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where does /g/ learn programming online?
Preferably for free. Despite pic related, I'm serious. I'm tired of hipster websites teaching hipster programming for normies.
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Start with chapter one, do every single exercise, then come back and ask again.
I know about the main books, I'm asking online.
also, is that book available for free(legally)?
inb4 the wizard book/SICP

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I am working on a small project on spam filtering. How can I flood my inbox with spam messages quickly?
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register a domain name with that email
post it


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Let's say my TV's color setting is set to 50. I'm assuming color is saturation. When my TV's color setting is set to 100, everything is very vibrant and vivid and the colors look different. If my TV is at 50, is it possible to view the same vivid colors that I saw at 100, if the objects on the screen are the same color of those 100 esque vibrance? What I'm trying to ask is if my TV is set to 50, is it possible to have vibrant colors that would be usually found on a TV with 100 saturation?
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Are you asking if it's possible to oversaturate the colors without jacking up the saturation?

Just take the time to properly calibrate your tv settings including brightness, contrast, and saturation. There are plenty of good ways to do it that you can easily google, and will give you the best and most accurate image.
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The thing is, I like vibrant colors like pic related, but I'm wondering if puc related is only possible with settings higher than 50-55

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Interview tomorrow

>How should I dress?
>How should I talk?
>How should I walk?

I fix iPhones on the side for friends so I really want this jab.

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>>How should I dress?
With your favorite LGBT support t-shirt and yoga pants.

>>How should I talk?
Like a faggot.

>>How should I walk?
Like a fagot.

are you subliminally telling me I should keep my power level down?

I already do this because I live in a liberal town
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At worst, they will show you the door. At best, you will get the job. Good luck, anon.

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Hey /g/ I have about $7-$10k laying around I'm trying to invest into an "internet" business as one would call it. I've looked into bitcoin mining and from I've read I need more money to make a worthwhile profit. I'm looking for about a 4-5 month full return on whatever I invest into the business. I can put atleast 12 hours of work into it every day. I've also looked into dropshipping but it doesn't really seem like it's worth the time put in. What should I do /g/?
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You're going to need more than 10k to make a good mining farm to compete with the chinks my dude.

You also have to be a bit clairvoyant to make money on the smaller coins too.
High interest savings account should make you a solid $30-40
So I have to get lucky?

just 34 mins of adoredtv shitting on intel
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oh man literally who cares. i got 8 mins in and it's just intel doing things that businesses do. if you think "well thats not FAAAAIR!!!" you must be 12 years old
Fanboy? Retard? Libertarian? Maybe all three? In any case, kill yourself dipshit.
you should check right around 9 mins-10mins and compare to what intel said about epyc

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* cough *

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Into the trash it goes
But wait! They might be incorporating HTC's squeeze frame technology! That's good right?

>android police

Are you a better programmer than Sakura-chan, /g/?
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Yes, her skills are pathetic and so are animes.
>Not using atom
Where's the ecchi, Nenechi?

I just bought a GTX 960 4 GB for $100. Did I come out alright? My goal was a card better than a 1050.
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back to /v/ kid
he might be using it for errrr, video editing.

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I come to you with tidings fellow /g/.
Recap on last thread:
>Consider 4chan to be one of the final bastions of what it means to have 'freedom of speech' in internet.
>More and more websites increasingly adding restrictions on what you can and cannot write.
>Be a php coder and decide to make a website with no money or donations that allows people to continue writing whatever they want.
>Post it on various plug sites and people take it very negatively
>Still trying to find people willing to write.

/g/ recommended this:
>Change up some rules. The wording was weird so I did allow it to include other things to be written freely.
>Add SSL. I just did this. Very excited.

what next guys? Anyone else coding? Programming projects? Suggestions?

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rules list here for writing.
Add loli
It is up to the users to write whatever they feel like writing about. I purposely choose to have no control of what content shows.

where were you when #fakenews became /g/ related?

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>alcohol analogy
I like both of these channels but sometimes they go off the rails with the dumbest shit. This video included.
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does this count as fake news?

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I am taking computer science at university and I have just found out that Java will be the courses main language. The starter language is python which I am quite fond of already and have no problem with using, however due to the massive amount of hate that Java gets I am just wondering....

Is Java bad?

I mean what causes you lot to hate it?
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Forced OOP and general dislike of its syntax, personally.
Enjoy your single paradigm language
You can either listen to /g/ or the actual industry that you're going to work for.

These are the same people telling you not to use Windows or OSX.

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>Trying to explain to normies that Ryzen has a higher IPC than skylake therefor also having a higher IPC than kabylake
>"Nuh uh intel has better single core and destroys Ryzen IPC"
>But no it doesn't
>"You're just an AMD fanboy"
>I switched from kabylake though, here look at these tests done clock for clock
>"Those are just fake"
Is this why Ryzen hasn't titillated the normie market yet?
I thought mindshare was a meme but I'm concerned these individuals might actually be brainwashed
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You're expecting "normies" to give a fuck about specs rather than branding. How many normie youtubers shill for amd?
>he cares about normie opinion
I don't necessarily "care" I just would prefer to help people understand actual processor performance metrics so they don't base multi-hundred dollar purchases on "muh niggerhertz"

I know there are currently many threads on this topic.

But im hoping to get a thread with no C vs C++ or any language bashing at all

I want to learn either C or C++. I wrote some Arduino C code in my last semester but by any means I dont know C.

Now, is it useful to first get a fundamental understanding of C and then start with C++ because then I know most of the inherited functionality or it is completly irrelevant and I should just move to C++

Additional information:
I wrote mostly Java for most of my years as a programmer and I really like clean OOP. Maybe this makes me understand C++ even better?

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I've been using Java for years too. I have no paid experience with C or C++ but I would get into C first if I were you.

Back when I learn to program at school we used C as a learning tool. It was tough but after that Java felt like legos.
yeah thats what I felt when I was using the Arduino framework. It really was punishing
C is a smaller language, so it's more manageable. Then you can jump right into OOP and C++11 stuff when you learn C++.

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I have windows 8.1 installed and I turned my PC off last night but I woke up at like 2am to pee and I noticed the sound of my hard drive running.

The PC was turned off but the HDD was running, why would this happen, is it one of those offline updates or something?

I'm a little spooked.
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Just the botnet updating itself while you're not using your computer.
>windows 8.1
>turned my PC
>my PC

Read it again.

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