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Why don't you have a solar panel pack to charge your devices? They have panels now that fold up and easily fit in your messenger bag.
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I live in a country full of clouds

Because I don't go camping often enough to have a need for one.
Those aren't great panels....

This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required Viewings For Newbies:

>Strap Guide:

Previous thread: >>61686627
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Nice collection. More pics of the Landmaster please.

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What did black people do to anger one man so much?
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because they are niggers
Be in the CIA
They fucked his gf

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What's the most entertaining CPU architecture to code in assembly for?
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sandy bridge :^^)

What is wrong with the iPhone?
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What is right with the iPhone?
There's no current fucking jailbreak.

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Vim keybindings in VS Code, Intellij IDEA or Visual Studio.
What's the best for Python?
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Neither. I use the superior, cross-platform, well-rendered, fast Atom editor. This isn't 1985. Get with the times.

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>emacs is a great operating system, lacking only a decent text editor

not anymore, plebs
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nice blog
thanks, I wrote it just for you
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>vim inside emacs

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>reading a tutorial
>they quote a piece of technical documentation that isn't that difficult to understand
>"Now, don't get scared, brainlet! I'm going to break this down for you bit-by-bit in simple terms."
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You forget what it was like being a newbie and not know how to cold boot your RAM chips.

it is fine until they suddenly gloss over something that is actually hard to understand but still important
Why the fuck do you keep posting like you're on a fucking forum you need to register for? Fuck off

it's a meme, right? seems like a disaster waiting for happen
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Data redundancy and parity is a disaster waiting to happen?

You fucking what?
fuck off memester
Being retarded is fun, huh?

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Why don't you just replace the Li-ion cells in your devices instead of getting an overpriced new battery?
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enjoy your house fires
You're talking to satan dude. I am sure he has fires everywhere anyway
>building a pack with mixed cells
Where do I get new Li-ion cells for less than $6 each?

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*blocks your path
>64gb+4gb of ram+MicroSD card
>3230mAh + quick charger
>4K display + Bluetooth 5.0 + Snapdragon 835+USB C...
>Japanese design

Is this /ourphone/ /g/?
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Fuck off, shill.
>4k display
>3k mAh
*breaths in*
>no fingerprint reader
>not (near-)stock android

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What's the most ridiculous hacks you've seen in production?

Bonus for real snippets and examples.
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Actually, this one guy caught an exception and made an elaborate path which essentially deleted the troublesome file when windows restarted.

I came in and fixed the actual issue which was that the filestream wasn't closed. One line of code vs hundreds.
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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>61694500
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Please post an anime image next time.
What if not?

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I would like to build a PC. it will be my first since around 2000, and I know I will be in over my head as I have not stayed current on tech. 17 years of Mac will do that. I used to work on SGI machines, and I always loved the cases. I don't like the PC cases I see in stores, nor do I like most of the visually loud cases I've seen associated with gaming PCs. I think I would really like a horizontal case that I can position a screen on top of. Are cases like these made? Is there a technical reason why I should pursue towers only?
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Check out Silverstone and Lian Li.
just take your case and put it on its side
I- I used to be in middle school in the early, early days

I have seen the legacy networks, I have seen the old data centers at school
They took us in the computer rooms in the 90s-early 2000s

Who would've known at this point I'm an engineer and have been one for some time

>looking at that old pos
>shows me what I remember about childhood

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Battlestation Thread

old pic edition
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