage.

Pretty much this, if you're on windows Thunderbird still is the best i believe.
>On December 1, 2015, Mozilla Executive Chair Mitchell Baker announced in a company-wide memo that Thunderbird development needs to be uncoupled from Firefox. She referred to Thunderbird developers spending large efforts responding to changes to Mozilla technologies, while Firefox was paying a tax to support Thunderbird development. She also said that she does not believe Thunderbird has the potential for "industry-wide impact" that Firefox does.[15][16] At the same time, it was announced that Mozilla Foundation will provide at least a temporary legal and financial home for the Thunderbird project.

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Why aren't you using CentOS, /g/?
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What's the point
because it's a crime against humanity
I am, plus rhel and fedora.

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Angelfire is an implant comprised of five components: Solartime, Wolfcreek, Keystone (previously MagicWand), BadMFS, and the Windows Transitory File system. Like previously published CIA projects (Grasshopper and AfterMidnight) in the Vault7 series, it is a persistent framework that can load and execute custom implants on target computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system (XP/7).

Solartime modifies the partition boot sector so that when Windows loads boot time device drivers, it also loads and executes the Wolfcreek implant, that once executed, can load and run other Angelfire implants. According to the documents, the loading of additional implants creates memory leaks that can be possibly detected on infected machines.

Keystone is part of the Wolfcreek implant and responsible for starting malicious user applications. Loaded implants never touch the file system, so there is very little forensic evidence that the process was ever ran. It always disguises as "C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe" and can thus be detected in the Windows task manager, if the operating system is installed on another partition or in a different path.

BadMFS is a library that implements a covert file system that is created at the end of the active partition (or in a file on disk in later versions). It is used to store all drivers and implants that Wolfcreek will start. All files are both encrypted and obfuscated to avoid string or PE header scanning. Some versions of BadMFS can be detected because the reference to the covert file system is stored in a file named "zf".

The Windows Transitory File system is the new method of installing AngelFire. Rather than lay independent components on disk, the system allows an operator to create transitory files for specific actions including installation, adding files to AngelFire, removing files from AngelFire, etc. Transitory files are added to the 'UserInstallApp'.
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>running the Microsoft Windows operating system (XP/7).
>It always disguises as "C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe" and can thus be detected in the Windows task manager, if the operating system is installed on another partition or in a different path.
i'm confused about this. how can the operating system be installed on a different partition/path than itself?

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/g/ What can I do to plug these leaks?
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stop doing stuff that has leakage value
fuck off cia
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didnt you meant the wikileaks leaks?

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What's a good CPU + GPU combo for GPU passthrough?
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Voodoo 3 + 6502
You need two GPU for that.
No you don't

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Guys is there any section here for selling compromized srvers and computers ?
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Just sell it wherever because everything is compromised in one way or another
fuck right off then kill yourself
thank you

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>ada lovelace writes the first computer program
>kathleen booth develops assembly
When will /g/ acknowledge the importance of women in programming history?
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I do acknowledge the fact that women were/are very important to programming, but I will not accept kodegirls who think making a 5x hello world for loop in Ruby means they're professional coders, or those who think that bitch Karlie is actually interested in programming and doesn't just do this shit for the shekels.
>woman are good programers
>post pic of a man

calle calle
"develops assembly"

the fuck you talking about

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There totally aren't paid Apple shills, guys. Totally.
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What if this thread was a shill thread to direct attention to those threads?
Hey there friend! I can totally relate that there may be a few too many Apple® threads up sometimes, but every day someone new finds out about the innovative technology found in Apple® products such as iPads™ and iPhones™ and you can't blame them for sharing their enthusiasm.
Yeah guys just letting you know the OP is right, apple is literally paying me to post on /g/ for some reason. They think posting photos of macbook pros and then having a flood of /g/ shitposts is going to get them marketshare or something. OP figured it out, honest

(lmfao imagine being as retarded as op)

Is there a way to use netflix at cheap price?
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Use kodi with add ons or just view the episodes of your shitty show online
But they doesn't support subtitles.... I can't understand what *nglo speaks
Netflix is cheap...
But any way kodi is probably what your looking for, or friend with who share the bill

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